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Nerium Ad – Age Defying Night Cream

Nerium’s flagship product is a clinically tested age-fighting Night Cream containing the highest concentration of our exclusive, patented NAE-8® extract.

Key features

  • Fine Lines and Wrinkles
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Uneven Skin Texture
  • Enlarged Pores
  • Aging or Sun-Damaged Skin. Each bottle has a tiny ‘leaf’ stopper in the hole of the pump that has to be removed before the product can be discharged.

Honest reviews


their claims are ridiculous

I know several people who are distributing this product including my mother in law. She wanted both me and my husband to try it. I bowed out after I checked this product out including the ingridients-one of which was oleander which is very toxic if taken internally and is a known skin irritant if applied externally. No thanks. My mother in law is still using it and claims that it improved her skin greatly-she is in her seventies and I have asked to closely look at her face so I could see whether there were any differences-I couldnt see any. She still had her lines, wrinkles and all the age spots she had before. She also developed a major skin irritation that hasn’t gone away but then she was told by whoever sold it to her that irritation is because “impurities are being drawn out from her skin” which is total nonsense so she continued using it.My husband used it for the last 2 months. After first month he have seen no improvement and was told he was using it incorrectly-according to “brand partner” you are supposed to wet your face and apply it to the wet face(as my british friends would say-complete bullocks). After another month-he has deep lines around his eyes, acne scars and some brown spots-I looked at his face really closely as well and couldn’t see even a minute difference-all the lines were still there and there has been no improvement. He said he face felt smoother but if you use moisturizer you can get simular results.Furthermore if you google it and reasearch the info about the company-their “research” is highly suspect and their claims are absolutely crazy. I have seen them post pictures of people who clearly have plastic surgery/cosmetic work done but Nerium claims that it was all from their cream. Some of these people have loose skin in before photos and totally tight skin after-if you believe that any skin cream can tighten your skin like that, I have a bridge to sell you. NO cream is capable of doing that, only plastic surgery can. Do yourself a favor and investigate this before applying this to your face. I have read that there has been some trials for oleander being used for skin cancer to destroy cancerous cells. If that’s the case, how can it renew skin cells and reverse aging if its supposed to do just the opposite?UPDATE: Nerium has a Facebook page-if you try to post any negative comment or any comment that asks for proof of their claims, your post will be taken down. I posted a comment the other day after seeing the video they posted with couple of scientists who are endorsing the product. I said that if they have been paid by Nerium to endorse it, thats not an unbiased opinion. I didn’t use bad language or was rude in any way but none the less my comment was removed. Just like several people I know posted comments saying they didn’t like the product and their comments were removed as well.

Gussie Barneveld, NY

Jury is still out….Looking good.

I had to write a review so far in response to what others had written. I was given a sample to try for free by a rep that I accidently came into contact with at the auto repair shop, and have no intention of ever becoming a ‘seller’ to make money on this, so no dog in the fight here. And I didn’t pay for it, so I’m not complaining about the price.The smell: Lots of drama queens posting on smell. Many things do not naturally smell nice. This has a bit of a medicinal smell, but it’s not ‘horrible’ or intolerable. Everything has a smell. If it ends up working great, who cares what is smells like?I have sensitive skin and I noticed tonight some tingling. UPDATE: After a couple more uses, it has not gotten any worse. I think that’s just the product working.In the mornings, my eyes look worse than EVER. The lines are SO deep and I have horrid bags under them with this stuff! It’s worse than I’ve ever had and it’s scary. It does make your skin feel very dry and tight. I want to apply a bunch of moisturizer over it, but I think that defeats the purpose? I am sticking with it in hopes that in spite of ugly mornings, it will really reduce my eye wrinkles…. but for now, I agree with all those that said it make wrinkles much worse and is very drying….temporarily???UPDATE: Eyes still look puffy and wrinkly in the am. after a night of wearing this. I may be having a mild allergic reaction, but it could be the dead, drying skin cells ready to be scrubbed off. Once I wash my face, scrub and put moisturizer on, they look fine. In fact, I do think it has reduced the appearance of the wrinkles around my eyes.UPDATE: After using this for only 2 or 3 more nights, (not in a row) I have more to share. My skin definately is looking better. It’s tighter and my pores are MUCH smaller. Overall appearance of my skin is much smoother. It’s pretty amazing results for only 6 nights of use, and not all in a row. I skipped about 3 nights in a row.Let me talk about what it does and how to use it. The reps should warn those trying it that it really tightens and dries your skin. My skin is flaking and peeling much like if you go get an RX for Retinol. Retinol works great because it causes your skin to ‘renew’ ultra fast. Another comparison is neosporin. If you have an injury or blemish and use Neosporin, your skin dries, flakes and peels. In fact, almost any good product that has good results has to have a rapid renewal of the skin, wich means lots of dry, dead skin. However, we know that it is healing rapidly and causing sloughing off of the dead skin much faster than normal. I believe this is how this product works. I am experiencing rapid renewal of my skin. but in the process, you can experience some things that may cause alarm if you are not warned. You should definately take a break after 3 or 4 nights of use.You will also need to purchase one of those rough exfoliating pads to try and get as much of the dead skin off as possible. You have to be careful not to scrub too much on the new baby skin underneath. I did that… Good tweezers are a must for pulling off stubborn little pieces of dead skin, too. It sounds bad, but it’s not. With good moisturizer, I can put on my makeup like normal and go to town or a party and there is no dead skin showing. You just have to know it’s going to happen and stay on top of it.

Kristie Wortham, TX

Nerium AD

Do not buy this product from Amazon. You don’t know if it’s been in the hot sun, if it’s full, or if it’s the real deal. And it needs to be used every month for benefits. Only buy from Nerium International. Can buy it for $80 with other benefits. Nerium is trying to shut these sources down.

Mellisa Barronett, WI

Love it

Great product, fast shipping.I have a friend who introduced this product to me. She raves about it and I wanted to try it out without having to sign up for autoship. It is a “club” product, where you have to know someone who sells it and either buy it for $110 or get it for $80 on autoship. I saved $ (used my Amazon points) and had no commitment to buy it again. I do love the results, though the product takes some getting used to. You MUST have your skin slightly damp, or it will be very sticky going on.I’ll be buying more, for sure. Has evened out my coloring and I haven’t had a pimple since (I’m in my 30s and get hormonal outbreaks).

Vickie Elkview, WV


The only unique ingredient in here is Oleandar which irritates some peoples skin just enough to plump it up a bit and mask wrinkles temporarily. It’s not a miracle cream, not approved by the FDA, and long term effects are unknown. All the other ingredients are common in all beauty products. The “proprietary blend” is just aloe vera and Oleandar. I found that it actually dried out my skin and didn’t deliver promised results at all. The results I am seeing from friends that are using it are being told by their reps what a huge difference it’s making when it’s literally nothing. If you don’t see results in that first 30 days you have to “keep using it, give it a chance, it will work!!” The VAST majority of people will be able to achieve similar results with a good over the counter cream at a fraction of the price…especially those who do not regularly use a face cream right now. Most people who have “amazing” results are the same people trying to sell it to you and to sign you up under them, and the before/afters are either literally unbelievable or obviously done under different lighting at slightly different angles. I have no doubt that a small, SMALLLL percentage of people have some result they are pleased with enough to keep purchasing. What turned me off to this product isn’t even the product itself, which is lackluster and disappointing at best. It’s the cultish mindset of their sales reps. I’m sure to get a few comments here about how I’m wrong, and don’t know what I’m talking about, and then they’ll link you to neriums website to “find out for yourself” using their personal link to amass more sales and hopefully talking you into joining them. They whip/brainwash these people up into a frenzy. What do all the failed Nerium reps and people bamboozled into buying it do when they’re left with all this worthless product? They hawk it on Amazon at a discounted rate! Sure, they’ll say it’s counterfeit since the company prohibits amazon and ebay sales, but even if so…the counterfeit is probably at least as effective as Nerium so who cares! No, you don’t get a 30 day guarantee when you buy it here, but at least you’re not being harassed by fanatical tin foil hat and soon to be former friends, put on autoship, or **automatically given a sales page** to start your own “business” when you buy on Amazon!

Silvia Mertzon, TX


I am an esthetician, and also have 30 years of self-study in skin care ingredients as well as herbs, vitamins, etc. Please look at the ingredients on a product before you buy it!! I had a co-worker ask me about this product, so I googled it. It has Oleander Leaf Extract (poisonous plant) as a primary ingredient, and from what I understand, there is more than one type of Oleander. I don’t know about using it, and some of the reviews here on Amazon as well as others I have seen have had dubious results and even irritation. I would consider your own skin, whether it is sensitive, prone to acne, etc. when considering use of this product. This extract is in it’s infancy as far as research goes, and personally I recommend caution. Do your research, rely on sites you can trust.

Earlene Cool Ridge, WV

Great Anti-Aging Night Cream

I’m almost finished w/my first bottle. It works as described. There’s a noticeable difference in my skin tone. Thank you.

Lacey Scottsville, NY



Rosemary Scotts Mills, OR

Not for me

Two of my good friends love this so probably worth trying but for me, I hated the texture and smell of this and it made me break out. I normally use La Mer, I’ll be sticking with that. I have very fair and sensitive skin but the two friends of mine that this works for have skin with more oil, it may be my skin type. I have pretty flawless skin already so for me, this product ruined my already good skin, I went backwards with this product. The texture of this is terrible, its really thick and when it dries it feels like you’re wearing a mask. After I removed it, my skin was drier than before I put it on and felt like it needed lotion, ironically. The smell is HORRID and never goes away, there is no way I can sleep with it on, I had to rinse it off a few hours later. Not for me.

Kimberley Lewisburg, WV

The Cure to Your Concerns

With beauty being a major focus in our society today, people invest into several skin care products to satisfy simply one goal: to get the look their hoping for. Different products are developed to tackle a specific issue. Though, can you imagine tackling most issues with one product; one product that actually makes a real difference? It sounds impossible considering the fact that it’s hard to find a reliable product in the first place. However, I can assure you that such a product does exist. In fact, Nerium Ad has proven itself to be a miracle. My own experiences allow me to express with complete honesty the miraculous outcomes of using Nerium Ad. Not only have I been positively impacted by this age defying skin care however, my observations of other Nerium Ad users have proven the reliability of this product to serve for multiple purposes. Along with my testimony, facts of this life changing skin care explain how such a product is possible.When I was first introduced to Nerium Ad, I was a bit skeptical due to the fact that it is a product of multi-level marketing. However, after hearing testimonies of other Nerium Ad users, I was tempted to try. When I did, I found that Nerium Ad does not only live up to its expectations, but it goes beyond its guarantee. Founders of Nerium Ad guarantees correction in fine lines and wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores, aging skin, and sun damaged skin. My main concern is my uneven skin texture and enlarged pores along with the frustrating problem of combination skin. Proudly, I can say, after using the product, my enlarged pores shrunk. My skin is soft and smooth. Most importantly, my oil is to a very minimum and dryness is under control. I am very excited to confess that Nerium Ad has not only tackled those main concerns, but I also almost never get severe breakouts. Taking the risk to look past the skepticism of the marketing side of the product was a wonderful decision, as I found that the claims, of Nerium Ad doing miracles far beyond its guarantee, were very much true.Just as I am doing now, I referred Nerium Ad to others. Nerium Ad has left as much of a positive impact on others, if not more, as it did me. My grandmother has hyperpigmentation, aging skin, and other natural concerns that come along with aging. Within a few weeks of using Nerium, “beyond its guarantee” became an understatement. As her sun spots faded, her crow’s feet (wrinkles by the eyes) smoothed out. Her skin tightened, leaving her with a youthful, rejuvenating appearance. It was as if she received a face lift. My grandmother is not the only one that sheds proof of miraculous outcomes. I know and have talked with several other people regarding their Nerium Ad experience. My testimony of others experiences is not based off of their word. I have seen proof; before and after’s. Nerium Ad can be described as “surgery without a cut”. Many men and women I have the pleasure of knowing have had a life changing experience with Nerium Ad.The true beauty about it, though, is that my grandma, I, and those other Nerium AD users I know appear so much healthier. Confidence has grown within. I know that I can relate, along with many other people, to the shameful insecurities of having flawed skin. I can relate with the struggle of finding that perfect product that makes a long term difference; that is reliable. I can relate to spending a good amount of money on products with the hope of receiving the outcome I’m looking for. Ultimately, nothing has made me more satisfied than Nerium Ad. That is not to say that other products never work. However, Nerium Ad doesn’t just work; it’s a cure. The most wonderful thing is that it corrects issues above and beneath the surface, giving people the look they vie for while diminishing their insecurities and building their confidence.Now, how does such a product exist? How is it possible for a crème to give the outcome of a facelift? There is a unique story along with a key ingredient that makes this product so different from others. This miraculous product, in fact, was originally made to cure cancer. Nerium Ad was created at the MD Anderson cancer research center at the University of Texas when they found that the product has multiple unique effects. A poisonous plant called Oleander is the key ingredient of Nerium Ad. However, don’t let that scare you. With avid studies, researchers, including Dr. Robert A. Newman, found ways to produce this miraculous product safely allowing the use of it topically and assuring no harm if accidentally ingested. A specific extraction process known as NBio-PL is used to extract the plants unique and beneficial properties, leaving the poison behind. Aloe Vera extracts from the Nerium oleander plant, collecting both plants unique qualities to make NAE-8 extract. This strategic and trusted science makes the Nerium Ad skin care the miraculous skin care it truly is.There are many skin care products on the market suggested for certain purposes and conditions. As affective as they may be, I have yet to experience one that is as life changing as Nerium Ad. After my testimony of my own experiences, my observation of others, and factual information I have provided, it should be clear that such a skin care is, in fact, possible. That, Nerium Ad is the miracle you are looking for; the product that will not just work, but will cure your concerns.

Dixie Colfax, NC

Verdict not yet

I have been using this for almost a month. I don’t know why people are so bothered by the smell. Maybe they are just used to product with a lot of perfume in it. After it dries my skin looks way better, but still waiting to see some permanent results.

Claudia Hoffman Estates, IL

Nothing so far

I’ve been using Nerium for about 4-5 weeks every night as directed & have not noticed any difference so far. A good friend sent me a partial bottle to use to see if I can get results in the 2nd month, so I’ll keep trying. Wish me luck! It has changed some of my friends skin quickly & they love it.

Darcy Gaffney, SC

Didn’t work for me

NeriumAD Night Cream didn’t work for me, made my face very dry, felt itchy and uncomfortable plus the smell wasn’t nice either.

Beryl Myers Flat, CA


I used this product after having it recommended by a friend who distributed it. It was very expensive and it just kept arriving once a month, even if iIhad not used up the previous bottle. It left my skin feeling tight and I did not see any improvement. I switched to a 20% Vitamin C serum and it worked great at a much lower price. There’s a lot of corporation hype that comes with this product, like they just found out being nice to each other was a new thing and they are very preachy about it.Big fancy hi-gloss magazine—you can guess why the product is so expensive because it has to fund all that hype

Marisol Fall Creek, OR


The sooner one uses this product the better it will work . Would prefer it to be white in color and there is a slight offensive odor to the product but it does dissipate .

Gail Opal, WY

Nerium Ad

Nerium Ad I guess would be great for some people but I didn’t see any changes in my face after using it about two weeks.I have a friend who has been using it and I see a big difference.

Noemi Max, MN

Was recommended to me

I like this product and have used it for a few months. it was a great price and I will buy again.

Jenny Hyde Park, MA

Did Nothing

Used most of the tube. Glad I only paid the Amazon price. I started itching and quit using it. I don’t really have sensitive skin so beware.

Ann Kamay, TX


Paid a little more from the company and this was a little dry but I am happy with it and glad to have gotten it

Louisa Mindenmines, MO