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Neutralizer skin pH balancer helps balance the pH of your skin for the safe and effective neutralization after peeling.

Neutralize the pH level of your skin safely and effectively with Cellbone’s Neutralizer Skin pH Balancer after a glycolic or lactic acid facial peel. Natural extracts help soothe burning or irritation and encourages tissue repair. An excellent way to refresh your skin and immediately leave a soft, soothing feel. Glycolic Lactic 35% Combination Peel and neutralizer are a great starter set for first time at-home users.

Key features

  • Large 4 oz. bottle for post peel treatment and 0.5 oz. Glycolic Lactic 35% Combination Peel
  • Calms your skin after a peel, relieving burning, redness and irritation
  • Refreshes with Aloe Vera and Cucumber Flower, providing a soothing finish
  • Promotes tissue repair with Centella Asiatica for faster recovery
  • Order by 3:00 PM EST = Ships Same Day, Guaranteed to receive within 1-3 business days. This item is FREE SHIPPING

Honest reviews




Irene Del Rio, TN

fire extinguisher in a bottle

You know the feeling, the burn that keeps going, even after you have removed your peel. This product puts a gentle and soothing halt to it. Peel is over, no lingering burning. Just soothing cool relief. Love it.Is this review helpful? Let me know. Please vote. 🙂

Millicent Thetford, VT


I have tried the GLYCOLIC acid peel from CELLBONE (check out my separate review for that product if you are interested) and have found that using this NEUTRALIZER afterwards calms my skin and seems to HALT the peeling process and SOOTHE my treated skin as it says it does.WITHOUT using it (which I have only done once or twice) my skin felt mildly irritated, so while it does not make a HUGE difference, is it more COMFORTABLE to use this product after a PEEL. I would recommend this to follow ANY type of peel as a soothing FINISH.

Rosanna Granite Springs, NY

Notice how they don’t tell you what the ingredients are? Because it’s baking soda & water! Does nothing to neutralize!

WOW…what a rip off! You create HEAT when you mix a base (baking soda) and an acid (TCA, glycolic acid, etc)! Non-professional trying to make money off of selling a worthless or even damaging product!

Neva Rocky Hill, KY

Not Sure About This One

I purchased a 35% glycolic peel and wanted to use this neutralizer to help after the peel. I have found it to be a waste of money. This could be because of the brand of peel I have, my skin, etc. I find water works just as well, if not better. I do not have sensitive skin, so this may help those who have sensitive skin.

Elaine Du Bois, PA

Love Cellbone Products!

Bought this in conjunction with their glycolic peel and Prep. I’m not sure this particular product does a whole lot, but it’s better to be safe than sorry when applying acid to your face. I’m devoted to the peels and using the Prep weekly. They are a great company and have fantastic products and offer premium (1oz)samples with each order. My adult-onset cystic acne has been drastically improved, if not entirely eliminated (as long as I stick to my regimen of weekly peels and 2x daily use of Prep.) Worth every penny and then some.

Lisa Kelso, TN


I purchased this thinking it was going to be necessary for a peel, but I honestly didn’t notice a difference between this and tap water when it came to taking the sting out of it. If you’re really into the hardcore peels like TCA 20 & up, this MIGHT be beneficial, but for me, when using the15% TCA Acid Chemical Peel For Anti Aging and Acne Skin Care, I gotta say that this neutralizer did no more than plain water did. I also made the standard baking soda/water homemade neutralizer, and I think that worked a lot better than this.The bottle of this I purchased over a year ago is still in my bathroom, 3/4 full.

Lily Lone Jack, MO

It’s a good product

smells lovely & fresh. I use this after a glycolic acid peel and it leaves my skin so soft and smelling good. I would buy again but damn I still have some hah it lasts a while

Linda Stirum, ND

Not so great.

I really don’t think this is much better than using water. I don’t think it was worth buying. I good rinse with water is just as good.

Jodie Templeton, IA

Very helpful

Water alone was not enough for me but both this and water helped. Boy my biscuits (cheeks) were burning!!! But it was all good.

Loretta Brownsville, PA

I am pleased with the product and the company selling it.

The product and the packaging is easy to use and store. It’s worth the money and I will likely bring returning business to this company/manufacturer.

Bette Hilger, MT

must have

this cools your face after a chemical peel. i wouldn’t do a peel without this to follow. it works quickly and worth the money for sure.

Ana Olympia Fields, IL


There is no evidence before or after treatment that this product really works.I would not purchase this product again

Edith Pompey, NY

Best neutralizer

After purchasing a glycolic acid peel kit I discovered it wanted me to pour baking soda in a sink of cool water to rinse off peel product. Well THAT would be a mess. Instead I purchased this neutralizer. I just pour it on cotton rounds to remove peeling product then splash on cool water. This product not only makes the whole rinse process fast , easy and less messy but also works wonderfully! I ordered more of Cellbones’ products. Unfortunately their Amazon acct has limited products but their web site has many more. It’s an excellent product and I highly recommend it. It’s reasonably priced and shipped quickly.

Arlene Plum City, WI

Great product

I give myself and my teenagers peels at home, this feels great after the peel! this company is awesome and have bought from them many times, highly recommend!

Marina Tulia, TX


This works and i am glad that i brought it! I recommend it. It does calm and cool the skin.

Marla Mc Rae, GA

Its good

nothing special does what its suppose to do i would recommend this or anyone that is cheaper, seems they all do the what they are suppose to.

Petra Wanamingo, MN

works great!

This neutralizer is a must have if you do any type of a facial peel. Very effective and reasonably priced.

Concetta Liberty, TX

Stops the burn after face peel

It is true that some do not think it is necessary; but I am so glad to have this product. When timing is up for my peel I apply on gauze and dab on face. This instantly stops the pain. I then rinse. I use other cellbone products and I am very very pleased.

Marion Cumberland Foreside, ME

PH face balancer

Great for body, face, hair, goes on smooth and not oily. It’s great before apply make up or after peels to freshen up.

Ophelia Boiceville, NY

Not needed, but nice

All you really need is some baking soda and water. Also the shipping fee on this item is over half the price of the actual item, but it did come with a nice sample peel.It does work and I used it, but for a 30% peel I like the big cotton balls w/ baking soda solution best.

Penelope Dover, DE

Really Helps After a Harsh Peel

I purchased this Neutralizer for the sole purpose of using AFTER a 20% Salicylic Acid Peel. I could not be happier with the way it soothes and calms my skin after a peel. Some neutralizers can cause breakouts because they are too heavy-I can honestly say I have had no issues with breakouts brought on by this product. It splashes very clear and clean, while clearing the residue from the peel.The downside is I find I have to use a lot of it-more so than other neutralizers. Additionally-I do not see a use for it other than using after a peel, where as some neutralizers double as a cleansing water.I would recommend this to anyone that needs a neutralizer after a peel-but other than that I do not think there is much use for it.Skin type: 20-something, acne-prone, sensitive, semi-pigmented, pale, few-lines

Dolores Berkley, MA

Something we need after the peel!

I tried this after my first peel treatment with Salicylic Acid 20% Gel Peel,even these 2 products are not the same brand but there were not whole lot of choices for the PH balancers on I just gave this one a try,this one did neutralize some kind of the acid but didnt help a lot with the burning after peel maybe this was my first time to do the peeling!!Maybe I need try to use the baking soda to neutralize the acid as some other review suggested and see if I can have a better experience!

Adeline Whitewater, KS

works but oily

as the title says, this does work but it feels somewhat oily on your skin so if you have acne prone skin (such as myself), I wouldn’t advise this. I’ve found that I don’t need it anyway, washing my face with cold water after a peel, works just fine

Josephine Skowhegan, ME


Love this product and the seller (cellbone Technology). The product is a perfect balance for after at home skin peel. This will save me loads!!! the instructions on how to use are on their website and they are easy to follow. I am pleased with the product. Service: the product arrived earlier than expected and came with a free gift from the seller. Outstanding service,.

Marcy Belmont, WV

Best for Skin

Like many I have turned to acid peels to remove lines & imperfections. They work, but they burn like the Dickens.THIS is the cure. Yes, you should use water, just as the peels say, but this restores the skin’s normal pH balance and removes the burning completely. I like to use it after I have done the peel, let it sit, then rinse with water. You don’t HAVE to rinse it though.A must-have product for anyone with an acid peel.

Verna Corpus Christi, TX

before a peel, this IS A MUST HAVE!

I DID A 25% TCA PEEL TODAY, OMG FELT LIKE MY FACE WAS ON FIRE! WATER DID NOT HELP AT THE RINSE PROCESS WITH ANY OF THE BURNING! the neutralizer was wonderful. it totally helped. i dont think i would do another peel if i did not have this neutralizer! seriously, it is a must have!

Erma Marshall, WA

Great to use after a peel

I love this! I use it in order to neutralize a peel after I do them at home. Works great!

Nadine Paint Bank, VA


If you are doing a peel….GET THIS! Trust me, you’ll want to stop the burn/stinging and this does the trick if your skin is sensitive or dry. Maybe not everyone needs it but I sure did and glad I had it ready to go after my first peel application.

Alyson Fackler, AL

Great neutralizer!!

After my glycolic peel I used the neutralizer skin PH balancer. I used it right after I neutralized my face with baking soda water. It left my face extra soft and moisturized. It was not sticky or heavy and dried pretty quickly. Good stuff. I will buy more when I finish this bottle.

Laurie Pottstown, PA