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Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, 80 Count

Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions hair, skin, and nails gummies provides you with the vital nutrients your body needs to support your natural beauty from within. Skin and hair nutrients. Antioxidants vitamins c and e. 80 strawberry flavored gummies.

Key features

  • Skin and hair nutrients
  • Antioxidants vitamins c & e
  • 80 strawberry flavored gummies
  • These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration; This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease

Honest reviews


Gummies for the nails

I have been taking the caplets of Nature’s Bounty for hair, skin and nails for about 6 months now. It has helped with thinning hair spots and even though I really never have had skin problems, amazingly enough 2 people have told me in the past few months what nice skin I have.But the main reason I started taking these supplements were my nails. I had hard nails all my life and suddenly as I have aged they break and split. This has solved that problem, even to the extent that at a party a friend asked where I got my nails done, because they didn’t think they were natural.I really like gummies and when I saw that gummies were being offered I decided to try them. Truthfully I usually get these when my local store has a 2 for 1 sale and sometimes even a coupon too. The regular price of the gummies is about twice as much as the caplets because the dose for the caplets is 3 a day equaling 5,000 mcg of biotin. The gummies say take 2 gummies, 1 or 2 times a day. Two gummies equals 2,500 mcg of biotin, which seems to be the ingredient that works. You would need 4 gummies to equal 3 caplets of the biotin dosage. The gummies have 80 in a jar and only vitamins C and E as compared to A, D and B in addition in the caplet form. There are also 15 calories in 2 gummies. They taste okay – a bit powdery somehow in flavor and they are not very visually appealing.You need to decide if they are worth the price – but just don’t be fooled by the instructions and think that 2 gummies will equal 3 caplets in biotin.

Diana Eureka, MT

seems to be doing its job already

I was losing some hair and my nails were very brittle. I had used the pill form the last time I used this productand it was great with my hair and nails, I thought I was have these on the table and easy to pop in the mouth on theway out the door. Taste good also.

Kristina Vanderpool, TX

Excellent Product

These vitamins helped my nails become stronger. They also helped my hair become shinier and thicker. My skin also looked better and I needed less make-up. They best part of all is that the vitamins are gummies! They are delicious. No after taste like the tablet version. If you want better hair, skin and nails this is the product you need!

Katie Hadley, KY

Caused nausea

I was quite excited about taking a vitamin supplement that would improve my hair, skin and nails, especially since these strawberry-flavored gummies are delicious. However, I noticed that every time I took them I became nauseated, even though I was careful to take them with meals and drink fluids. I stopped taking them for a few days to see if perhaps something else was causing the problem, and then resumed taking them today. I again became very nauseated, so it looks like these gummies are indeed the culprit. I’m very disappointed, because I was really hoping that they would help me.

Saundra Greensboro, IN

Hair hair everywhere!

Soooo long story short, this stuff really works-The hair on your head, your brows, your lashes- they will all be longer/thicker after you’ve been using it for a few weeks. Your nails will be stronger, too.BUT all the other hair you don’t want growing in rapidly- legs, underarms, pesky facial hair that *was* minimal and only needed to be dealt with every couple of weeks- all of that hair will grow like a weed!For me, it just wasn’t worth it.

Tracie Riverside, WA

Nice enough product, but …

I have thinning hair and weak nails,so I make taking a biotin supplement part of my daily ritual. These Natures Bounty Gummies appear to work just as well as my previous supplement (Nature Made); I know that they help improve the health of my hair and nails. These gummies are pleasant enough to take. The flavor is a little powdery but not overwhelming.My main disappointment in this supplement is the fact that the first ingredient in this product is corn syrup and the second ingredient sugar. The total sugar content per dose is 2 grams. Perhaps this is not an especially high concentration, but I’d rather avoid corn syrup and other added sugars if possible.Another issue I have with this product is convenience: I can’t put them in my pill pack along with my other supplements — they simply don’t fit. This means that the bottle is taking up valuable space in my tiny bathroom, adding to the clutter.Given the inconvenience of taking this supplement and the presence of corn syrup in the product, I won’t be repurchasing these supplements once I finish them.

Brandy Saginaw, MO

Yummy Gummies

These vitamin gummies taste great. The idea is that they will help make your hair, nails and skin healthier. I have only been using this product for a few days and have not noticed any difference as of yet. However, they are great tasting vitamins and with prolonged use, hopefully I will see some results. I will update my review noting any noticeable improvements.

Mabel Girard, OH

No noticeable difference

The only real complaint I have about these is that they have a bit of a gritty texture. The flavor isn’t bad. They taste like a typically strawberry flavored gummy.I honestly can’t attest to the health benefits of these gummies. Vitamins don’t really have any noticeable or measurable affects. I don’t have any nail problems. My hair thinned out a bit recently after some significant health issues, but a month’s worth of gummies. isn’t going to have any noticeable affect on my hair. Definitely a workable option for anyone who has an issue taking pills or just wants their meds in a yummy form.

Germaine Frankfort, ME

Delicious Strawberry gummies!

These taste like delicious strawberry gummies!You are supposed to take 2 a day and preferably with a meal; by itself, the stomach acid in the stomach can erode the vitamins in the gummies way before it is properly absorbed by the body. I eat them after I am done with dinner and it feels like a treat! I do think they are making my hair stronger since Biotin is good in fortifying keratin in hair and nails. There are 15 calories in 2 gummies, which is less than most candy.To fully compare the gummies to regular biotin pills: Instructions dictate to take 2 gummies, 1 or 2 times a day. Two gummies equals 2,500 mcg of biotin, the main ingredient in vitalizing hair, skin and nails. A typical biotin bottle is 3 pills a day (though some times just 2 pills) equaling 5,000 mcg of biotin. You would need 4 gummies to equal 3 pills. There are 80 gummies in a jar, which is 40 days taking 2 gummies, or 20 days taking 4 gummies. You also get vitamins C and E but other biotin pills offer A, D and B vitamins as well.Overall, I really liked the gummies and the nice sleek feminine design of the bottle. The only problem is that these gummies are about double the price of regular Biotin pills so you can paying for luxury here- nutrition in the form of candy.

Lana Fine, NY

These Do Not Taste Good

Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin and Nails Gummies, 80 Count cost approx $18 and I did not feel any difference in my hair skin and nails. Sometimes I believe the vitamin companies are selling complete crap. I would not buy this product.

Lauri Horse Branch, KY

Supplements specific for the problems they treat.

I had been using Nature’s Bounty’s Hair, Skin, and Nails for a while now. The formulation I used in pill form was more of a multi-vitamin and mineral supplement and it includes 5,000 mg of Biotin. I stopped taking it for three reasons:1st It contains iron and I have a bit of a problem when I take that every day, even in small amounts.2nd. I tested low for Vitamin B12 and I realized that this formulation had Vitamin C along with B12 and, when taken together, Vitamin C cancels out B12.3rd The form of calcium it contained (calcium carbonate) tends to cause gas. Until I read that somewhere, I couldn’t figure out why I was having a problem. (I’ve switched to calcium citrate and, presto, no more problem!)I’m sorry to lose the convenience of taking just one pill and assuming that I’ve taken everything I need for the day. The product had been working for me as far as hair and nails are concerned. My hair is growing back and my nails have never been better. After taking prednisone in high doses, my hair started falling out in clumps, my nails would crack and break off, and my skin got so dry and thin that I bleed and bruise easily. The product has worked very, very well for the hair and nail part of the problem, I think my skin is pretty much shot and nothing (either oral or applied) seems to make much difference in my case. It would probably be effective in a younger person whose problem wasn’t due to old age and a lot of medication.The gummy is a ‘light’ version of the original pill I took and, since the brand worked so well for me, I decided to stick with it to maintain the ground I’ve gained in hair and nails. The gummy formulation only contains 2,500 mg of biotin. Besides the biotin, which is specifically for hair and nails, the only vitamins it contains are vitamin C (25%) and vitamin E (50%) which are the nutrients that address the needs of skin (at least normal skin).I like that it targets, specifically, the three things it’s supposed to treat: hair, skin, and nails, nothing else, and it does so in reasonable amounts. I’m not taking vitamins or minerals I don’t need and I can control what, how much, and when I take any additional supplements. A much better and safer strategy than taking everything together.The gummy tastes fine. It has an undefined but pleasant fruity taste that is supposed to be strawberry. The daily dosage is two gummies, so this jar will last for 40 days. It states that it doesn’t contain artificial flavors, milk, soy, gluten, wheat, yeast, fish, or salt. It does contain 2 grams of sugar. It’s convenient to have a supplement that you can take with you and don’t need to have a glass of water to take; you just take it like candy.

Beatrice Marshall, ND

Verdict is still out

I have to say that as far as flavor and texture, these gummies are amazing. They are soft and not at all like the tough chewy gummies out there and the flavor is perfect. Both of these make taking these supplements very enjoyable. Now, as far as effectiveness, I can’t honestly say. I have taken them for about 3 weeks and have not noticed much of a difference in my hair. I used to have very thick hair and now that I have reached 40, it has gotten insanely thin. So my main incentive in trying out these gummies was to see if they would have any effect on thickening my hair. Sadly, I have not seen much of that yet. My nails appear to be a bit stronger and skin a bit more on the healthy/glowing side. I am very pleased in the results thus far, so plan on continuing to take these supplements. For anyone looking to improve their hair, skin and nails I recommend you giving these gummies a try!

Cornelia Jump River, WI

They’re just okay.

I have really brittle nails that tend to break and peel easy. I got this in high hopes that it would work good for me, but after using up the whole bottle, as directed, I don’t notice a difference. I am thinking of getting another bottle and seeing what the results are after two months of use. But so far the only thing that makes me happy about these vitamins is the flavor. They’re pretty tasty.

Stefanie Arlington, CO

Just what i need

I don’t like the taste that most vitamins leave in my mouth so when i saw these i immediately grabbed them. The taste is pretty great, they’re not as high in calories as some of the gummies i’ve seen. They’re 15 calories for two and you take two gummies twice a day 30 calories total thats not bad at all and low in sugar as well. My nails have grown like wildfire, i just wish they were stronger, because now they seem to break off more, but that could be because they’re longer than i am used to. My hair seems thicker and fuller which says a lot for African American hair. I just wish it was more than 80 gummies in a container, but i definitely like the taste of these over that vitamin taste that gets stuck in the back of your throat. Overall, highly recommended!!

Wanda Athens, LA

So Far No Changes

I’ve only taken these for a few weeks, I trimmed my nails all the way down before I started taking these. My nails are growing, I can’t say that they are growing faster, but in a couple more weeks I hope that I can tell. They don’t seem to be any stronger as of yet.I would much rather take the gummies because the other pills are too big for me to swallow. The taste is fine, has a slight hint of strawberry. I don’t know if it’s me, but it seems a tad bit chalky at the end. Which is still better than that pill!I haven’t noticed anything different at all with my hair, and my face has broken out, but I am looking for it to start clearing up after everything is brought out. I am taking 2 per day dose.UPDATE TO FOLLOW:

Ernestine Milesville, SD

Not bad for the time being…

I don’t mine swallowing pills but if I have to I will due to health issues. As for this bottle this is a delicious way to get your vitamins in. Nature’s Bounty optimal solutions hair, skin, and nails gummies provides you with the vital nutrients your body needs to support your natural beauty from within. Skin and hair nutrients. Antioxidants vitamins C and E. Though this review is early I am still waiting for results. I have no problem with my hair growth but was curios of the results along with the skin and nails.I love gummies and it tastes just like a regular gummy bear with a bit of a powdery taste, you probably don’t need to take the full 2 gummies a day so I rotate and do 1 some days and 2 others. As for the price it’s pretty much up to you compare of the dosage you take from this 80-count bottle. So far no side affects on my part but beside that it’s not so bad.

Bobbi Garrett, WY

How do they compare with Nature’s Bounty softgels?

These work as do the hair, skin, and nails softgels also by Nature’s Bounty I have in my cabinet. But there’s quite a difference in ingredients. Comparing the two labels, I find 3 softgels as the recommended dosage contain 5 mg of biotin vs. 2.5 for the gummie dosage. The gummies have 15 mg of Vitamin C and 15 IU of Vitamin E, whereas the softgels contain 60 mg and 15 IU respectively. The softgels contain many more vitamins and minerals; the gummies list only 4 grams of carbs and 2 grams of sugar as their other ingredients, tellingly.So, you can see that there’s a dramatic difference in the biotin and Vitamin C dosages by these two Nature’s Bounty products side-by-side. The softgels have 250 pills (3/daily) compared with the 80 gummies (2/daily) for additional information, so you can judge if you want the 15 calories of the gummies or the 10 calories of the pills–not much difference there!

Heidi Ralston, WY

They taste like candy

These are very soft, gummy like drops that are supposed to help your hair, nails, and skin. They contain biotin, vitamins C and E, I’ve taken them about a week and a half now and can’t tell any difference. I took some activated silicon from Jarrow too about a month back, and within a week I had nails. It might just be me, but the activated silicon works MUCH better for me than this product, causing my nails to grow so fast I can’t even keep up with them. I quit taking it when I started these and my nail growth has slowed considerably,and I can’t tell any difference at all in my hair and skin. I have friends that say the biotin works for them – it might be an individual thing, but for me, the activated silicon is SO much better.They taste good – like a strong strawberry flavor – think ‘Jolly Rancher strong.’ It’s a good thing they have a child proof lid- they taste like candy. That said, it’s not very good. I rarely have to push down or do anything but unscrew it to open these.You take 2, twice a day, preferably with food. This is a 20 day supply.

Jasmine Victorville, CA

Tasty Vitamins

This is vitamin C and E in a strawberry gummy form to improve hair, skin and nails. They taste good and aren’t hard to consume. I think the claims of taking C and E for skin, hair and nails but if you believe, this is a good form to take these vitamins in. They taste great!

Shelia Ririe, ID

Great Flavor!

I take a serieis of gummy vitamins every day and for texture and taste these are my favorite! I have taken them for about a month now and I have noticed an improvement on my nails, though not necessarily my skin or hair, though they have always been pretty healthy. Not crazy about the first ingredient being listed as "corn syrup" but sadly, that is common among gummy vitamins. Except for that fact I would recommend these!

Mavis Melber, KY

tasty and soft

Supplements are not meant to have a direct effect on the body so taking them is always an act of faith. They are supposed to augment your normal diet in such a fashion as to improve certain aspects or to decreases the chances of disease. If you take these, don’t expect lustrous hair, strong nails or beautiful skin in a short time – especially if your diet is poor – no supplement is magic and hair and nails (all of which grow very slowly) are hard to assessSo, if you take these, you are taking them on faith and no one outside of a clinical trial can speak to the efficacy of them. What I can speak to is the "usability" and potential based on ingredients. In terms of usability, these are the best gummy supplements I’ve ever had. They are very soft, sweet, and have a nice strawberry taste. I would definitely keep them away from kids who will certainly regard them as yummy candy.The big question is about whether or not the nutrients in this supplement will improve your quality of life in some fashion and there is no doubt that Vitamins C, E, and H (Biotin) can be helpful in some cases, but only if you have deficiencies. The instructions say to take these "preferably with a meal". They really should say that you should definitely take them with a meal because Vitamin E is fat soluble (which is why the supplement contains coconut oil), and the bioavailability of Biotin is in question if protein is not a part of the equation. Without the proper mix of other nutrients, you may not be able to take advantage of the added nutrients in this supplement (if indeed you need them at all – those who are not deficient will not experience added benefits from consuming more).Usability of this supplement is great – they are very easy to take and I’d say if you suffer from alopecia, conjunctivitis, dematitis or eat a lot of raw egg whites (which can cause Biotin deficiency), that they are definitely a pleasant way to supplement.

Joni Poway, CA

Good Source of Biotin, Tasty

These gummies are yummy and a good source of Biotin (2.5 mg for two gummies). They are also a decent source for Vitamin E (50% daily value) and a poor source of Vitamin C (only 25% of the daily value). There a fair amount of sugar as well (1g per gummy).I have been taking Biotin supplements for a long time and have noticed significant improvements in hair and skin quality. I would encourage everyone to take Biotin supplements. As for this gummy version, I’m sure it is just as effective, but the downside is the sugar. Sugar is terrible for your skin. It’s also terrible in general. It may be a good alternative to a dessert, however, if you have a sweet tooth after a meal. They do taste great and I must admit it’s hard to stop after just two. If you have difficulty swallowing supplements, this would be great for you.OVERALL: I am a huge Biotin fan and will take it however I can get it. I will probably continue with my regular capsule supplements after finishing off this bottle, though, because I try to curb my sugar intake as much as possible. Still, this is a great product and I have used Natures Bounty supplements in the past and have been impressed. Recommended.

Roxie Grover, MO

Taste Great, 2 Per Day,

I’m not a scientist, so I can’t make claims as to whether the chews work or not, so let me just say that over the past few years, my finger nails have become more brittle, and my hair has become thinner.These taste great, and while I have not used them for long, I do think my nails are not as dry and brittle.

Ellen Ravenna, OH


just started taking them,so, no idea if they work or not on improving hair, skin & nails. but they are very delicious!

Louise Pawnee City, NE

The sweet taste of corn syrup!

I am skeptical of supplements like this. How do you even know if they are working? And per the instructions, you have to gulp down a lot of them—two a day at least. Then you spend days examining your hair and nails in the mirror, trying to see some vague improvement … but whether or not they work, my wife loves things like this, and so I try them!The best thing I can say about these “Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies” is that they taste great! They really are like a bottle of gummy candies, so there is no forcing yourself to take them. Of course, when you see the first ingredient on the list is Corn Syrup, you know why they taste so sweet—although it makes me doubt the “Nature’s Bounty” part of the name. As does the rest of the ingredients list.Basically, these are full-fat gummy candies with a few vitamins thrown in for marketing purposes. Neither my wife nor I noticed any noticeable improvement or change in hair or nails, and I doubt they have much beyond placebo effect.

Jamie Tillar, AR

Easy to use

I like these gummies and I "think" I can tell a difference in my hair and nails since using them. My hair does seem to be growing faster. It’s easy to grab these on my way out in the mornings. The taste could be better.

Angelica Tomkins Cove, NY


This vitamin supplement tastes very sweet, if you have a sweet tooth, you’ll love them!I’ve been taking them twice daily for a month and my finger nails still chip and break. It may have helped my hair as it’s highly processed and I have less split ends. As for skin, I haven’t noticed anything dramatic.The price is very reasonable. A bottle will last 40 days when taken twice daily or 80 days at once daily.There’s 15 calories per two gummies.The bottle is tall and wide and I never forget to take them, due to the shape of the bottle, which I like very much.Everyone is different, you may notice more/less improvement than I have, but at this price you should give them a try!

Lilly Enterprise, OR

Natures Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair, Skin, and Nails Gummies, 80 Count

I love the gummies! Tastes good and an easier form than pills. I seem to get pills caught so the gummies are greatly appreciated. Kudos to Natures Bounty! However, the jury is still out on my hair, skin, and nails. I’ve been taking these gummies for 20 days now, and I don’t see a minimum nor significant change. So I’ll re-evaluate again in 20 days.

Jana Sharpsburg, IA

Very high in biotin

Biotin supplements have often been given to help prevent or treat brittle nails and hair. It is a Vitamin B and a coenzyme and has not been shown to be harmful at high doses. Being water-soluble, it can be easily excreted from your body. This gummy tastes really good. I have been taking this supplement for two weeks now, but have yet to see a benefit.

Briana Theresa, WI


These vitamins work as well as their pill counterpart. However, with the convenience of the gummy makes this product exceptional.I appreciate that I can leave these vitamins in my vanity and easily remember to take them because I do not need to drink water or have water. The taste is good, not delicious, but pleasant and easy to handle.I appreciate the gummy vitamin trend and wish they had been around when I was younger!

Bernadette Chattanooga, OK