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Nature’s Blessings Hair Pomade 4 oz.

4 oz Ingredients: Nettle,Rosemary,Sage,Peppermint, Thyme, Alfalfa, Pure Virgin Olive Oil, Pure Coconut Oil, Sage Oil, Rosemary Oil, Bergamont Oil, Chlorophyll (from nettle and spinach), Pure Mineral Jelly, Natural Fragrance and Good Intention

Key features

  • Hair Pomade
  • Conditioner-Restorer-Rootbuilder
  • This product is also excellent for dry skin and chapped lips
  • Pure Mineral Jelly, Natural Fragrance and Good Intention.

Honest reviews


Saw some growth but thats it

I bought this after an accidental siting at a health food store. I saw this on a lot of womens fotki hair albums and they swore by it. I had reason to believe that this would work for my hair because a lot of women w/ my same texture loved what it did for their hair.My hair is REALLY thick so I am heavy handed when it comes to oils and pomades so I really slathered this one on. Unfortuantely this really did not moisturize or condition my scalp, add shine, or improve the condition of my hair. My scalp sucked this up, within a matter of hours my scalp was dry again, like I had never put any on to begin with.On the plus side I did see some extra growth as a result of the horsetail which conains a high concentration of natural sulfur. Besides the growth there was nothing special enough about this product to make me purchase it again. I still have a third of the jar my hair texture is 3c/4a/4b

Ramona Gravity, IA

Nature’s blessings hair Pomade

This stuff was a little too greasy for my hair. I also didn’t care for the scent. the scent was too strong and too masculine. I also didn’t like that my jar didn’t have the ingredients listed.For the record I have I have 4A-B hair.

Melanie Bay Village, OH

Too greasy and no hold

what can i say that i haven’t already? i am trying out different styling gels/pomades for my young son’s very unruly hair. this one is too greasy and doesn’t hold at all. after a couple of hours, it just looks wet and greasy. and contrary to other reviews, this does leave a residue. at the end of the day, not only does it look greasy, it looks like we never wash his hair! it is also very difficult to wash off. other pomades i’ve used washes off easily with just water. being "natural" i thought that this would be easy to wash but no so. my search continues…

Sallie Diamondville, WY

Love it!

I have 6 year old locs so I’ve been trying all kinds of pomades, creams and gels in my hair for years trying to find a product that wouldn’t leave my hair greasy and heavy. THIS IS THAT PRODUCT! I discovered it about two years ago at a street fair in Brooklyn, NY. I only got one jar and when I used it for the first time I was upset that I didn’t purchase more. I finally found it again from a street vendor in New Orleans when I visited there. I bought three jars. This stuff is great! It gives moisture, luster and sheen to my hair without making it greasy. It smells wonderful, nothing overpowering, just a natural fresh scent that lasts and lasts. My hair has never looked or felt healthier. I get compliments constantly, all because of this product.

Cara Montcalm, WV

Perfect for my hair

I have a very sensitive scalp. This products works great on my hair and scalp. It smells great. I will order more and share with my family and friends.

Margo Mooringsport, LA


I am a 32-yr-old man with short, thin black hair. Because it is too thin it gets freeze and hard to style. Also, after washing it loses oils to keep it with weight. I have tried so many "anti-freeze" products (brand name mainly) without any positive outcome while loading my hair with ‘pesticides’ (chemicals)Pros of this product:
• It is ALL natural
• Results with first application
• Gives hair a natural shine without that oily feeling
• Leaves hair very soft and makes mine look ‘blacker’ (almost as if I tinted it black)
• I have applied it on dry hair after washing it with great results (haven’t tried on damped/wet hair)
• Lasts ALL day and hair can be re-styled without leaving hands greasy
• Washes off easily
• Smells good, not too strong (not sure if it was for this product I’d read a review stating it smells bad, but everyone’s smell sense is different. It may have not been for this one, though)
• You only need a small amount (keep in mind I have short, manly hair)
• A BIG PLUS is that I’ve noticed my hair is not as freeze (if any at all, actually) when it dries after washing! (I live in NY and we get humid winters, hence hair gets puffed up)
• Also the PRICE is AWESOME!Cons.:
• I only bought one bottle! =PI am getting more for family and friends who have the same issue as YOU and I do =)

Cortney Godeffroy, NY

Good for Protecting Hair in Winter

I only use this product occasionally. It is heavy and a little really does go a long way. It gets cold where I live and this helps with protecting it from winter chap. I recommend that you use sparingly. I use a small amount of virgin coconut oil or virgin olive when my hair needs moisture. The smell leaves much to be desired and the consistency is similar to any standard hair grease (i.e. blue magic)*I have dreadlocks

Lola Davis, IL

I love the product so much.

Thank you Amazon so much for having this wonderful hair product for me to continue to love, use and enjoy. I used to get this from a brother on the street, he is no longer available for me to buy it. Now imagine if you will,me being at wits end looking high and low for this product. I performed a search, lo and behold, here it is on Amazon. I have alwys said if it is not at Amazon, it does not exsist.Anyhow, this is by far the best for low cuts for men,natural hair styles and yes my locks,yes my skin too.Let me tell you how good this is, when I do find it, I have to hide it as everyone comes to my home to use it.It is great smelling, quick absoring and good for your being as it is chemical free,and not stiff or greasy, just what your skin and hair needs. I highly recommend trying it, just do not buy it all out, I want to come back and buy some more.And hide it, kidding,ah, no not really.

Amparo Beech Creek, KY


I guess I was expecting something creamier, but this is nothing more than hair grease. Not what I was looking for.

Minnie Luzerne, IA

LOVELY SMELL. EARTHY and real!!!!!

IT does WORK on acne!!!,great for dry skin and smells wonderful,great on chapped lips.ALL AROUND GOOD PRODUCT!. I’ll buy again for sure.

Holly Coulter, IA

Blessing for my Hair

This light/medium weight pomade is a blessing for my currently relaxed hair. It soothes my ends and helps stops them from breakage. The main ingredient is nettle, but it also has a host of essential oils that promote healthy hair growth. It conditions hair that’s not so healthy, too. That my experience. I damaged my hair during my last touch up. My overprocessed hair begin really breaking.Even after cutting 4″, the very ends of my hair were still breaking quite a bit. This product helps stop the breakage, add softness, conditions, and helps protect, over processed, weak hair from further damage. The hair will stop feeling and looking like straw. I massage a small amount into my hair most nights. My hair has a nice sheen and feels soft and moisturized. The ends have stopped breaking and my hair looks healthy again. This promade has a rich green color similar to bergamont. It’s lighterweight than bergamont. I like the fresh scent.UPDATE: My hair is growing like wildfire since I started using this pomade. I massage into my scalp 5 or 6 night per week. I have grown over 2″ of hair since I initally posted this review. It’s nice healthy hair growth, too.

Elisa Lodge, SC

Great Hair Pomade

This is a great moisturizer for my hair I love the way my hair feels and it smells wonderful a little goes a lon way I do like this product a lot. thanks. Very Good Product!

Maryellen Big Creek, WV