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Neocutis Biorestorative Cream with Psp, 50 Ml, 1.69 oz

Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. free of fragrance and color additives. scientifically formulated for optimal efficacy.

Key features

  • Reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  • Free of fragrance and color additives
  • Scientifically formulated for optimal efficacy
  • Ideal for most skin types
  • Non-comedogenic

Honest reviews


Nice, but waaayyy too expensive.

Wow have we all got different ideas about what is expensive!!! I think this is a fortune at $100 for the cream; and if you use the spf cream and the eye cream, and the gel…well, Holy cow, this is a bloody fortune!Ok, so I do like this product as it is one of the few that does’t irritate my super sensitive skin with Rosacea. That said, I don’t really see much result in improvement of my skin over using the inexpensive products from the drug store that I’ve discovered over the years. For instance…the Eucerin Sensitive Skin line also works well for a night cream and for the SPF 30 Day Cream is non-irritating and costs a tiny fraction of the price. I use Cetaphil cleanser and a Roc gentle Retinol serum and have had as good or better results. And I had far better results with a $9 eye cream from Garnier than I did with this one. So… while I love that it doesn’t irritate my skin (I’ve tried hundreds of products over the years), I’m going back to the Eucerin line and saving myself $175 a month that I can spend to get my house cleaned regularly. The one product that I can’t live without over the years is the Replenix Serum with Green Tea. It costs half the price of the gels in this line and lasts twice as long.So in the morning: Replenix Serum and Eucerin Sensitive Skin Spf 30 Day Cream.At night: Cleanse with Cetaphil, then Roc Skin Renewing Serum; and Eucerin Sensitive Skin Q10 Cream.Voila…better results at a fraction of the cost and no redness or inflammation.

Rowena White Plains, NC

Helped my face heal, doesn’t aggravate rosacea, prevents the peeling from Retin A

Recently I had laser treatment on some red blood vessels from my rosacea, and IPL for background redness the same day. The visible capillaries around my nostrils blistered – those must have been closer to the surface than the ones on my cheeks (or perhaps the seb derm irritation around my nostrils caused the blistering).For the first few days after having the work done I used an over the counter, anti-bacterial product called polysporin. During the day I hid the bruising and tried to cover the blisters with a combination of the whitest dermablend leg and body cream then coverblend in a shade that matches my skin on top of that, followed by powder.When this product arrived in the mail from Amazon I switched from the antibacterial polysporin to this. The Biorestorative Cream seemed to speed up the healing around my nose and may or may not have sped up the fading of the bruises on my cheeks (normal result of having the under the surface blood vessels destroyed).The dermatologist said I could go back to using 0.025% tretinoin (the generic version of Retin A) one week after the laser and IPL treatments. The first night that I used the tretinoin I waited an hour after applying it, and then put a light coating of the Biorestorative Cream over it.The next morning I had NO peeling – none, zip, nada! I have ALWAYS had peeling skin the morning AFTER using the tretinoin- even though I’m on a low dose. I am thrilled to have something that can go on my skin on top of the tretinoin and reduce the peeling. I had cut back to 2 or 3 times a week with the tretinoin due to the peeling and hope to now be able to use it every night with this Biorestorative applied an hour later. I wouldn’t put them on at the same time for fear of reducing the effectiveness of the tretinoin.I’ve been using the Neocutis Lumiere eye cream for a year. I have very minor wrinkles around my eyes and honestly can’t tell if it has really made a difference there or not. But I use a very small amount so on an annual basis isn’t isn’t expensive and may help me avoid deeper wrinkles as I get older. Noteably, I have had no irritation of my eyes from the Lumiere eye cream and my eyes are pretty sensitive.

Esmeralda Sopchoppy, FL

Restorative Light Cream

I use this under my regular sunscreen during the day and under my night cream at night. It is especially good when I’ve damaged my skin with too much sun or too many harsh chemical creams.

Ruthie East Schodack, NY

Great Product

This product is wonderful. It treats post surgery scars and other scars extremely well. It has greatly reduced the keloiding of my scars, along with the look of the scars.

Lelia Miami, TX

Face Cream

This was a recommendation from my skin center. They sell many lines and I decided to go with this one after talking with my consultant. I have used for 3 years and couldn’t be happier. I also use the eye cream. I have tried the most expensive products from Saks etc. (LaMer) and I always go back to this gem.

Violet Fowler, OH

Best moisturizer

This moisturizer is recommended after laser treatments because it has healing properties so why not use it every day!It is cosmetically elegant and is packed with the latest ingredients to improve your skins appearance. Psp stimulates collegen and plumps up your skin.I use this along with 4 other treatments daily (Skin medica TNS serum, Skin medica VIT C, Lumyxyl for pigmentation problems, Neocutis Creme Rich eye cream

Lakisha Woodville, MS

neocutis cream with PSP

amazing product, my skin looks younger, less wrinkly, i recommend it 100%… I use it with the gel and the eye cream

Monika Firesteel, SD

Feels good after prceedure

Amount the size of a pea is all that is needed for the whole face. Skin feels smooth and soft and looks good. Have been using for about 2 weeks but expect to get great results.

Ramona Shaniko, OR

excellent customer service

Love this stuff! Amazon is excellent to deal with as well! I had an issue and with one email all was handled with ease and speed. Love this company!

Cecile Fanwood, NJ