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Neocutis Lumiere Bio-restorative Eye Cream with PSP, Anti-aging, 0.5 Ounce

This gentle eye cream works to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with caffeine, bisabolol and sodium hyaluronate, in combination with the effective complex, psp. psp, or processed skin proteins, is a naturally balanced blend of essential nutrients, such as growth factors, antioxidants and matrix proteins, including collagen. this powerful ingredient revives skin, causing it to become softer, firmer, younger- and healthier-looking. fragrance- and colorant-free, lumiere bio-restorative eye cream with psp is ultra-gentle for the delicate eye area. the skin around the eyes is left softer, stronger and younger-looking.

Key features

  • Works to reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness with caffeine, bisabolol and sodium hyaluronate, in combination with the effective complex, PSP
  • PSP revives skin, causing it to become softer, firmer, younger- and healthier-looking
  • Fragrance- and colorant-free, Lumiere Bio-Restorative Eye Cream is ultra-gentle for the delicate eye area
  • The skin around the eyes is left softer, stronger and younger-looking

Honest reviews


Overall good with a few reservations

Pros:- gives my saggy upper eyelid a visible and instant lift- decreases puffiness- a little goes a long way- after months of use my crows feet have diminished- good for upper lids and under eyes- doesn’t sting my eyesCons:- expensive- hard to administer the right amount (it calls for half a pump, so why not just create a pump that administers the correct amount?)- the cap falls off easily- the cap breaks easilyThe jury is still out on whether my eyes have become addicted to this. It seems when I skip using this my upper lids are saggier then I remember. But I can’t be sure as it was so long ago.I have bought this product twice and fully intend to buy it again.

Ellen Buffalo, SD

Did Not Work

My dermotologist suggested I try this. I used it exactly as told. The following day, the circles were more wrinkled then ever. I contacted his nurse who suggested I give it a little more time. After another day, it was even worse. I couldn’t believe it! Went back to the doctor and told me to stop using the product immediately. This product did more damage than good. I would not recommend it.

Ana Middletown Springs, VT

good item

This is my second bottle of the product. My results have not been as good as many who wrote review. But, as far as eye creams go, this one does go on smoothly, absorb cleanly, and moisturize pretty well.

Georgia Scheller, IL

this eye cream is the breakthru, the very best in the market today

I have try all of them, the priciest ones and i was hesitant about this, but belive me its a miracle, my eyes look fresher and even better then in my 20s( im 35). Dont be fulled by other revews, you have to try this for yourself. Keep in mind your age thought, is not a doctor in the botle but prety close. PS sorry for my spelling but you get the point

Edwina Lost Hills, CA

Good service.

I change my reveiw from 1 star to 5 star just for their customer support service. I complain for the wrong product sent to me. They provide good support to solve my issue.

Manuela Aynor, SC

Lasts a long time..

This eye cream delivers! You only need a tiny bit to get great coverage and you will begin to see results after approx. two weeks.

Carlene Fort Laramie, WY

One of the Best Eye Creams

I love this product. I first used this product from a recommendation at my skin spa. I have used many, many eye creams and this one works the best. I can absolutely tell when I have not used this product for a few weeks. I will buy this product again. It helps with fine lines and crows feet and it very hydrating.

Tori Kill Buck, NY

I love this stuff!!!

I was slammed by the gal at the medical office on the brand they carry there and the eye cream felt like it was drying the skin around my eyes and making the crows feet MORE noticeable. I had used Lumiere before and knew it was a great product. I ordered and when it arrived I opened it and applied…the next morning my eyes looked refreshed and less scaley looking. In my opinion the best eye treatment ever! Awesome price too!

Earnestine Wellsburg, WV



Stephanie Fruitvale, TN

Not for Me…

I purchased this product from my doctor. The office price was more than Amazon, of course. My doctor told me this was the best so I faithfully used it for maybe a year. I noticed not even the slightest improvement. I wanted to like it because I paid so much for the Lumere(I like the name) and the packaging is nice. Well, this product simply did not work for me.

Mable Rangely, CO

Neocutis Lumiere Biorestorative Eye Cream

One of the best eye creams I’ve ever used..and I’ve tried them all.Moisturizing, effective at smoothing fine lines-make the eye arealook smooth and renewed… this is amazing stuff.

Sandy Hansboro, ND

Excellent eye cream that gives actual results!

I bought this after seeing some really amazing before & after photos at my dermatologist’s office. Of course they were part of Neocutis’s advertising, but they were really amazing. I had to have it!I found it on Amazon much cheaper than at the derm.’s office (of course!). I’ve been using it for quite a while now (probably over 2 months if not three) and it’s working pretty well. I guess I really didn’t have a ton lines so I wasn’t sure if it was doing anything at first. I did look closley today and my eyes look pretty darn good! Plumped & moisturized w/few fine lines. The cream comes in a nice pump that I find easy to control as far as not pumping out too much. You only need a little bit. It is a nice light cream that sinks in well and is very moisturizing. It doesn’t migrate into my eyes either. A little pricey, but I’d buy it again. It’s worth the $$.

Kristina Five Points, AL

neocutis eye cream with PSP

amazing product, the skin under my eyes looks smooth, it really works since the first day. I also use the gel and the cream in the face and neck and I am super happy with the results.

Patrice Kingwood, WV

No Difference Seen

I have been using this product for 6 weeks and see absolutely no differenceto my under eye area. Nice lotion consistancy, but not anywhere close tobeing worth the money.

Winifred Stewartville, MN

So far so good

I really like this product and so far it has been working for me. Need to use it a little bit longer, only had it for 2 weeks. It feels really creamy and hydrates very well. A small amount goes a long way so it will last quite some time. My eyes do look brighter and less wrinkled.

Katy Colt, AR

Great moisturizer for the eyes

I received this product promptly which was great & have been using it for a little over a a week now. I love the way my eyes feel after applying it and I use it as a slight facial moisturizer also until I receive the true facial moisturizer. I can’t really say at the moment that I see a major difference. I will repost in about 30days. I am a student & work so I don’t get a lot of sleep which has caused some darking & slight lines around my eyes. My prayer is that this will help over time. The facialist I went to strongly suggested it but sold it at a price I could not afford! I was happy to have found it and will keep amazon updated on progress

Maribel Rangely, CO

best eye cream yet

Used in conjenction with serum, it produces visible results fast. only complaint: it stings and causes copious tearing if it gets too close to the eye.

Tamika Pittsfield, VT

Eye Cream Extraordinaire

This was first recommended to me by a doctor. I’ve tried many, many eye creams…never really happy. This one is fabulous. First created for burn victims, to heal scars and traumatized skin. Think what it could do for healthy skin! It is the perfect consistency for under eyes. Does not cause my mascara to smudge, yet is moist enough to keep me from feeling dry around my eyes. There is no harsh odor, as with many PSP products. If my face is feeling especially dry, I use it as a base before using my regular face moisturizer. It may be expensive, but I have to look in the mirror every day, I want to like what I see. And it is less expensive than other products I’ve used that I’ve had to put a larger quantity on, and still feel it wasn’t enough. I don’t think I’ll ever change.

Coleen Combined Locks, WI

does noting for puffiness

I have been using this cream for a few months. I find that it does nothing to reduce under eye puffiness. I won’t buy again

Helene Harlan, IA

The best

This eye cream is well worth the money. I have tried many other creams and this is the best one by far. The vendor sent as promised and would definitely use again.

Lydia Santa Fe, TN

One of the best eye creams

Very affordable and effective product. I have used this for a year now and you only need a very small amount for moisture. Be careful of using too much as it will make your mascara run.

Noelle Badger, CA

This is my favorite eye cream

This is my favorite eye cream. I have dry skin and this is light as a feather but packed with moisture. What I love about this cream is that my concealer goes on great and the cream does not cause creases with my concealer!

Laurie Oberlin, KS

Easy on the eyes.

A little goes a long way. Using only about 2 week since procedure, very gently and glides on smoothly around eyes. Will need to use longer for results but so far so good.

Gussie Cochecton Center, NY

Great eye product

I have been using this product for many years now. My doctor whom I highly trust recommended this product. I am very satisfied with it and will continue using.

Savannah Charlemont, MA

Excellent product

Love this eye cream. It’s expensive but really good. I have been using it for more than 2 years now. My dermatologist recommended it. Will continue to use it in the future too!

Jodie Leesburg, OH

Nearing 40 and loving it

This is one luxury I will never live without. My eyes were starting to sink and tired looking so I asked a Medical Spa if I should consider Botox or something like that – she recommended this eye cream instead, and I’ve been quite happy and thankful that I didn’t go the inject-able way.

Evangeline Geneva, IA

Pretty good eye cream

I like this eye cream but expensive. It is a very small quantity but I like it. I will probably buy it again.

Sheila Carlisle, IN


I have tried every eye creame out there & spent alot of monies on none half as good as this. My Dermotologist recommended this & I am forever staying w/it. You apply very little & it is worth the price.

Mollie Middlebury, CT

do not buy

results as indicated not so. Buy something less expensive in your local drugstore,and don’t waste your money on this product

Theresa Enterprise, UT