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NaturOli Soap Nut / Soapberry Shampoo 16oz Organic Natural Hair Care. Sulfate Free! Normal to Oily. EXTREME Hair is made with USDA organic soap nuts / soap berries! Gluten free. Vegan.

Our organic Soap Nuts / Soapberry Shampoos have become our most popular product! LARGE 16-oz recyclable bottle with golden toggle cap dispensing. Available in two formulas: “Normal to Oily” and “Normal to Dry”. Pure, 100% botanical and SULFATE FREE! We have formulated “EXTREME Hair” Soap Nut Shampoos with the utmost of care – selecting only the high quality, ultra-rich, effective botanical extracts and oils targeting hair and scalp issues. Enjoy powerful, yet gentle action, in unique Ayurvedic formulas. NOTE: A brief detox / clarifying period may be required. This period can last from 2-10 washes depending on the condition of the hair. Initial results may seem less than ideal as your hair and scalp must first be purged of these unwanted and unhealthy substances. Allow the detox period to pass before fully realizing and experiencing all the wonders, benefits and beauty achieved with TRULY natural hair and scalp care. Our shampoo will rid your hair and scalp of hazardous chemical build up and residues. For our “Normal to Dry” formula see Amazon item: B003P85MAM. NOW Available NaturOli Hair Serum with Argan Oil see Amazon item: B011AG5IH2. Also see our VALUE PRICED Soap Nuts LARGE COMBO SETS with LOTS of Soap Nut goodies, see Amazon item: B004FSZAYO (with Normal to Oily formula) or item: B004FVYHM2 (with Normal to Dry formula). Soap Nuts “Starter” Size Sets also available! Items: B004FXQBIS and B004FXV3UY. Search: “NATUROLI COMBO SETS” in “ALL” Departments for many options. NaturOli is a proud Signer and “CHAMPION” of the Environmental Working Group and Skin Deep’s “Safety in Cosmetics Campaign”.

Key features

  • SULFATE FREE! Gluten free. Fragrance free. Vegan. Conditioning shampoo. Safe for color treated hair & reduces fading. — Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Soap Nuts / Soap Berries! — NaturOli’s “EXTREME hair” formulas are the fastest growing, all-natural shampoos in the US!
  • Balances secretion by oil glands in the scalp while removing excess oil & dirt from hair. Relieves itchy scalp. Cleanses without stripping away natural nutrients. Removes build up from styling products. — Proprietary Ayurvedic formula rinses clean leaving hair manageable with healthy body, texture, volume & shine.
  • All NaturOli formulas are produced & bottled entirely IN THE USA.
  • A proud Signer of Skin Deep’s “Compact for Safe Cosmetics”. —- PRESS RELEASE: Peoria, AZ – December, 2012: NaturOli made “CHAMPION” for the “EWG” & “Skin Deep”.Only 321 companies achieved “Champion” status by fulfilling all of the goals set forth by the Safety in Cosmetics Compact. A Champion demonstrates their ability to produce products that far exceed current safety standards for personal care products in the US.
  • Free of parabens, propylene, butylene glycols, petroleum, sulfates, alcohol, PEGs, TEA, DEA, NPE, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes or fragrances. Contains no animal products & not tested on animals. — Search: “NATUROLI COMBO SETS” in “ALL” Departments for more soap nuts/ soap berry options. —– PLUS: Find MANY additional top-selling NaturOli products (including value priced Combo / Variety Sets & MORE) at our Amazon Store:

Honest reviews


If you want organic and natural……….

If you want organic and natural……….NaturOli Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo – Organic Hair Care – Sulfate Free! – Ayurvedic Ingredients – Normal to Oily Hair – “EXTREME Hair” – Unscented – 16oz. Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Soap Nuts / Soap Berries!…..They are a good line of products!~

Desiree Prudence Island, RI

Love my hair for the 1st time EVER!!

I have super thin, baby-fine hair that needs a ton of products just to get it to look like "normal" hair. I’ve tried just about everything out there that promises to thicken and volumize but nothing has ever really ever worked leaving me with too many embarrassing "bad hair days" to count. I’ve always used expensive yet gentle shampoos so I never stopped taking care of my hair nor have I ever abused it. And back when it was in style, I would perm my hair to get volume, but I haven’t done that for about 12 years so I’ve had to deal with this horrible hair for too long.The absolute last straw was at my most recent salon visit when I was told my hair is thinning – a LOT. I know thinning of the hair happens as we get older, but I just don’t have any hair to spare. The salon sold me a couple of very expensive products for thinning hair, including a scalp serum to leave on between shampoos, with instructions to shampoo my hair only ONCE PER WEEK if I wanted to save my hair!! I don’t know about you, but that just won’t work for me; having baby fine hair means there’s no way to cover up when it’s the slightest bit dirty or oily.That’s when I decided to do some research on shampoos and thinning hair, long story short, I landed on Naturoli Soap Nuts shampoo. I was VERY hesitant to buy it when I read a couple of reviews that said it doesn’t lather up like traditional shampoo (again, my fear of dirty/flat hair) but I was pleasantly surprised to find that it lathered up in the shower just as much as any other shampoo!!!But as soon as I rinsed it out of my hair, I could feel a difference! My hair felt like it had more volume even though it was wet. Then, when I combed through my hair, I was pleasantly surprised at how clean and thick it felt AND I had some of my natural curl back that I hadn’t seen in ages. It looked so nice partially dry that I thought "I’m not going to put any product on it" which is a huge big deal for me.But once I dried my hair, it was so shiny, strong and manageable, I couldn’t believe it. My hair fell quite naturally into the beautiful cut my stylist gave me, and the ends seemed sealed/thick (which I’ve never experienced). So I had to have a second opinion because I couldn’t believe this stuff could really be this great. So I asked my daughter to try it. She’s living at home while attending graduate school and she has beautiful, waist long dark blond hair – but it’s a little dry.She tried it and her hair was glorious – shiny and beautiful with all of the curls she had when she was a little girl (she spent so many years straightening it, we both though the curls were gone for good). So now I’m back here at to buy a couple more bottles of this fantastic shampoo as I think mine is in danger of disappearing into the girls’ apartment downstairs.This stuff is GREAT and I think it will make anyone’s hair better; thick, thin, dry, oily, etc. and you actually get a lot for the price. It’s not like you have to use a ton of it every time you wash your hair. So don’t hesitate like I did – just buy it 🙂

Bertie Davis Station, SC

I am happy with this shampoo.

I have color treated (streaked blonde) hair that is cotton candy fine. I also have an oily scalp. I have only used this shampoo once, but do like it. It got my hair clean with a small quarter size dollop–my hair is in a pixie cut–and lathered up like regular shampoo. I did not notice a smell other than clean from the shampoo. I felt that it acted just like regular shampoo you buy with all the petrol chemicals in it–but this doesn’t have any!!!!! I will buy it again without a doubt. I may try the shampoo for dry hair and switch back and forth using the two, since my color treated hair tends to dry out–I’ll have to wait and see if I need to do this. Very good product and my husband likes it too.

Eva Milford, MO

The best shampoo bar none!!

I have used them all! From WEN to Alterna and all in between and this is the one! You also must buy "the wet brush" here on amazon to use with this product. It will astound you. Also, you MUST get the serum that goes with the shampoo instead of conditioner. You can get it at It’s reasonable and lasts a long time. You must give this a shot if you are disappointed in your hair care regime. I love this and will be a life-long devotee!

Rosemary Waccabuc, NY

Love this Shampoo

It does not dry out your hair and it does not leave it oily either. It is perfect. I don’t even need conditioner with it (but I also do not dye my hair at all)

Jewell Beaverville, IL

GREAT shampoo!!

Gets build up out.Completely safe.Leaves hair extremely clean and soft without use of more than a tiny drop of conditioner. I don’t use conditioner every time. Everybody’s hair will differ with need for conditioner.Your water will determine your need for conditioner.I recommend a good shower filter if you expect your hair to be the best it can be. They screw right on your shower head.

Sonia Canajoharie, NY

Simply the Best!

I’ve been using this product for 2 weeks now. And I can say my oily hair and scalp is well cleansed! Seems to bring out the color of my hair leaving it shiner, tangle-free and better managed. No soapy or waxy residue. I also noticed that this shampoo balances secretion of oil glands very well in my scalp leaving it itch-free and my hair oil/dirt free. Amazingly, NO other conditioners needed. The composition of this shampoo is excellent!Simply the best natural shampoo I’ve ever used. Will buy again. Highly recommended for those of us with normal/oily hair and scalp.Just a small note: it may take a week or so to “detox” hair and scalp of common chemical residue and buildup as stated on bottle which is true if you have used other shampoos that contain parabens, propylene, butylene glycols, petroleum, sulfates, alcohol, PEGs, TEA, DEA, NPE, phthalates, GMO, silicones, pesticides, artificial dyes or fragrances.

Susie Ila, GA

Healed my scalp almost instantly!!

Wow, I used this shampoo twice and my scalp is already 95 % better. I have psoriasis in spots that drive me crazy. I have tried a million shampoos and some might work for most of the day and maybe into the next day some but this…..this is by far different from the rest. My scalp is amazing different! No flakes, no dryness, no itching. Thank you! I can’t wait to try other products with soapberries!

Sandra Matlock, WA

This shampoo is awesome!!

At this moment, I’m using it when I clean my hair before I henna it. Then once I use all my other stuff up that has the nasty sulfates in it, I will be using this and co-washing my hair. If it does start to not work like it has been then I’ll be switching up with another sulfate free shampoo. If sulfate free stuff starts to not work then once a month I’d use a sulfate shampoo to get rid of any build up. I am now washing my hair every other day because it’s summer. In winter I wash my hair maybe twice a week, depends on whats going on.

Joni Milmine, IL


This shampoo was drying to my hair. I have thin blonde colored hair and was hoping this would moisturize the ends as it cleansed but it did not. No smell either. I like a little bit of a clean smelling shampoo

Leslie Warren, RI

not great

I have fine hair and usually my hair does great with sulfate free products. I was excited to try this. It was great at first but I noticed after a couple of weeks that my hair was getting dryer with every wash. Had to stop using it.

Kristen Cornville, AZ

Incredible for taking care of my oily scalp!

Before switching to NaturOli I could wash my hair in the morning, and my scalp would be oily by lunchtime. This shampoo really does what it says as far as balancing the natural oil secretion in your scalp. I now have no problems just washing my hair every other day. There’s no build-up and it even smells pretty good, which is not always the case with natural beauty products. I’m into my second bottle and it has continued to work amazingly for controlling my oily scalp.Now for the downside. I absolutely still have to use a conditioner with this shampoo. I tried it without using a conditioner for about two weeks to give my hair time to adjust to it, but it became a ridiculous ordeal just trying to comb through my hair after washing. I have wavy, slightly coarse hair and this shampoo didn’t do anything to help detangle it. Also, the downside of an oil free scalp is even drier ends. The ends of my hair looked horrible after going without conditioner for two weeks.So I started using my favorite conditioner again, and I haven’t had any problems since then. My hair looks and feels healthier than ever!

Kathi Bigfork, MT

like it this gluten free shampoo

i like this shampoo and appreciate that it is gluten free!! my hair feels nice and clean after each wash. but i must say i feel like it tangles my hair, which would be the first time in my life..

Ila Anderson, AL

Five Stars

Wow shampoo

Nancy Richfield Springs, NY

very good

very good I will recommendurOli Soap Nuts Natural Shampoo – Organic Hair Care – Sulfate Free! – Gluten Free! – Ayurvedic Ingredients – Normal to Oily Hair – "EXTREME Hair" – Unscented – 16oz. Made with USDA CERTIFIED ORGANIC Soap Nuts / Soap Berrie

Katy Cave Creek, AZ

the best shampoo ever!!!

My son had dry scalp and oily hair. This is the only shampoo that has ever helped. It worked after the first use. Will keep buying it!

Emilie Almont, ND


I’ve been using this shampoo for about a month, and I gotta say that It’s been great so far. I really feel like my hair and scalp become very clean after using it. It also really helps in protecting my hair from dryness. Since I was looking for something completely organic and natural, this fit the bill. If it makes any difference, I’m a guy.

Allene Farwell, TX