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Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Gel Cleanser, 6 FL Ounce

Acne stress control gel cleanser

Key features

  • Power-gel cleanser
  • Microclear technology
  • Treats acne even before it emerges

Honest reviews



My 1 star is because I’m mad Amazon discontinued this product. Pricing was great, always packaged well. Only OTC acne face wash I can use and it really works. Heading to Wal-Mart to stock up on it.

Anastasia Covington, OH


This stuf works 🙂 leaves my face feeling super clean and after a few days I deffinitly saw a difference in acne. A great deal price-wise too!

Tammi Sasser, GA

Works for friends, but not so much for me.

Salicylic acid doesn’t seem to work for me as well as with others. This is still a somewhat effective treatment of acne regardless, probably the most effective of the salicylic acid treatments I’ve used. It is drying though, so make sure you moisturize after use. A friendly note to anyone suffering from cystic acne: Try Benzoyl Peroxide instead, as that fights it specifically while Salicylic seems to generally fight whiteheads.

Sonja San Antonio, FL

Nice scent, cleans well, effective on acne

I’ve been using the Neutrogena oil free acne soap (Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash, 6 Ounce) for years and have been very pleased with it. I gave this a try as well since it has the same active ingredient (2% salicylic acid). So far, it’s been great.The scent is much nicer than the regular version. Not that the regular version smells bad, but rather instead of a “soapy” smell, this has a lighter and more refreshing scent.As with the regular version it’s very thick, so just a little is all that is needed. A bottle lasts for some time, making it a better value for me than the store-brand versions, which tend to be much thinner and require more per use.I only use it at most once per day, and often skip a day since the salicylic acid can cause skin redness and irritation. If you’ve never used it before start off slowly to make sure you don’t have a sensitivity to salicylic acid.I can’t say that I notice any difference in the effectiveness of this versus the regular version even though this says it has “microclean” technology. But it’s a nice change of pace and scent.

Lara Lansing, MN

Didn’t work for my skin type.

That’s about it really… I didn’t see a significant decrease in my acne when using this product. I needed a more aggressive scrub.

Sonja Milan, IL

Had Issues

I am an older individual and never went through the acne phase in my teens but now for some reason have started with facial break outs. I tried another leading and TV commercialed brand but was not seeing too much of a difference. I started with this product and it is amazing. Now some friends are asking what I am using on my face or did I have some kind of treatment. Only due to use of this product every evening. I would definitely highly recommend!

Lakisha Middleport, OH

Works Well on Combination Skin, Moisturizer Needed for Dry Areas

This takes care of my clogged pores, blackheads and pimples very well on my combination skin. It does leave the dry areas drier and in need of moisturizer. I like the cucumber fragrance and that a little goes a long way. The value pricing of TEN BUCKS including shipping was due to it soon expiration.After speaking with Neutrogena, I found that they do not guarantee the effectiveness of the active ingredient beyond the expiration date because they’ve not tested it. To me that means either it will work or it won’t, eh. Salicylic Acid is basically aspirin and I KNOW I’ve taken old aspirin and have lived to tell about it too. I have no qualms about using this item for about the next 4-6 months, not sure I’d push it further beyond that though.If there are any issues I’ll report back with updates!

Madeleine Chicago Park, CA