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Nens Loofah Sponge 8in.

8″ “New England Naturals” Loofah Sponge in Shrink Wrap Package

Key features

  • Brand: New England Naturals
  • 8″ Loofah Sponge in Shrink Wrap Package
  • Gently exfoliate skin for a smooth finish
  • Stimulate blood circulation. Not tested on animals. Environmental friendly.

Honest reviews


Great Loofah!

This loofah is fantastic. I had always used the artificial loofahs before but I finally picked up one of these. It works fantastic and I don’t feel bad about using a plastic loofah. Great for exfoliating!

Jaclyn Charleston, MO

Not what I expected

PROS:-It exfoliates wellCONS:-It sucks up my body wash but doesn’t foam up =/-it doesn’t have a rope to hang it from & I don’t have much room for it while sharing a bathroom

Lucia Jachin, AL

Rough, but awesome.

This loofa is definitely as rough as other reviewers have stated, but after having used it for about 2 weeks, it softens up enough to be bearable.I love how fresh and soft my skin feels after using this in the shower. This loofa is large and substantial. Highly recommend!

Angelina Oneonta, AL

A nice, little exfoliator

Great exfoliator and a nice alternative to the plastic sponges and bristled brushes. Make sure to soak it in warm water for 3-4 minutes before actual usage in order for it to have just the right amount of abrasiveness. If you are using it for the first time then soak it in for 8-10 minutes to get it all ready. However, don’t leave your loofah in the water too long or it will start to disintegrate.Also loofahs tend to accumulate soap with usage so you would like to keep it clean by rinsing it with cold water and then following up with a soaking in a 1:2 vinegar-water solution.Coming back to the product, it is pretty generous in size and does a great job in making your skin feel clean and smooth. Highly recommended.

Dee Moss Landing, CA

Nice Loofah

Does what is suppose to do. Wish it had a string attached for hanging instead of the plastic hook piece. Other than that its a pretty good loofah.

Kathi Sunderland, MD

Not just for girls

I don’t know why but the word loofah always seemed like a thing only girls use. But after having seen it mentioned so many times over the years I thought what the heck, I’d give it a try.I’m really glad I did. The first thing I noticed is that it is really easy to do my entire body with this. So I can exfoliate from head to toe really quickly. And it is long and stiff enough that I can reach my back too. In addition, it leaves my skin REALLY squeaky clean. It is almost like polishing my skin with soap. Lastly, it has just the right amount of roughness. Not to rough but not too smooth either. I love it.Made in china which I’m not crazy about. But I can’t minus a star just for that–it is too cool.

Harriet Perrineville, NJ


Not much to it, it works very well, is rough enough for exfoliation but not too rough, etc. Not a whole lot to say about a sponge.

Nona Miamiville, OH

Great Sponge for Dirty Men

I purchased multiples of this sponge. It’s a great sponge and I will purchase again. My fiances is a do-it-all kind of man, so he gets pretty dirty and grimy. This works at getting all the grease, oil, dirt, and who knows what else off of his skin, so he’s squeeky clean! Thank you loofah sponge!

Alexandria Kelford, NC

Got moldy fast

Works alright if you have good body wash or another product to go with it. But it came completely flattened in the mail, rounded back out to about 85% roundness after first use. And it got moldy VERY quickly. I think the mold likes the latticed framework of all the strands, because it got all in there.

Twila Atchison, KS