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NaturOli Soft & Soothing Body Lotion – Olivander® Scent – All Natural – 8 oz with Lotion Pump – Made in USA!

Finally a highly effective, deep moisturizing lotion that leaves no oily, sticky or greasy film. Superb for those working on a keyboard, in the medical profession, or handling papers and products! Superb for hand and facial use. While repairing and locking in moisture, our Body Lotion fortifies your skin’s natural barriers and helps shield your body from harmful environmental elements. Intended for frequent use, it is specially formulated (enhanced with Squalene and Olive Leaf Extract) to include an abundance of rich, healthy ingredients while absorbing astonishingly fast and very deep. Highly effective in moisturizing and replenishment of needed nutrients plus providing additional antioxidant protection. Helps skin retain its healthy, elastic properties, leaving your skin soft, supple, and more youthful. A wonderfully smooth, silky vitamin-rich lotion. NaturOli is a proud Signer and “CHAMPION” of the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep’s “Safety in Cosmetics Campaign”.

Key features

  • Absorbs rapidly, yet deeply penetrating and nourishing. —- Scented with our Olivander® Signature Scent – Very light, subtle and natural. Not flowery. No artificial fragrances used.
  • Large 8oz size with convenient lotion pump! Helps skin retain a soft, silky, healthy, youthful appearance in spite of harsh weather conditions.
  • PRESS RELEASE: Peoria, AZ – August, 2015: NaturOli has been honored by “Organic Spa Magazine” for its selection as a “2015 Best Personal Care Company” in the natural & organic marketplace. All NaturOli formulas are produced & bottled entirely IN THE USA.
  • NaturOli ia a proud Signer of Skin Deep’s “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”. —- PRESS RELEASE: Peoria, AZ – January, 2012: NaturOli made “CHAMPION” for the “Environmental Working Group” (EWG) & “Skin Deep”. Out of over 1500 worldwide applicants since 2004, only 321 achieved “Champion” status by fulfilling all of the goals set forth by the Safety in Cosmetics Compact.
  • Free of synthetic dyes & fragrances, parabens, SLS, petroleum based products, urea, formaldehyde releasers. Contains no animal products & not tested on animals. ————————- Search: “NATUROLI COMBO SETS” in “ALL” Departments for many soap nuts / soapberry options. —– PLUS: Find MANY other top-selling NaturOli products (including value priced Combo / Variety Sets & MORE) at our Amazon Brand Store:

Honest reviews


Not for me

I didn’t find this hydrating at all but what really disturbed me was the scent. The description states it is light, natural and not flowery. The lavender scent was so strong I had to wash the lotion off. They say it is just essential oils but it smelled as strong as synthetic perfumes often do. I had to return it.

Judy Winthrop, MN

Something about this product I just did’t like…

…and I think it’s the fact that it hydrates your skin for about 5 minutes and then it feels almost just as dry as before. I understand it’s one of the more natural products without a lot of chemicals, but it just doesn’t deliver for me to relieve dry skin.

Mamie Brush Prairie, WA

Love the smell

This lotion feels good, dries fast, and smells WONDERFUL, but it washes off easily. I recommend putting it on at night just before going to bed.

Beverley Hooks, TX

Love the Lotion!

Having been thrilled with NaturOli shampoo, I thought I’d give the lotion a try. I have been leery about the products I put on my skin and it’s hard to find something that’s completely natural and safe! This lotion soaks into the skin very quickly leaving the skin feeling soft and hydrated, and it also smells great too. Not perfume-ey or like your grandmother. Just a light natural smell. Great product! Wish it came in a larger bottle!

Maude Watrous, NM

Terrific lotion

I have tried lots of natural lotions and I always research the ingredients first. Many of them have a greasy feel, but this one is not greasy at all. It absorbs into the skin right away. It is so thick that it’s more like a creme than a lotion. I use it on my face and it’s wonderful. It’s expensive, but worth it. I found what I want. I will buy this again.

Caitlin Hutchinson, MN