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NESURA Charcoal Pore Strips Black Head Remover 8 pcs

CAPACITY Nesura Pore Deep Charcoal Strip for Nose Care_10 sheets

Key features

  • NESURA Charcoal Pore Strips Black Head Remover
  • Charcoal ingredients remove waste materials, blackheads, sebums and dead skin cells on the skin.
  • 8 pcs
  • Usuage: 1) Moisten your nose area after washing your face. 2) Attach the nose strip on your nose. 3) Remove the nose strip from your nose after it completely dries (usually after 15minutes).

Honest reviews


I had trouble with this

I really didn’t like how it was black and I couldn’t really see the junk whenever it pulled this off my nose. It didn’t really took as much as people said it would it just took some and i left it on for 15min once too. Ill just stick to biore.

Anita Eagle Nest, NM

It works

I tested this on my boyfriends face as he has larger pores than mine and after peeling it off his nose, I saw all the little “fuzzy appearance” of the dirt and oil that was remove. It doesn’t hurt to use and I find the best results are after facial cleansing and slight steaming of the face.

Brigitte Ford City, PA

great for the price..

ok, so i wasn’t happy about waiting over 2 weeks for arrival.. and then i tried these strips tonight. i don’t know what all the fuss is about them hurting when you remove them? i like them a lot! i didn’t give them 5 stars because they don’t take most of the white and black heads off, but they did take a lot of the stubborn ones off. Plus it does NOT hurt when you remove them.. however i do have some thick skin..literally.. tan and non sensitive.. easily came off , but i did need to rub off a little left on the top and side of my nose.. not a big deal… overall – happy and glad i bought these!

Anna Huntsburg, OH

Great strips with easy readable results

Really good strips, they work very well and I love they are black as you can see very clearly every blackhead it nixed.My advice is to immediately wipe your noise with a vitamin toner to keep the pores from reclogging with yuck. Never put a moisturizing agent after any strips or you’ll be filling your open pores with it, creating a brand new spot for dirt to collect and BAM, self defeated.I give these 5 stars for not only effectiveness but also the color, as I said, easier to see what you got out. The shipping was slow as molasses I assume because coming from Asia, so reorder as soon as you decide you like them.

Hallie Sharpsburg, IA

If Only I Could Read/Speak Korean

The instructions on this product is all Korean, with a small statement in the very bottom on the back of this product, does it explain in English. It does explain how you use it and most importantly how to apply it on your nose. The only down fall to this product is when you put it on your nose and let it dry. It gives off this light charcoal smell. It’s not over powering but it was still a bit irritating as your waiting for the product to dry and than you gently remove the strip off of your nose.

Tracy Modoc, IL


These actually came quicker than I had expected. These are amazing. I use it once a day and I’m surprised that it works. They sometimes leave black marks on my nose from the paper. It smells a little weird like pefume and medicine mixed together which is fine by me.

Hattie North Woodstock, NH

As expected

I’ve only used one of these so far, but it seems to work fine. The smell was pretty strong, but it was only during the first application. Once it’s on your nose, the smell is gone. Also, I love how I got some free samples from the seller 😀

Doris Millersburg, KY

Works great

Love this product, certainly takes out most of the black heads. Only thing I do not like is that it does not come with English manual/instructions. I think it would help in terms of how the thing works. But the pore strip itself works great! leaves your nose clean and smooth.

Eliza Brittany, LA

Like having no pores at all!!!!

I love these pore strips!! When I’m done using them, it looks like I have no pores at all!! It cleans out EVERYTHING and leaves your skin looking and feeling great!!!

Reyna Mc Cormick, SC

Does anyone else have issues with them not peeling all the way off?

It could just be me, but everytime I try and use one of these strips it leaves little pieces all over my nose! I also notice that they don’t really do that great a job at clearing out my blackheads. I prefer Skinfoods’ egg white pore strips.

Betty Union Hall, VA

nose strips

These nose strips are okay i guess they don’t really work that good they do pull some off but not much but i love how you guys sent me a note saying thank you for your purchase and you guys also sent me a facial wash sample the seller was great. i think these are good for people who don’t have much stuff on there nose.

Dina Milford, VA

It didn’t make me do cart wheels, but…

well it does take out a lot of the white heads form my nose. Overall it gets it done. But here are some of the cons that influenced my rating:Smell:It smells horrible. The smell is like that of charcoal and soggy biscuits.The size:The strip is too small. My nose is not grotesquely large but I would have liked if the strip could come over the tip of my nose and slightly onto my cheeks so that it could cover the sides of my nostrils completely. I saw other people have the same problem on youtube reviews.other than that this product is decent but i can find similar quality in my local drug store for about the same price.wah wah waaaaaah…lol

Lara Cliffside, NC


I am 23 with combination skin and as a girl I have tried these nose strips time and time again. Due to reviews and just plain curiosity, I purchased these to try myself. I have irritating blackheads on my nose and beside my nose which drive me crazy. I have tried everything so with trying these I figured why not. First of all they are a foreign product so don’t expect any instructions. I used them like I use the normal nose strips. First thing I noticed was a smell. Charcoal doesn’t smell the best. I did feel kind of a tingle with it but when it was time to take off, there would be black all over my nose and minimal blackheads on the strip. Take my advice, not worth paying shipping and handling for.

Mamie Oxford, MD