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Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler, 1 Ounce

Neutrogena Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler is clinically proven to reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles while giving you more radiant, younger-looking skin. Infused with Retinol Sa plus Hyaluronic Acid, this treatment immediately fills creases and re-plumps wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. In two weeks, you’ll see diminished fine lines and in 8 weeks, even deep wrinkles will look filled. Retinol Sa Hyaluronic Acid Non-comedogenic (won’t clog pores)

Key features

  • Allergy tested
  • Non-comedogenic
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Dermatologist recommended
  • Plumps and smoothes

Honest reviews


Still Aged and Wrinkled

Enlisted the hubby to help with this one – boy was he thrilled. We each selected one side of our face to be the testing ground. We applied the cream in the morning and at night. After four weeks here are our thoughts:1. The applicator top is a pain. The tip is a tight cone shape and the top fits tightly on. To open the container you have to pop the top off and avoid unscrewing the tip. I ended up using a towel for traction most mornings and the hubby ended up using some choice words.2. The applicator itself is okay. It is like a fine caulking gun and you squeeze the lotion out onto the wrinkled bits. As I told the hubby when he came to the breakfast table with racing stripes on his face, you have to blend the cream into the skin after applying it.3. The cream is somewhat greasy and doesn’t create a “youthful glow” so much as an adolescent sheen.4. We didn’t see much initial plumping but thought perhaps there was some plumping by week four. The kids quickly disabused us of this notion. Upon close inspection, and without being told which was the treated side of the face, they concluded that one side was as wrinkly as the next.The hubby believes he has served his time and has been paroled. I will continue using the cream for at least the eight week suggested time period. If there are any noticeable developments I will update this review.Not Recommended.

Genevieve Shawnee, CO

Effective on frown lines

I outsourced this review to an older relative who noted: the treatment in question had real effect on the classic wrinkle/ frown between the eyes- even though I’d been getting to bed late- the classic frown lines seemed much diminished also the frown lines across the forehead. Not so the lines from nose to mouth but at my advanced age I think something more drastic would be needed to have much of an effect.Pretty positive review, though clearly it cannot work miracles.Recommended.

Elsie Little River, AL

Everyone old is young again

You will like this product if you have reasonable expectations, and you will hate it if you really think a tube of cream is going to erase all your wrinkles. The problem with products like this is the marketing department goes into hyper-drive over-hyping it, and you end up with disappointed customers. So here’s what to expect. It will reduce the appearance of some wrinkles. It will not make you 21 again. Sorry.So should you get it? If you have reasonable expectations, I’d suggest you buy a tube and try it out. Watch for any skin reactions, as some people have more sensitive skin. Use it for a few weeks and see what happens. I suggest doing a before and after photo so you can really objectively compare. Good luck.

Alison Empire, CA

Nice as a primer for makeup

I can’t really speak to the anti-wrinkle affects of this product as I really didn’t notice any difference in fine lines around the eyes or in my smile lines from long term use, though I did find that this product did a great job at keeping my foundation from settling into creases (which can bring unwanted attention to fine lines that would otherwise be not so noticeable). I don’t reach for this product often since I would trust my retin-a over an over the counter anti-wrinkle cream however, I do use it on days where the weather is unusually dry as it does do a great job at smoothing out any superficial lines that I get from dry skin.

Hazel Gwynn Oak, MD

My wife loves this stuff

My wife was recently talking about undergoing some botox treatments to eliminate a few wrinkles she has aquired as she attempts to reach my age…. (yes, Donnie Darko married a younger woman about 30 years ago). I saw this product and got it for her to try. She started using it and was immediately pleased. In the weeks that have followed she has been even more pleased. She’s always beautiful to me, but even I have noticed a difference, especially in those so-called smile line areas and “crows feet” at the corners of the eyes. They have been eliminated. I don’t know how it works, but suffice it to say the proof is right before my eyes. And my wife has stopped talking about botox which I don’t believe to be all that safe. My wife is very happy with this product and I think you will like it too.

Shelia Redmon, IL


Would love to be able to say that after the described two weeks fine lines definitely appear diminished. However, that’s not at all the case. Not only are they not diminished they don’t even appear to be discouraged. Was I expecting too much? Probably so.The cream works well as a moisturizer but for me not as a filler. The tip is far too difficult to remove – perhaps some ridges on the outside of it rather than a smooth surface would help.I’ll finish using the tube, and if there are any changes I’ll certainly edit these comments.

Florine Sodus Point, NY

Leaves your skin soft

I liked this Neutrogena product, particularly under my eyes. Since the bottle was so small, I used it under my eye makeup and as a special, intensive treatment under my eyes before bed. While it made my skin softer, I didn’t notice too much of a difference in fine lines or little wrinkles. It worked better as a moisturizer for me.

Corina Grimes, IA

Eye cream for deep wrinkles

This is nice cream, and it makes your face look better, but if you get a touch of it too close to your eye, it burns, and anything made for the eyes, should not have any chemical in it to burn the eyes. It does look nice though, after you use it.

Noemi Woodridge, NY

Just Okay

I’ve definitely given this product enough time to work, but I’ve not been able to notice any discernable change. I applied it as recommended but the wrinkles are still there. I’m in my 60s and perhaps this product would have been more effective if used when I was younger.It’s nearly odorless, goes on smoothly, and blends well.

Shari Hustisford, WI

Good product

We have used the Loreal products earlier, the ones which come in red, instead of this one, which is in blue packaging.It was not as effective as Loreal, but this is cheaper than those too, so I would say it balances it out. Application could be easier, but there plenty of products with this kind of application regime. If you follow the instructions properly, you will get better results.In any such treatment products, consistency is the key. follow the instructions, and patiently wait for a number of weeks to see results, there is no quickfix, unless you spend a lot of money, or get injections!

Vicky Schoolcraft, MI

A Great Temporary & Immediate Fix!!

I have notices that around my eyes there are some small lines… Nothing too bad, but sometimes it really bothers me.Especially with some foundation make ups, it seems that the small lines are even more noticeable. I decided to give this a try, not really expecting much, and really not needing much either.I have been using the Neutrogena Anti Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler for a few days now, I use it in the morning after my shower but prior to applying makeup and at night after I wash my face and remove the makeup.The cream itself is silky and does not have an offensive odor.It blends nicely into the skin and rests in the lines. I put my normal makeup on after I apply the cream and there is a difference, it also seems to last all day.I cannot tell you how well it will work on deep lines and wrinkles, but for my small lines around my eyes, this worked great.The product is cheap and really does work (for my needs).This is a temporary fix and it however did not diminish the small lines 100% but it did a great job!For the price I would recommend this to anyone to at least try, I did see results and after I use it longer I will add to the review if there is anything else that needs to be added.

Marietta Ridgedale, MO

Pleasant and effective…

My wife has been using this for six months. She is 43 and this was her first specialized face cream. She enjoyed it and noticed an improvement. The product did not irritate her skin and she uses it nightly. After six months she still had a 1/3 of a tube left, so while pricey, it can last for some time. It has a pleasant scent.

Myrtle Southmayd, TX

good product but not a miracle worker

This is a good product, but no miracle worker. It goes on smooth, feels great and smells divine..but, it does not provide miracles on deep lines.It does plump lines somewhat, but again… no drastic changes…I give it 4 stars…

Freida Collinsville, TX

Mixed Results So Far

Having turned 50, I vainly thought that I could reduce my fine lines around my eyes and forehead. With some dubiosity, I ordered this creme with the hopes that I could possibly look a few years younger or at least get a few approving nods and glances while I entertain guests with witty reparté and lively bon mots.I can’t give this product it’s due, as Vine needs us to review products within 4 weeks, not the 8 weeks that the product claims it can make significant changes. Therefore, I will come back and add to this review as I continue using the product in hopes that by the time the container is empty I will have the skin of an infant. Or at least a well-worn 35 year old.Two weeks in: My face looks a bit shinier, but those fine lines are still pretty much set in stone. At least for now. Tune in next week when I hopefully will have some good news to report.

Hilary Brewerton, NY

Promises, Promises…

After using this product for more than a month, I can’t see that my wrinkles have been permanently reduced in any significant way. And if there was any plumping involved, it was too subtle to notice. It could be a placebo affect, but I do see an overall improvement in the appearance of my skin. And like others have noticed, my skin does feel better moisturized after use. I’ve used higher priced products with less results, and so I’m inclined to recommend this if you’re looking for a targeted moisturizer with limited anti-wrinkle benefits.

Olivia Mc Veytown, PA

Just not very effective

I’ve been using this product for three weeks now, and I’ve only seen a slight reduction in the appearance of deep wrinkles on my forehead. I’m not very impressed with the results.The cream has no fragrance and has not irritated my skin at all, so I really have no other complaints besides that it is just not very effective so far.

Jordan Stitzer, WI

no miracles, but a nice moisturizer

I tried this for two weeks. I took close-ups of my deep wrinkles — I don’t advise anyone else to do this; it’s a bummer. I also treated just one side of my face for the two weeks recommended, so that I could see if there was a difference between the sides. After two weeks I have to say hat No, there is not a noticeable difference.On the other hand, this moisturizer is rich and creamy and makes my skin feel good, and I’ll continue to use it.

Gina Zearing, IA

Good product, bad packaging

The contents are good, but the foil tube is a bad concept. It’s a pain to roll. There is a reason why people prefer toothpaste in upright bottles instead of the foil tube. The tube also takes up extra space in small apartment bathroom cabinets.

Manuela Kokomo, MS

Asking for a Miracle

It may be that I am asking for miracles here. There does come a time when one is past the point of no return and I think I’m there, unless I try injections and fillers.I’ve tried this product now for two weeks and at least it has done no damage, which is great since I have extra sensitive skin. There is a little bit of redness around the lip line but they tell you that will happen.Let’s face it, I’ve been a senior citizen for awhile now and I think no amount of applied creams will help everything. I do think the finer wrinkles are better and I will have to see how it goes in eight weeks for the wrinkles they call marionette lines. Stay tuned for more information in a month and a half. In the meantime, I do feel it’s a good product, so I’m giving it at least a four.

Bonita Salters, SC

Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler, 1-Ounce

This review is for the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler, 1-Ounce.Pro’s:sensible packaging, both inner and outerthe applicator is well designed for applying the product in the desired locationnice consistency (not too gritty or greasy)favorable scent (does not make you smell like a medicine cabinet)does reduce the number of visible lines and wrinklesCon’sa bit expensive for the small amount that is suppliedOverall, the pro’s outweigh the con’s if you are willing to pay the price!

Julia North Freedom, WI

Good for both the old & the young!

For this product I had my mother use it as well as myself. She’s got quite a few prominent lines around her face while I only have the beginnings of them around my eyes & mouth. (Gifts of my family’s genetics & working nights, then going to school in the daytime.)After a few days of use I could really see the difference in my face, but my mother didn’t see as immediate a difference. There’s a bit of change & some parts of her face are a bit more smooth, but we’ll see how it fares in the long run. This isn’t a cure-all, so don’t expect this product to completely eradicate everything but you will see enough of a difference (at least in my opinion) to keep using this product.The only warning I’ll give people is that you will feel a bit of a tingling & occasionally a bit of overly dry skin, but keep with it & just make sure to use your daily lotion like usual. I had a bit of overly dry skin at first, but as my face got more used to the new product it eventually eased up.

Toni Billings, MT

Had to stop using due to skin sensitivity

I was curious about this product because at 29 I’m already starting to see lines on my face and was curious if I could use this productive more proactively. I used this product as recommended but it proved to be far too irritating for my skin (think redness and stinging). I even tried cutting back the frequency to use it less frequently to see if that might improve the feel of this product, but it was still painful and without any noticeable results. I’ve used a lot of over the counter and prescription products before, but for some reason I found the irritation of this product to be especially pronounced, even more so than some of the prescription products I’ve used. I think my skin has just become too sensitive after rounds of accutane and acne topicals for usage of this product to be a comfortable experience.In short, I think this could be a good product, but if you have sensitive skin like I do, I’d recommend proceeding with caution.

Frankie Red Springs, NC

So far so good

It has only been about a week since I got the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler. The box promises it “immediately fills creases and re-plumps wrinkles for smoother, younger-looking skin. In two weeks, see diminished fine lines and in 8 weeks, even deep wrinkles look filled.”There are a couple of things I can mention right away: As with most of my skin products, I dispense a small blob on the back of my hand and spread it into my face. In this case, I do concentrate it on areas on the forehead, and between my eyebrows; my trouble areas that I would pay big bucks to see significant improvement. I do think I see an improvement. Hyaluronic acid has been touted in the beauty mags as truly causing skin to hold moisture, and this probably gives a swelling effect that minimizes the appearance of all lines. Retinol is still the gold standard in over-the-counter beauty products, and Neutrogena promises that their Retinol SA, “with patented Sustained Action, works to continuously renew the look of skin throughout the day…….Retinol SA is scientifically superior to other forms of Vitamin A, such as Pro-Retinol and Retinyl Palmitate, in its ability to penetrate the skin”(from the product box).Secondly, the long, thin nozzle, aka “targeted filler tip”, is a total gimmick. They contradict themselves even in the instructions saying it “dispenses our exclusive formulation to allow for precise application AND maximum coverage. (CAPS are mine). Aren’t those mutually exclusive? I guess it’s there if you need it, but I think it implies that you can “grout” your wrinkles smooth for the day, and there is something attractive about that. I just don’t think its possible.The one ounce size seems very generous compared to other “intensive” products I’ve seen. I like that it is in a tube, so it is possible to get all the product out without dangerous use of a box cutter :). Since there is no pump, the user can dispense the perfect amount without waste.I tend to have oily-ish skin, and so far this hasn’t aggravated my over-forty skin. I don’t feel a tingling or warm sensation or any redness, and there is no obvious scent that I’m aware of.I see the promised improvement over time, I will update my review.

Lawanda Frazeysburg, OH

Consistent With The Entire Product Line

I already use most of the Neutrogena product line. Have used this for nearly two weeks and I have to be honest. My skin looks good. The problem is this. I don’t have deep wrinkles. I have a few tiny little lines, but no crows feet or deep lines. Just normal aging stuff for a person who doesn’t smoke or drink and has always had a good, even skin tone.As for my litle lines…..this does work. However, it isn’t a dramatic change but there is a change. The lines are softened to the point of being non-existent. I like this product and would recommend it with their anti-aging eye cream as well. Retinol seems to be the key in these products. Skin seems to look moist and younger and has a brightness.

Opal Macks Creek, MO

I STILL look 55!

have used this product now for several weeks and am still having problems with the applicator tip. It fits so tightly that if I grasp it with my fingers to shimmy it off it just slips right through my hands. I finally had to resort to using a towel wrapped around my fingers to get this tight tip off. But on the other hand I do like the applicator in that it targets the deepest wrinkles with no mess.I must say I found the directions to be a little vague – you are told you need to “use a light tapping motion” to get the product into their wrinkles. Then what? Leave it in blobs? smooth it out? massage it in? spread it around the face after filling? Well I felt since it is supposed to be a sort of “Spackle” for your face that the product should just fill in the wrinkles and then covered with your make-up. The problem is is that the directions don’t tell you how long to wait until the product can be covered. So I tried it by waiting until Anti-Wrinkle Deep Wrinkle Filler was no longer opaque. About 5 minutes in all, then applied my foundation.I would also like to point out that if you are in the age bracket that you need “deep wrinkle” help you may also be having eyesight issues and need glasses. If you need to take off the glasses to apply the product you will be in a real mess if you need to re-read the directions. I wish this product (and many others as well) took that into consideration when creating packaging.I have noticed some flaking and a tiny bit of burning in the areas where I use this product the heaviest. I felt this when I was using doctor prescribed Retin-A years ago, so I feel that this product is most likely working although at a much slower pace.I did not see any immediate improvement, although the packaging did say it “immediately fill(s) creases”. While I may not see improvement to my deeper wrinkles yet, I have noticed my skin looking a little fresher and smoother, so that is very good!I shall use this product twice a day until I use it all up and report back. But if after these past weeks this product can’t produce the results it promised “immediately” I have my doubts that it will be better in a few weeks but we’ll see.Edited -I finished the entire tube and forgot about adding to this, so let me tell you. My 56th birthday is next month and I STILL don’t look any younger! Crows feet -check, frown lines -check, laugh lines -check—-yep they are ALL still there!

Jillian Gustine, TX

Nice moisturizing effect, not sure if wrinkles will go

Ok…. after two weeks of using the Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Anti-Wrinkles Deep Wrinkle Filler cream, I can say this for sure…. It feels nice and soft on the face. It has a really pleasant moisturizing effect everywhere you use it and that’s worth something for sure. No stickiness or thick feeling after you apply it – you don’t feel like you’ve caked something icky on your skin. There is no discernable smell either and I sure do like that!I don’t have any serious wrinkles (for which I am VERY grateful! LOL), but I do have a couple of laugh lines and what my mother likes to call a “crinkle” above the eyebrow. Which is where I used this stuff. The “crinkle” is still there of course and I don’t know if it’s appearance has been lessened in any way what-so-ever to be honest. I mean it’s still there when I squint, so this cream is no magic elixir. One positive note – using this cream did NOT aggravate my skin, it did not cause dryness or any breakouts.

Cathy Rocky Gap, VA

So far so good

Product arrived sooner than expected and well packed. Seller left a nice note thanking me for the purchase. I just tried the cream for the first time. It seems well made but time will tell the true results. I will update in a couple of weeks.

Ginger Christine, TX

moisturizes but does nothing specifically for wrinkles

I am on week 3 of this product, which I note because some reviewers here and elsewhere say the product suggests at least 8 weeks of usage; however, my box doesn’t say this, and there were no instructions included in the box, so I can’t confirm or deny the 8-week suggestion.I used this product exclusively on my forehead because of some wrinkles I have in the area. This product moisturizes well, a little better than any other drug store brand of roughly the same price point that I’ve used, and just as good as a slightly more expensive department store brand I have been using recently. After a couple of days, I noticed improvement in the entire forehead area. It seems to impart a little more of a glow than other moisturizers I have used. At week 3, I notice no change in wrinkles, however. It never plumped the wrinkles nor made any difference in them at all. After a few days, I did start to feel a tingle when putting it on. At that point, I tested it once under my eyes. That very sensitive skin tingled more, and one small area plumped up in a weird way, so I don’t recommend this for under-eye areas.The applicator is not handy in the least. It’s a pull-off cap with slick sides, and you will need a towel or something to pop it off. If you try to twist it off, the entire cap attached to the tube comes off. That’s good the first time when you need to remove the safety seal, but not so good for the rest of the time you’ll use it. The box says to tap the product into wrinkles, and I don’t know quite what that means. Tap with the applicator or tap with fingers or both? I dot some product into the wrinkles and then smooth with my fingers. A little goes a long way with this product, and the fragrance is nice but a little strong for my tastes.

Tamra Fleetwood, PA

Absolutely invisible care and protection for delicate eye area!

This Neutrogena Ageless anti wrinkle cream is for wrinkles all over your face, but it works extremely well in the delicate eye area. My skin looked better immediately when I first used it and is continuing to improve! The lightweight filler abssorbs immediately and does not interfere with any other cream or make up you wanna use. I plan to keep this in my arsenal of anti age skin care permanently!

Therese Imogene, IA

Another Great Neutrogena Product!

Neutrogena has always been my go to line for skin care products. Ever since I was a teen a fighting acne to my thirties where I am now fighting wrinkles! I’ve tried other skin care products and found them oily or not very effective. This product has neither of those issues! I like that you can use it to spot treat and not have to cover the entire face. I used it one night and actually noticed a difference! I can’t wait to see the results after a few weeks!!!

Paulette Grandin, FL