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NeedCrystals Microdermabrasion Crystals Exfoliating Facial Scrub Skin Care Reduces Appearance of Acne Scars Blackheads Wrinkles Stretch Marks White Aluminum Oxide Crystals Microdermabrasion Scrub, 8 oz

Highest Quality Professional Microdermabrasion Crystals We’ve scoured the world and tested aluminum oxide crystals from a variety of sources. After extensive research and use we have found the best quality aluminum oxide crystals available in the country today. • These Microdermabrasion crystals are characterized by high purity and white color. • They can be used in any microderm-abrasion equipment. • These quality crystals are sourced from Brazil or France. Because our primary business is to service the microdermabrasion market, we are able to provide you with the best possible price for the best quality aluminum oxide crystals. Fancy containers do not make the crystals more effective and they cost you more. We keep the costs down and extend the value to you. Indications A dermatologist clinical study showed that Microdermabrasion helped reduce multiple signs of aging: 91% had smoother, more luminous skin instantly. 88% had visible improvement in the look of fine lines. 88% had significantly reduced appearance of wrinkles or age spots. 72% had substantially firmer-looking skin. Size: We offer wholesale aluminum oxide crystals in 100 and 120 grit size. We recommend 120 grit size, a smaller grain size than 100, to provide a smoother, more even finish. Directions Create your own Microdermabrasion Cream Ingredients: 1 tbsp. aluminum oxide crystals, 10 tbsp. creamy cleanser. Directions: This is a 1 to 10 ratio so you can make any size you desire. You should use a very fine grit for the aluminum oxide crystals, for example 120. Mix all ingredients thoroughly. Wet your face or body , scoop up a dime sized portion, and massage in a circular motion for a couple of minutes. Rinse with cool water and moisturize afterward.

Key features

  • Microdermabrasion at Home. Microdermabrasion Crystals helps gently polish away Dry Skin, Acne Scars, Blackheads, and Stretch Marks
  • Microdermabrasion Instantly diminishes the appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles and Age Spots
  • Microdermabrasion Treatment exfoliates to remove dull patches for smoother, more radiant skin
  • Microdermabrasion Scrub alone for visibly brighter, more even skin tone
  • Dermabrasion Crystals Exfoliating provides gentle exfoliation while cleansing

Honest reviews


Waiting for reshipment

Received package opened and product beat up waiting for a new one. Will update actually product review when I get a sealed package with a new looking product.

Kaitlin Hull, MA

good price

I bought this because the price was good. I love mixing it with a little facial cleanser and exfoliating. Just be careful to not pour too much in your hands. I recommend this product.

Carly Repton, AL


I love this. I’ve used it twice already. I aim to use it once every 5 days. This in conjunction with the real radiant vitamin c has done wonders for my acne proned blemished skin. I’m am so excited! I mix it with my cleanser and the results are oh so pleasing👍

Jillian Oakfield, ME

Use every day

I use a half teaspoon, or so, of these crystals with a squirt of Cetaphil to wash my face every morning. My skin is sun-damaged and I’m older, but it has made a difference.

Hazel Swans Island, ME

Works to remove some acne scars

I had some acne scars on my right cheek, easy scars, nothing deep. I been using this along with Noxzema Deep cleansing cream for 4 weeks,(you can use any other cream or neutral soap) and I started seeing some improves, more smooth and you can barely see some marks, but I like to continue until better results. The only problem I seen is that if i mix another strong cream on my face I got some rash, I bought from amazon Fair and White Bleaching Gel, and next morning I had redness on my cheeks, it took two days to disappear, but I learned not to use it on the same day. Both products works very well, but please do not expect miracles, it takes time to get rid of acne marks.

Melinda Brashear, MO

I love the product

I have oily skin pron to acne. I have used different kind of scrubs, but most of them are too soft and actually do not even remove dead skin. This product is wonderful, it is looks like baking soda. Small amount is enough while scrubbing and it does its job.IIf you have sensitive skin you have to do a test before scrubbing the whole face. Use with facial liquid soap and gentle circular motions. I use the product twice a week.

Cassie Anaconda, MT

good product

This is a great product when you can’t/don’t want to spend money on expensive microdermabrasion products. I just mix a tbsp in my cleanser and it cleans and exfoliates very well, just like an expensive product. I also use it in my body shower, its going to last forever since you use very little and the jar comes with a generous portion. I’m just so glad i’m a loyal amazon customer, i get to use products no one has ever even heard of.

Mitzi Canton, SD


I am super excited about this product! It is the BEST!!! I add it to whatever cleanser I feel like using and it is amazing! I wish I would have found this sooner. I have told everyone I know about this. You can literally turn any cleanser into a super exfoliating cleanser. You can add as little or as much as you want. What I love so much is the fact that it is just pure crystals with nothing else added, so if you are like me and have blemish prone skin, you can add it to your anti acne cleanser and not have to worry about a break out. I have tried MANY microderm products and they all have pore clogging ingredients in them so I never had good results with them. How awesome is this product!? I can just add it to my favorite cleanser and VOILA! I definitely recommend this to anyone!!!

Lee Cutten, CA


This is a tiny jar just so you all know. I though 8oz would be big for some reason. hahaha. Anyways, I barely have to use much of it. It’s great! You don’t need to use a lot. This is super fine like you would feel in high end products. They best part about this is you can add it to your face washes you already have.

Laverne Longview, WA

Exfoliates wonderfully!

This reminds me *exactly* of the texture of crystals used in spas. And it should, since they’re made of the exact same thing. I add some of these to my cleanser about once per week and scrub – works beautifully.

Brandi Berwind, WV

Fresh skin

I only do this once a week while I wait for another cream to remove hair. I think more than once a week would make my face raw, but it works nicely when used seldomly. I scoop a little into my already exfoliating face cleanser and realize the few crystals in the cleanser are kind of silly. It is kind of like pure white sand. The company could improve it by including a tiny plastic spoon since getting it out in small quantities is a problem. This one container should last a very long time since so little is needed each use.

Melisa New Point, IN

Bad packaging.

Upon arrival, I find out that the top was not all the way on, so some of the product had spilled out of the jar. The product itself is kind of gritty, only used it once so far just to test it out, so can’t speak of how well it does as far as results goes.

Jamie Sylacauga, AL

Five Stars

perfect product

Tori Drift, KY

Not bad…

Not the miracle worker it is supposed to be, but it does clean the skin. You can get the same results with several other products, though.

Gayle Olivehurst, CA

Stay away!!

These crystals are made from aluminum and are very toxic. I did not realize it until after my purchase. Professionals using this on clients wear masks so they don’t breathe it in. It looks very harmless but it’s not. Stay away. I use raw honey to exfoliant instead. Works much better.

Michaela Gatesville, NC

would buy again

I’m not sure how healthy aluminum is for cosmetics but i wash it off so whatever. I love this. i was a huge fan of mary kay microderm but cant afford that. This is a great replacement.It has the consistancy and sparkle that baking soda has. I first thought "then why did i pay for this if it’s just baking soda?” However, it doesn’t disolve like baking soda. It stays gritty and carves off layers of skin.

Denice Matheny, WV


I am not sure about this product yet. Will update when i am. Until then i am giving it a five star rating because it worked better on my friend’s face lol .

Stefanie Joseph, UT


I love how this stuff makes my face soft after washing it off. It goes on great, and makes my skin feel pretty.

Celia Coquille, OR

I love It

I use this about 2 times a week with my daily face wash….Over the last year I have had major acne issues, so I have been using this to get rid of build up of dead acne skin left behind (gross I know) but I my face feels awesome when I’m done

Audrey Reedsville, OH

Reduced my facial redness!!!

I thought I might have roseacea because of the large pink splotches on my face, but after using this for a month, my skin looks good even without makeup. I took someone else’s tip and put it in a salt shaker and I put a little in my hand and then add my face wash and it’s so easy! I have also noticed my pores are looking smaller. Highly recommend!!!

Eliza Slater, MO


I love this product! I only use it once a week and mix it with my CeraVe Foaming face wash. Exfoliating too much can damage your skin and make it worse. I find once a week is perfect. I get dry skin on my forehead that makes my makeup look crappy. But using this once a week makes it so I never have that issue. I have a feeling this product is going to last a very long time.

Julianne Driver, AR


Great product and 100% good quality super exfoliantI mix this powder with Neutrogena cream and make a softexfoliant make my skin feel and look soft and fresh

Valerie Conneaut Lake, PA

No more expensive scrub to buy

I mix this with my favorite cleanser. Depending on the amount, you can adjust the level of exfoliation based on your skin condition of the day.Since I got this I don’t have to buy expensive scrub to try out anymore.You will see my review on bigger grit version for body as well. That’s much I love using this!

Francine Taylor Ridge, IL

Great Crystals

I just love these crystals. I use it at night, and it leaves my skin soft and smooth. I use it about twice a week. I also use it on my neck and it is very soft too.

Octavia Perth, ND

Great buy, should last a long time!

If you were paying $35-40 for Vasanti or Dr Brand microdermabrasion exfoliants, listen up… Buy this instead and invest $$ you’ve saved into something more meaningful… As someone here suggested, transfer some crystals into a salt or pepper shaker, keep by the sink and sprinkle into your favorite face wash, cold cream, aloe vera gel or even into exfoliating papaya enzyme mask for double the benefits and massage in for 3-5 and rinse off. Great product.

Mollie Skykomish, WA

An absolute “no brainer”!!!

Huge portion of Crystals. Even if you use them everyday (with your facial cleanser), they will last foreeeeeever! Don’t know what it is about these silly little micro crystals, but they do wonders for your skin!! I blend a pinch full in with my Jan Marini Facial Cleanser I use twice a day and gently message this over my face (without rubbing the skin). This is a no brainer! Top of the line treatment for your skin, and is so cheap, it’s almost free! Forget drug store brands. Buy one great brand and blend it with the crystals. You and everybody around you will see a difference!!

Erika Eagle Butte, SD


Bought this about a week ago and I can say already I am experiencing softer, smoother skin with less acne. I mix this with my African black soap every morning when I was my face and I am very happy with the results.Thank you!

Callie Germansville, PA


I love it. I put a pinch in with my regular cleanser (drug store special), and I am amazed with the gritty, yet gentle texture. I will be using this regularly!

Noelle Corning, CA

It works!

What more can I say? These are cheap, easy to use, and extremely effective when used properly. I recommend taking the time to do a little research before doing any microdermabrasion at home, especially if you have sensitive skin or any kind of skin condition.

Irene Suwanee, GA