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Nemat Fragrances – Amber White Roll-on Perfume

Nemat fragrances are blended in USA using exotic essential oils and fragrance ingredients from around the world. Our perfume oil starts with light fragrance and blooms with the body heat. Our perfume oils contains no alcohol so the scent is in its purest form and lasts all day long. Our products have earned great reviews and are now available at various chain stores and on-line outlets. Indulge in unique, exotic fragrances and be pleasantly surprised.

Key features

  • An exquisite clear fresh fragrance with light floral base note.
  • Alcohol free undiluted long lasting fragrance
  • Genuine barcoded products shipped directly after pickup from Nemat warehouse in California
  • Note: Amber starts with light fragrance that blooms with body heat
  • For best results apply on pulse points and put a small dab on palms, rub them together and then brush your palms on clothes.

Honest reviews


Arabian Wood roll-on perfume oil

The roller is useless and I had to pull it off to get any product. It is a fairly weak fragrance, but it smells really good. If the perfume were stronger it would be amazing.

Lynette Seeley Lake, MT

Smells beautiful

Reminds me of India, smells like incense. Best for weekends as it is very strong – be sure to apply just a drop or two.

Tamika Bon Air, AL


I’m wondering if I didn’t get a different bottle of this scent than all the other reviewers got. What I’m smelling is very heavy and musky to me. It’s still lovely… I’m just not smelling anything sweet or like Egyptian musk, as other folks have mentioned.ETA: After a few months, this Amber is the boyfriend’s favorite scent. He never fails to mention that I smell good whenever I’m wearing it.

Selina Placitas, NM

My only frangrances

I love Nemat fragrances. My favorites are Egyptian Musk and Amber. When first applied the scents are very different from later in the day. They are wonderful.

Roslyn Somis, CA


The musk Amber oil arrived before the sellers anticipated time and was packaged very nicely. I like the roll-on applicator because I am disabled and cannot operate other methods of scented products and this little glass bottle fits very easily in your purse or bag. It is portable and definitely easy to use. I can apply it to my wrists or neck or under my knees and have the warm scent stay with me all day. It is nice but it is also very deep and masculine as well. I would call it a unisex fragrance. It is not feminine in the flowery sense. It is warm and possibly makes the skin smell even warmer. It makes me think of lying naked in front of a crackling fireplace or maybe sunbathing in someplace exotic.

Essie Dayton, NV