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Neova Complex Cu3 Post Laser Lotion-4 oz

Apply post-procedure twice daily to treated skin. Use 3 to 5 days or until optimal skin health is reached.

Key features

  • Provides skin with copper micronutrition.
  • Occlusive formula helps skin retain moisture.
  • Light-weight lotion, ideal under make-up.
  • Step-down option from Complex Cu3 Intensive Tissue Repair Creme.

Honest reviews


Fantastic after Laser Tattoo Removal

I’m undergoing laser treatments to remove a tattoo around my left ankle. The tattoo was very bright and dark, so the skin has occasionally blistered and peeled. After my most recent treatment, I used this cream on the tattooed area and it healed much faster than when I was using Neosporin alone. Copper peptides have been proven to aid in healing wounds. This is emollient but I don’t find it greasy. The cream is white and has no smell. If I ever have laser treatments on my face, I’ll be sure to have a bottle of this on hand.

Esperanza Mc Cutchenville, OH

Complex CU3 Post Laser Lotion

Complex CU3 Post Laser Lotion: EXCELLENT product to speed healing & quell the burning associated w/ chemical peels and laser skin treatments. I have used a number of after-peel products…this product was given to me by my facial surgeon initially after having a Thermage RF treatment to the face…speeded healing & eased the pain. Super good!

Wilda Strong, ME

Good after chemical peels too

I am acne-prone but really like this after chemical peels because the copper peptides help with collagen synthesis, and this lotion is very gentle; I haven’t had any stinging or problems. I also have the ointment, but I’ve only used that with deeper peels or even cuts.

Candy Lewistown, IL

Not glamorous, but it does what it’s supposed to very well.

I use this after home TCA peel. It’s soothing and speeds the healing process. There is some controversy over long-term use of copper peptides but this lotion is intended for short-term use only. It came quickly and was efficiently packaged.

Terrie Smith River, CA

good after microdermabrasions

This is a very good after microdermabasion treaments, or chemical peels that i give myself very often. Ongoing fight against Melasma.

Dee New Braintree, MA