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NEEWER? Fashion New 16 Pcs Pro Purple Makeup Eye Shadow Brush Cosmetic Set Kit

Case included: 100% Brand New 1x Powder Brush 1x Blush Brush 1x Bronzer Brush 1x Foundation Brush 1x Big Eye Shader Brush 1x Eye Contour Brush 1x Middle Eye Definer Brush 1x Big Eye Shadow Brush 1x Eye Smudge Brush 1x Middle Eye Shadow Brush 1x Small Touch Up Brush 1x Eye Blender Brush 1x Lip Brush 1x Eye Liner Brush 1x Eye Brow 1x Eye brow comb

Key features

  • New 16 Pcs Professional Makeup Cosmetic Brush Set Kit Case Purple #005
  • A set of 18 brushes (Show as photos)

Honest reviews


Beyond ‘Decent’

Okay, i was a little worried when i placed my order, all these people saying they shed alot, and they smell strongly of paint, but honestly i have not experienced either of these issues. WARNING: the eyeshadow brushes ARE stiff, they may not be that great for their job. I have not used them yet, but i washed them thoroughly and i have been playing with them alot, they are very soft to the touch.I’m quite into make-up and i ordered a real techniques brush along with these, and they both feel the same to me.These are well worth the price, now I cannot vouche for those ho had the mis-fotune of purchasing a bad batch but i can tell you the one’s i got are very good!However the case color is a tad childish, so i will be going over it with black shoe polish.Definitely a good buy.

Beatrice Oakridge, OR


it actually is a bit more blue and purple than a fade but it’s still cute!haven’t used it yet… hahah it’s just too pretty

Erma Carolina, PR

Good but not great

You can never go wrong with the price of these brushes. They are soft and fluffy. The only thing I don’t like is that sometimes they don’t hold eye shadow make up well.

Dianna Topaz, CA


These brushes are great the makeup doesn’t get all caked up on the brushes and I even designated one to apply my primer and it does it sooo well! Thank You!

Lidia Kossuth, PA

Make up Brushes

I simply loved my brushes, they shipped quickly and they were arranged neatly.I use my brushes daily. I think the price was worth it.. A must buy

Carey Chandler, IN

fantastic and inexpensive!

I bought these because I was going to be doing a wedding party. They were cheap and I figured they wouldnt be of great quality but boy, was I wrong! These are fantastic! Would definitely recommend!

Alice Smithtown, NY

I love these brushes!!

I’ve never had a complete makeup brush set so I wanted one lol and I have to say these are beautiful. The handle part is a pretty maroon/purple/burgundy color and the brushes look just as they do in the picture. The bottom of the bristles are bright blue and the top is bright purple. It comes with a case and works pretty well altogether. Though when I first opened them I was almost knocked out by the plastic smell, it was awful and I have never once complained or even thought to complain about what a product smells like but wow these were stanky. The case smells like plastic too:/ I washed all the brushes in lukewarm, soapy water and it did help a lot but still there is a light scent-doesn’t bother me though. The brushes are very soft too.I would definitely recommend.

Carole Reedley, CA