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Natural Vitality Natural Calm Magnesium Anti Stress, Orignal, 16 oz

Natural Calm is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intake-the result of which is natural stress relief.

Key features

  • A Relaxing Magnesium Supplement The Anti-Stress Drink
  • Restores Healthy Magnesium Levels
  • Vegan, organic, all natural
  • Non-GMO Project Verified Gluten Free

Honest reviews


what is this?

I read reviews before buying, thought it would help me sleep etc, but it looks like it is a laxative? plus the ‘original flavor’ is very sour.Maybe I dont have the right dosage etc, but instructions are vague, asks you to adjust as needed, but based on what….

Leslie Pulaski, IL

bathroom break??

First day I tried it, I took a spoon full. The taste is ok, but the side effect is not too shabby! My stomach was growling for days afterwards. Am trying to ease myself into it a little more now, starting at 100mg, but still causing some additional bathroom breaks per day. Have not really seen an improvement in my sleep/ or stress level, but as I am stubborn, I will keep taking it for a little longer and see if it helps. Will update if the situation should improve.

Sherry Leeds, NY

Works okay, but wears off

I have low magnesium and have trouble absorbing it from pills. This powder was recommended. The first few times I took the normal dose, I felt instantly drowsy and relaxed. After the first week of taking it, the relaxed feeling stopped happening altogether. Also if I take it regularly I do get diarrhea.Not really sure if I should recommend it or not. Apparently it was doing something initially, but I don’t feel the effects anymore. I was hoping that this would help me sleep and help calm my muscle spasms. Those benefits only lasted about 3 days, so probably won’t re-purchase.I got raspberry lemon and the taste was fine.

Luisa Wyandanch, NY

Miracle supplement

I do not write many reviews, but this amazing product merits a review! I began taking this supplement this week just because it was on sale at my local health food store. I was not expecting anything amazing as I have tried many supplements and have not really been wowed. Well after just a two days(been taking for 5) of taking this little miracle, I am able to wake up without any feelings of tiredness or brain fog. I have for many years always woken up still feeling tired and foggy headed, and the best coffee has never helped. I now even wake up without an alarm! I am totally amazed and will continue taking this supplement.I also tried the magnesium oil and for some it may work, but I found it to really be itchy on my skin and irritating. I highly recommend this supplement to anyone who might have a magnesium deficiency.

Avis Condon, MT

It Fizzes Like Crazy

Add a little hot water like the directions say and this fizzes like crazy. Use a tall glass. I mix it afterwards with OJ and it tastes fine. That was my biggest concern. It supposed to help you relax and sleep at night. I will update after some time to see if it really works

Neva Henryville, IN

Very sour, use less than on the label

I heeded another feedback and glad I did. Used 1/2 teaspoon and it cleaned my clock the next morning. Very sour tasting-like a super sour candy.

Jeanette Wildomar, CA

Great product!

This is the best stuff ever! My husband and I use it to get a good nights sleep. Two things though. You need to use a big mug because it fizzes up big, and two, DON’T over do. It does have magnesium in it and you know what happens if you consume too much? (Any Milk of Magnesia drinkers? YOU KNOW what happens!) Lol!

Ernestine Cainsville, MO

My Migraines are cured

I wish i could give more than 5 stars… I was ify that this would work but i tried it…. I have suffered with horrible migraines since i was 16… I am now 35 and they didn’t get any better growing up… I have been on every drug preventative been on pain killers but nothing could make them go away… I was starting to get a little worried about my kidney and the rest of my organs as it isn’t good to have to take pills all the time.. I tried a little sample of this thinking I have tried everything I have nothing to lose but not going to think its going to be a cure.. I was wrong I tried it and i am so happy to say I havent had a migraine since… its been over 2 months migraine free.. I have never had this happen I thought i was going to suffer for life… And just to convince you further.. a coworker at work also struggles with migraines I gave him some of the powder and he to is migraine free… I have been telling everyone I know.. you need to try this for yourself.. buy it….. I will tell you that this natural calm is kinda sour… but I also bought a sweet lemon one and it is really good… I mix the 2 together but when I run out i will be just buying the sweet lemon… Please do it for yourself buy this stuff.

Helen Gatlinburg, TN

Great Stuff

This stuff is great, while I don’t like this kind as much as the Natural Calm with Calcium, it was my own fault for not looking close enough when I ordered the second bottle for the office. I actually look forward to having this in the AM with my breakfast and in the PM before bed. You can feel the relaxation slightly, it is not overwhelming. Not the kind of thing that knocks you out when you take it, but if you pay attention you can feel it.The great thing about the calcium is it is a great way to help sustain and maintain weight loss. This is the best flavor they offer no doubt about it.

Margery Mount Vernon, AR

I don’t think I’m taking this right, because I am a bit dissapointed

I’m giving it to stars because as of now I think I’m either taking wrong doses, because it’s made me lathargic,and made my insomnia worse, kinda afraid to keep taking it.if I figure it out, I will update.

Elvira Kirbyville, TX

best product to calm myself

I like this Natural Calm for the taste and for calming down. I do not have to take any medication because this is just perfect.

Judi Albany, NY

It Works

I sometimes have trouble relaxing and sleeping. I don’t always notice a huge difference after drinking this, usually just a sleepy/relaxed feeling. Sometimes it does seem to practically knock me out (if I take 2 tsps. in the evening). The taste is pretty good, especially when mixed with lemonade. The price is a bit high but natural calm is cheaper and healthier than taking an RX!!!

Deanne Canyon, MN

Product that CALMS as it says it will

Boy, I love this stuff. Understanding that you will have a "blast" of fizz and flavor when you drink it, go for it anyway! I love having a 100% natural way to calm my busy mind and body when it is time to relax and sleep. You can literally feel the Natural Calm working within minutes, offering the perfect solution for that pesky inability to "turn off" the day’s activities

Robert Napanoch, NY

Good, but not for those with sensitive bellies

I really like the company and have a hard time giving this stuff a bad review. I bought it to help with constipation. Unfortunately even the slightest amount gives me a distended belly. I emailed the company with questions and got a response almost instantly. I love that. Plus all organic ingredients. Gave it four-stars because of the reasons above, but also because it tastes yummy and helps me to drink more water. Wish I could take it.

Helena Lamberton, MN

Helps me sleep

This was recommended by my chiropractor since I have trouble falling asleep at night. I think the original intention is for regularity, but it does seem to work well in ‘calming’ my system at bedtime. I take 2 tsp about 30 before bed. The cherry flavor is a little sour but nothing to make me stop using it. I have not tried any other flavors but might try the orange next time just for a change.

Susana Pfeifer, KS

Dr. Recommended

I was in the hospital recently for a week. I bought this awhile back but did not use it regularly. Only used it for foot and leg cramping at nite which it did cure. My Dr. said I am low on magnesium an behgan giving it to me in my IV. I mentioned thay I have CALM at home and he told me to start using it regularly. He said it is a good product for replacing magnesium. He said it is an essential electrolyte so it cannot hurt me. I am using it as directed and my heart palpitatios have stopped and the leg cramps have not come back. I sleep better too. All-in-all it is a wonderful product and the orange flavor is good. My roommate tried it tonite for leg cramping. I am anxious to see how he likes it.

Lavonne Danville, WV

Good tasting supplement

I really like this supplement for Magnesium, I really like the taste of tart cherries and this does the trick! I would recommend it, I wish they would make a Cherry Flavored Calm with Mg, Calcium, and Vitamin D all together

Jacquelyn White Cottage, OH


Quick and easy’ and it calms and moves the Bowels without causing diarrheal like many other mag supplements. Try it out people!

Casey Terryville, CT

Great way to get your magnesium!

Tastes pleasant enough, mixes easily in liquids, easy to increase your daily intake of magnesium. Because you can increase by spoons, far simple to test tolerance than pills or capsules.

Gena Phenix, VA

Works Wonders

My 16 year old daughter was having the worst pms ever – crying jags, crabbiness, it was terrible. Then a friend recommended this product. We tried it and I am amazed at the results. She drinks a glass when she feels an episode coming on or even if she is in the middle of one and in about 5 minutes all of the symptoms are gone. My 28 year old daughter is expecting her 2nd baby and was having a lot of leg cramps. After trying various calcium/magnesium tablets with no effect her ob/gyn recommended this product and it worked for her also. I read that being short on magnesium is very common which could explain why this easily assimilated product works such wonders.

Ora Porter, OK

Fizzy calming and good tasting.

Really helps calm me down when I get nervous. I originally got it because it was recommended for high blood pressure. It is pleasant tasting, but tends to over flow the cup if you pour too much hot water in to start off. Let it fizz, stir and add more water.

Selena Mindoro, WI


Does what it says I suffer from bad insomnia for years this relaxes me to calm my mind and rest.

Marcy Lodge, SC

Great vitamin supplement

I use this in making homemade toothpaste for added minerals and for a different flavor-boost. This isn’t cloyingly sweet and it helps gives my homemade toothpaste a more familiar, commercial-like texture.

Trina Winnebago, IL

great product

My daughter has had a brain injury for 3 years and she takes this before she goes to sleep at night. It tastes great and really helps her to get a solid sleep without constantly waking up.

Dolly Bath Springs, TN

This is awesome! I’m finally at ease.

I can’t believe it, but it’s true. For years I’ve had anxiety that was always with me.When I saw myself on video my eyes looked constantly surprised and almost scared.Now I take this, and my eyes feel relaxed…as if I just woke up from a restful sleep.Basically the expression on my face is “chill,” instead of “jumpy.”As a bonus, this gives me vivid dreams every night.Just a caution though: It says the dose is 2 teaspoons. That will give me the s***s for sure.So I just take half a teaspoon at most, and it’s still effective, but doesn’t give me the s***s.

Sharon Mobile, AL


Works good, just have to stay home when you use it ( or drink it ) the night before. Taste pretty good too..

Chelsey Brooklyn, KY