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Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer for Medium To Tan Skin by Jergens, 5 Ounce

Jergens natural glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer gradually creates natural-looking, streak-free color with a subtle skin-darkening complex.

Key features

  • Dries completely in seconds
  • No sticky residue or waiting to get dressed
  • Glides on evenly for streak-free color

Honest reviews


It works!

This sunless tanner is almost foolproof. The foam means it’s dripless, and it’s hard to apply too much in one spot. The old odor you couldn’t get away from in the past isn’t there with Jergens. The tan builds as you apply the foam. I’ve even used it on my face and am very happy with the results.

Carly Mashpee, MA

Great little tanner

This is one of the few self tanners that gives me a natural, lasting tan. I love the foam consistency, and it doesn’t have that overpowering, fake tan smell. It’s easy to apply and I love that it doesn’t leave streaks or splotches around knees or elbows. I would highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a natural, easy to apply self tanner.

Fannie Shiloh, NC

the first sunless tanner that ACTUALLY dries

I am in LOVE with this natural glow foam. I have tried sooo many sunless tanners over the years, and I will never use anything but this again.I hate the feel of any lotion on my skin. Even the lotions that say they dry quick don’t really dry. There is no worse feeling to me than putting on a pair of pants when there is ANY residue left on my legs. I have tried the jergen’s daily natural glow lotion and it was just way too sticky for me. Even a lot of sunless tanner aerosol sprays leave a stickiness. This foam is the first product I have used that REALLY does sink in. I put a little blob on one of my legs/arms/whatever, and rub it in until it’s dry—this literally takes less than 30 seconds. Then I move on to the next leg, do the same thing, and repeat the process until I’ve done my whole body. By the time I’m done (less than 5 minutes from the time I started) I feel totally dry. If you use way too much it leaves a slight stickiness, but still significantly less sticky than any lotion. Otherwise, as long as you don’t overdo it, it leaves no stickiness. My skin just feels soft and smooth, it doesn’t feel like there’s any product on it. I still avoid getting dress for about 15 minutes just because I’m convinced my clothes will somehow cause streaks or unevenness…but I think that is just me being paranoid.The other great thing about this product is that it honestly doesn’t smell. I’ve found that other sunless tanners that claim they don’t smell, including the jergen’s natural glow lotion, do smell, and are way too strong for me to tolerate. When you first put this foam on you won’t smell anything. Within a few hours you will start to notice a bit of that characteristic sunless tanner smell. Some people think it smells like pancakes, I think it smells like cheez-its, either way, if you’ve used sunless tanner before you know exactly what I mean. That smell comes from the reaction of the sunless tanners with your skin. so unfortunately there is no sunless tanner that won’t produce that smell, unless it’s not working. It’s annoying, but I certainly can’t blame jergen’s for that, since it’s not actually the product that smells. Even though you will eventually notice that smell, I find it to be a lot less strong/noticeable than other sunless tanners.I tan very easily, but I also lose my tan quickly in the winter and get pretty pale. I think my skin would probably fall into the Light to Medium Skin tones, but I always like to use the darker option to get faster results. Within one use of using the foaming Natural Glow for Medium to Tan Skin I noticed a difference. Now I’m up to three uses and it’s enough of a difference for others to notice too. So far the color looks really natural (more on the brown side than the gold/orange side) and I have no streaks or uneven patches.I definitely recommend this product

Karyn Hampden, WV

Natural Glow Foaming Daily Moisturizer for Medium To Tan Skin

Seems fine on light skin that is lightly tanned. If you do not scrub your skin well it will create blotches that are darker than others area’s and be obvious. Goes on easy with decent smell.

Tricia Sandstone, WV

Subtle color for all seasons

Plain and simple:The foam is very light and dries fast. There is a scent, but it is minimal and less offensive than other sunless tanner products. The color you get is a true natural glow. Never orange, never too dark. Recommended for those who want subtle color…use it 3 times a week, or even every day…it consistently gives you a nice glow year round.Not recommended for those who want a darker tan look. If you want to bump up the color once in a while when using Jergens foam, I’d recommend the medium shade Sun Laboratories lotion.

Dina Sterling, ND

stinks but works

stinks like crap. Really bad the longer the DHA wears on but it works. It dries very fast, I use it every other day and people ask me all the time if I go to the tanning salon. Stinks but super effective

Camille Trego, MT

My summer Go-To!

This product is priced right & keeps my "farmer’s tan" glowing all summer. Blends in w/ some age-spotting damage I have on my arms, too.

Alba San Jon, NM

Great product for a nice glow

This works well but takes a bit longer than the body mosturizer. It also has a stronger smell. I combined it with the Jergens Natural Glow Express Body Moisturizer for Medium to Tan Skin as another reviewer suggested and it works well. Great for a quick fix on a tan. Remember to apply evenly and wash hands thoroughly

Francesca Equality, IL