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Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT Spray

Introduced in 1992, Nautica features watery florals and tones of aromatic woods. Its recommended use is for daytime occasions.When applying any fragrance please consider that there are several factors which can affect the natural smell of your skin and, in turn, the way a scent smells on you.  For instance, your mood, stress level, age, body chemistry, diet, and current medications may all alter the scents you wear.  Similarly, factor such as dry or oily skin can even affect the amount of time a fragrance will last after being applied

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  • This item is not for sale in Catalina Island

Honest reviews


nautica classic for men

This has got to be colored water with a touch of maybe lemon or well, I don’t know what it smells like. The one things I have learned from this experience is never, ever buy anything made by COTY.This shape of the bottle is cumbersome and hard to hold but that’s the least of the problem… The real problem is the cologne itself. Could it be that it was made in Taiwan or Africa?Just don’t buy it you hate yourself.

Margery Saratoga Springs, NY

Fresh smell

Nautica Classic has a fresh smell to it, a little soapy at first, but then fades out clean and fresh. It is excellent for mornings or when at home and feeling like wearing a fresh cologne… It lasts alright, not strong, not weak, and overall is alright and i use it just to alternate with at casual uses so you don’t have to use up your more expensive designer perfumes… i will not buy again however as i am not that impressed by it.

Elisha Town Creek, AL

Last for like 5 minutes

last for like 5 min but smells great, hey atleast u smell nice for 5 minutes lol its not that bad but eh.

Iris Mountain Top, PA

It’s okay

For the price it’s absolutely okay. nothing special of course, just smth fresh, it’s not for going out or smth. Well, pretty content with purchase for the price.

Casey Mattoon, WI

Great Smell If You’re Not A Smoker

This cologne smells great but does not mix well with cigarette smoke and sweat, as I could imagine no cologne or perfume would. However, my husband is a cigarette smoker that uses this cologne to cover up the smell and it makes me want to throw the cologne out the window. Other than that, this cologne would smell really great

Sasha Steubenville, OH

excellent for mature men

I bought this Nautica CLASSIC EDT SPRAY and I spread it into my neck and asked my friends what they think about the scent of it. We all agreed that this would be a wonderful gift for men who were over 35 years old. This is not a young person cologne but mature man. My father is 48 years old and it would be a good gift for him.The scent is awesome, that is why it is called classic. I prefer to use Paco Rabanne and other brands as a young person not this perfume. I suggest it to everyone but if you are a young person you should search other brands.

Ina Fruithurst, AL

One Star

Not good as I thought

Jessica Comanche, TX

Smells really good!

Love Nautica Classic for Men

Lorie Port Kent, NY

Smells fresh and clean not overly strong.

I love this items fresh and clean smelling. I love that it isn’t too strong either. It works for me and I would buy it again.

Tia Baxter, WV

Nice everyday cologne

If you guys like to have an everyday cologne, this is your best option. It smells pretty good and it’s not expensive

Leeann Firth, ID


Already had a boat, sailed by Coast beaches Bag-If, hope your color that reflects Wed Apr navgue surprise me with that smell of sea breeze felt that one day. Young and gentlemen because "it is good to die at Sea in the warm water of the sea".

Edythe Bayard, IA

Price surprised me

– Nautica at a cheap price!- Like the scent, don’t love it, but again its the price.- Delivered quickly and will likely order again!

Clara Leslie, WV

Smells gooooooooooood

This is probably my favorite of my husband’s colognes. It is the perfect combination of manly and musky and fresh. Plus, so inexpensive!

Karyn Nashwauk, MN

i love it

I tried this colon just now because I’m going out tonight and i love the smell this colon is really good amazon rules

Sallie Hastings On Hudson, NY

Great for teens..

My son is 13 and loves this product to no end. He makes it a habit to wear this fragrance everyday before school. I would recommend for active young me..

Lynne Adams, WI

Mens Nautica Classic EDT

This smells so fresh and clean. It’s been a perennial favorite of mine for years…any man that loves to smell great without his scent entering a room 30 seconds before he does, will love wearing this.

Maude Idaville, PA

For Hubby

My husband likes Nautica for Men and he is pleased with this product. If he is happy, then I am happy!

Holly Lawn, TX

Great Product…

Highly recommend this men’s fragrance…Notice the size of this bottle 3.4 oz…you can’t beat itRef. Nautica Classic for Men by Nautica 3.4 oz 100ml EDT SprayThe aroma is excellent…buy it

Beth Nikolai, AK

Nice scent

My teenage son’s first cologne. He likes it, it is a clean and nice masculine scent, not too overpowering. Good value on Amazon.

Paulette Dolton, IL

Better than Nautica Blue & Nautica Voyage

This is the best Nautica men’s cologne out there. Voyage is a bit stronger and last longer but doesn’t quite smell as nice, while Blue is a bit “chemically” smelling and artificial. The classic has a pleasant, fresh scent, like fresh out of the shower and is not very strong or will it offend others like some cologne’s do. This is probably the best aquatic scent out there.

Queen Lincolndale, NY


This is not your $100 a bottle stuff. I doubt many people would think it was expensive. It is, however, a pleasant, sort of summery (beachy?) scent that lasts for a decent period of time.As an everyday cologne for a man, it is hard to beat this combination of a respectable cologne at an even more respectable price. If you are short on cash but want a cologne that won’t smell like pure junk, this may be worth looking at.

Stacie Whitmer, WV

Not obtrusive

Have never had anyone tell me I was over scented. It is very mid and just adds that extra air to your presents. Just give it a shot. It sprays so your hands stay free of it and use very little so last a good long while

Tamara Oak, NE

Big bottle, great price

Love this stuff. It smells so good and the bottle is huge. It came in the original box. My husband loves it.

Mellisa Dodson, MT

Good one

I gifted it for my friend in India – He likes the bottle and smell. Its a good value for money.

Jade Volin, SD

Five Stars

Not bad but would recommend Voyage instead.

Clarissa Lower Salem, OH

Good buy

Good deal, delivery, it’s about getting a large bottle of a very solid, familiar scent from years ago. Will order again…

Sondra Skyforest, CA

Loved it!

Nice box, overall felt this was worth the price and I was very apply with this purchase and I love the smell for my guy..

Faye Burton, WV

Nautica Cologne

I purchased it for a gift because its very reasonably priced, my family members have used it and highly recommended it.

Naomi Harned, KY

The classic!

I like this stuff regardless of some reviews bad ratings. It is fruity some say to sweet but I pull it off nicely clean out the shower fresh t-shirt couple of sprays and I feel cool as the breeze. You can’t go wrong with this especially with the price.

Frances Kingston, UT

Great gift!

This spray smells so wonderful. Its totally unique to other cologne I have every smelled. Its soft but very manly. Its a large bottle that looks great on any fragrance shelf.

Corinne Hot Springs, NC