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Natural Vitality Natural Calm Anti Stress Drink 30 count Raspberry Lemon flavor

Natural Calm is the solution to both restoring a healthy magnesium level and balancing your calcium intake-the result of which is natural stress relief.

Key features

  • Features a proprietary formula that provides a highly absorbable, water-soluble magnesium in ionic form
  • Gradually reduce accumulated calcium, giving fast relief to many symptoms of magnesium depletion
  • Convenient individual sports/travel packs

Honest reviews


helpful as a sleep-aid

I did some research on the ‘net, and learned that the supplement magnesium has a calming effect on the body. I was having trouble sleeping, and wanted to take something natural, not a medicine prescribed with side effects that could be possibly addicting.product is easy to use- just sprinkle the powder in a small glass of water and consume. Within 30-45 minutes you will start to feel calm, sleepy. So this product is ideal to take about 30 minutes before bed.I would recommend this product for those who have trouble sleeping, or to take after a stressful day at work.

Millie Firth, NE

this is basicall just a magnesium supplement in drink form

The taste is….not great. Not really palatable. I have to add stevia or sugar to make this more palatable, otherwise I cannot drink this. If you like the effects/results of this product, it can be achieved by just talking magnesium supplements. Its Cheaper if you just buy the magnesium supplements, too. If you are having problems with diarrhea because of this…. you can counteract this effect by balancing the magnesium with calcium. This is because calcium supplements usually make people constipated. So taking a combination calcium/magnesium supplement might do the trick for you with out the unwanted side effect of diarrhea. Trader Joes sell a reasonably priced Calcium/Magnesium/Zinc supplement. This combo of supplements is ideal and good for you.

Benita Gray Mountain, AZ


I have only used this item for two days. However, it does seem to help with my general anxiety and does not taste bad (nice flavor). I would need more time to see the full benefits. Thus far I would order again.UPDATE: I have been using this product about 1 week and its GREAT! Completely, takes the edge off even when unexpected situations come up. Heres what I mean specifically, shortly after I started using this product my daughter was literally and purposely spit on by another student. I was livid to say the least. And in this type of situation I would have normally acted really crazy. But this product took the edge completely off. I was able to effectively communicate with school officials without completely losing it (which is saying a lot for me.) As long as this product is available I will keep buying it.

Angelia Rossburg, OH

These are pretty good!

I have used the regular Calm but not the flavors. I wasn’t sure I would like these because I usually don’t like anything Raspberry flavored. These are actually good. In fact, you could use this instead of those chemical poisons to flavor water and would be doing your body good. I love the convenience of the packet because I can take them with me and they are perfectly portioned.

Lorraine Mount Pleasant, NC

It really works and the taste isn’t bad!

Anyone who has tried unflavored magnesium drinks probably knows that it tastes awful (kind of like aspirin dissolved in water) and for this reason it was really hard to make myself take it on a regular basis. I was pleasantly surprised with Natural Calm. I think it kind of tastes like Emergen-C.In addition to the flavor, I’m really impressed with how fast and noticeably Natural Calm seems to work. I never noticed much of a difference with AB Calm, but within a few minutes of taking Natural Calm I can really feel my body loosen up and it does tend to make me a bit drowsy.

Winifred Conneautville, PA

This product works

This is an excellent way to get magnesium into your diet.It also really works to keep you calm, which always amazes me.I love the packets for their convenience, and it also like to give them out to the non believers.Great product!

Leann Charlotte, TN

I Love This product , great packaging for travel.

I use this product daily and buy it in a much larger container for home use. I was delighted to find it in these packets to take traveling or to the office.The flavor is a pleasant sweet/tart raspberry lemon. I mix it directly in a glass of water with ice and feel like I’m having a treat.It has been wonderful for helping me stay regular, a persist an issue for me. I ate lots of fiber, drank lots of water and after trying every type of product out there a doctor recommended this. Yea! No pills, no cramping, no unexpected incidents. I definitely recommend this.

Tina Elysburg, PA

good for you and your kids

Very rarely do I think any drink calms you down, besides wine. But this stuff actually helps me relax! Not a buzz like alcohol does, but a just very calm feeling that relaxes you and puts you at ease. I gave it to my kids actually. I mix only a teaspoon into their drinks (it can cause diarrhea if you have too much magnesium) and it really chills them out and gets them ready for bed. Most of our american diets aren’t full of magnesium rich foods. And most children really aren’t about to eat a magnesium rich diet either, ie. spinach, nuts and seeds and fish…so I think this is a good supplement that I know goes right into the blood stream and starts working. I only wish it was a little cheaper.

Josie Bellevue, WA

didn’t work as well

I’ve ordered the tub of Calm in the past, I ordered this pre-measured hoping it would last longer, but the mg isn’t near what the other Calm is, so it doesnt make me go daily like the other stuff.Sorry, dissapointed. I really like the tub of Calm, but not these packets. I even doubled these packets, but that didn’t work either, the powder must be diff than the other stuff.

Joanna Ruidoso Downs, NM


This is an easy form of Magnesium and is absorbed much better than the oral Magnesium Oxide. It tastes pretty good as well. Good supplementation!

Lorraine Kingston, RI

Works well

I have been taking this for two weeks now and I have to say that it works very well and when I wake, I don’t feel drugged or heavy. Very natural, good relaxant, recommended

Corrine Flowood, MS