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NaturalCare Homeopathic Ultra Vein-Gard Leg Therapy Cream, 2.25-Ounce Package

Naturally improve the appearance of embarassing spider veins, bulging, bluish, lumpy-lookng varicose veins; relieves minor paina nd discomfort due to varicose veins; relieves swollen feet and legs, itchiness and heavy, aching, tired feeling in legs. Helps

Key features

  • The solution for spider veins!

Honest reviews


Thei is teh best cream

I have been buying this cream for my husband . he has varicose veins and suffers alot, itching and pain in his legs. Thisis the only product that makes him feel fine, so I will continue buying it, it is really good for people with varicose veins really good.Excellent

Marguerite Moodys, OK

Very effective

I ordered a second one. It works! My (varicose) veins are almost unnoticeable. I don’t think it helps the spider ones.

Corine Port Salerno, FL

No results yet.

Haven’t seen any results yet, hope that it works before it runs out or I’ll probably not reorder this item.

Tami New Brunswick, NJ

It works

I use it for last 5 days together with Horse Chestnut and Butcher’s Broom supplements , I work in office and sit all day long in the chair, and each year mysterious in summer only getting pain issues with my legs and heavy swellings and restless legs , I am tall with low blood pressure so that may be the reason , however after 5 days of using the cream 2 times per day morning and evening the swellings reduced to 80% , I tried everything else but the cream working so well , I hear that the cream working even better with an extra dose of ascorbic acid ( Vitamin C ) , also noticed to going to the ladies room more often than usual , I believe Horse Chestnut is response for that as it increase kidney functions , I can’t tell much about the spider veins as it is to early to see any improvements and I have 2 of them on the side of my feet .. but my major issue was the low circulations in my legs and a lot of walking make it even worse with the swellings so I am glad the problem got reduced and I believe in about a week my legs will return to normal. I wish the cream last longer.. I ordered 2 and one is already half gone so it will not last long as the jars are like face cream jars small 2.25 ozThe cream absorb so well so not sticky , however it have some funky smell , like wax mixed with vaporub but it cool off the legs so nicely so that is more important .. if my 2 spider veins vanish until I finish the 2 jars I will let you know ..regarding the swellings and pain it work straight away so here 5 stars from me !

Tiffany Red Mountain, CA

Good beauty investment for spider veins

This is an old, tried and true natural care product that works. Ugly spider veins definitely recede on my legs.

Guadalupe Grafton, MA