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Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Calming Conditioner for Irritated, Flaky Scalp, 18-Ounce Bottles

For irritated, flaky scalp. With herbal extracts to naturally balance, soothe and calm. Nature’s Gate Tea Tree Conditioner effectively conditions hair to help balance irritated, flaky scalp. Naturally purifying Tea Tree Oil, Golden Seal, and Rosemary help

Key features

  • Pack of three 18-ounce recyclable bottles of calming herbal conditioner (54 total ounces)
  • Helps balance and calm itchy, irritated scalp
  • Natural ingredients, including tea tree oil, golden seal, and rosemary to help reduce oily build-up and alleviate flaking
  • Ideal for everyday use
  • No animal testing or animal byproducts

Honest reviews


Decent conditioner

This conditioner has some chemicals in it I wasn’t expecting but overall it has much less evil things than mainstream conditioners do. I personally suggest Aubrey Organics if you’re looking for a conditioner that has NO chemicals whatsoever. I got this because I wanted to tea tree oil to help my dry scalp. It may have helped a little but not a ton. One of the first ingredients in this conditioner is alcohol..too bad :(Still a decent conditioner but it could have been SO much better.Cheers

Lacy Barataria, LA

Good Buy

I use this as a deep condition (before shampooing), a conditioner after shampooing, and sometimes as a co-wash. I have 3a-3c hair that is fine stranded but dense as jacks! I used to use Trader Joe’s Tea Tree conditioner but it became too hard to find; and I used to use Giovanni’s Tea Tree conditioner but the price wasn’t sensible considering how much conditioner my curly mane consumes. This has been a great, comparable product that is natural and works! The smell is quite pleasant and it does a good job of a gentle cleanse as a co-wash but isn’t stripping as a conditioner. When I use it as a stand-alone, rinse out conditioner, I leave it in for about 5-20 minutes as I continue with my usual shower routine. Overall, I would say it aids in the irritated, flaky scalp due to the tea tree oil in it. Now, if you have a severe case of dandruff the Nature’s Gate may not be "powerful enough" to combat it and you may need to try apple cider vinegar or another alternative.

Marva Croghan, NY

Okay if you only use a tiny amount and thoroughly rinse out

This hair conditioner with tea tree oil does seem to help irritated scalp, but it only takes a tiny amount (about the size of a baby green pea) or you’ll have too much. Also, if it’s not completely rinsed out, it leaves the hair oily. I learned that with the first use. I use such a small amount that three bottles should last me a long time!

Ola Reedsville, OH

Excellent Product

I just love this conditioner! It’s thick and makes my hair smell so good. Paired with the shampoo, both have helped cut down on the dryness of my scalp. My husband loves this product and that says so much because he’s never noticed shampoo before!

Miranda Tafton, PA

Great conditioner – not greasy, does its job!

I agree with the other review posted — this is really a good conditioner. Not an overpowering smell, has sort of a cooling/soothing effect on your scalp when you put it on…. not greasy, doesn’t weigh down your hair, but definitely conditions. Not highly fragranced either – which may bother some who want more of a “hit” when they put it on. Just a subtle smell of tea tree oil. Definitely helps keep my scalp from getting flaky – I can wear black shirts again! I highly recommend this product!

Kristie Withams, VA

Great tingly feeling

I bought this to help calm a small spot of eczema on my scalp and it’s done the trick! The smell isn’t too bad and the tea tree smell doesn’t linger on my hair. I found it to be a bit too thick for me; it’s difficult to get out of the bottle and I have to prop it up lid-down in the shower, otherwise I can’t squeeze the bottle hard enough to get some conditioner. Overall a great product and kept me from spending a fortune on another brand.

Bethany Guild, TN

bye-bye itch

Good packaging and received as promised.Would have rated this a 5 had it smelled better but not bad at all. Maybe is scent was better, my husband would have used sooner. I bought this because he’s contracted psoriasis for about 6 months and we’ve tried different products including RX meds.This helped calm his scalp and he’s not itching as bad AND as a result not pulling his already thinning hair due to psoriasis.Will update in a few weeks.

Jolene River, KY

works well & good price

I have been using Nature’s Gate products for years; I am not finicky with my hair; it is long, I wash it, brush it & that’s it. I get my hair trimmed a couple inches once a year, so this conditioner must work OK.I appreciate this product because it is inexpensive, the scent is not offensive or fruity, it is not tested on animals and it lasts well.

Marjorie Waynesboro, MS

Not Exactly What I Expected

This stuff doesn’t smell horrible, but it doesn’t smell that good either. I thought natural products were supposed to be better for you, but really, I don’t see much of a positive difference. I still get hairballs in the drain, my hair still feels dried out, and my scalp still itches. I think I’ll be going back to commercial haircare after the bottle is empty…

Leona Port Orange, FL