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Natural Anti Aging Facial Mud Mask For Women and Men With Bentonite, Kaolin Clay – Unique Skin Care Beauty Treatment – The Best Organic Moisturizer & Pore Cleanser For Dry, Oily Skin, Acne Scars, Wrinkles, Blackheads – Guaranteed Radiant Results!

“This clay mask is a luxurious addition to a relaxing spa day. I have enjoyed using it and recommend it to others.” “I’m very pleased with the pampering I received.” “When my face needs a pick me up, this product delivers.” “Loved this mask!” Introducing the most talked-about new anti aging Facial Mask on Amazon… Your search for “the ONE” perfect facial mask is finally over! We did exhaustive research so we could bring you a unique formulation that does wonders for your skin. There’s really nothing else quite like it. Why Do Women and Men Adore This Face Mask? Safe to use on all skin types. Enjoy this luxurious, mood-boosting dry skin moisturizer that deep cleans your pores drawing out impurities, toxins, blackheads, and dirt particles all the while killing bacteria, leaving your skin vibrant. Breakthrough Proprietary Blend All-natural ingredients exfoliate and remove dead skin cells thanks to a safe and potent formulation. Our gentle mask tightens pores, moisturizing your skin through hydration. It is a reducer & minimizer of fine lines & wrinkles and improves your skin texture. Don’t Let Skin Problems Lay You Up – Fight Back! For people with skin problems like acne, blackheads, fine lines, crows feet, eczema, psoriasis, or dry and oily skin, our facial mask will help your skin feel healthier than ever. No more adding to the problem by using harmful chemicals. Look-Younger Spa Treatment In a Bottle This is a limited edition run of our breakthrough Jayda Elizabeth natural facial masks and supplies will run out. Grab yours today from exclusively.

Key features

  • POWERFUL ANTI-AGING NATURAL INGREDIENTS IN ONE JAR: Jayda Elizabeth anti aging mud mask for women and men is formulated with active ingredients that fight wrinkles and rejuvenate your skin: Kaolin Clay, Bentonite Clay, BC Colloidal Clay, Glycerol Monostearate, Sunflower Oil, MSM (Patentend Plant Sulfur), Nutra Organic Plant Acid, Micronutrients, and Vitamins. No harsh chemicals or additives. Lavender and cedar therapeutic grade essential oils. The results on your skin are fantastic!
  • THE BENEFITS ARE COUNTLESS: Immediately starts improving and repairing your skin’s appearance by feeding your skin from the inside out with the right balance of nourishing natural organic ingredients and as a result polishes your appearance with a vibrant glow. Every minute it is on, the Jayda Elizabeth natural facial mask is doing your skin good because it is a cleanser, minimizer, and exfoliator.
  • A 3-MINUTE BEAUTY REGIMEN: After you wash your face, it takes just 3 minutes to gently apply the clay mud moisturizer to your face, neck and decollete. Skin appears glowing and radiant immediately after washing off. Over time our customers experience visible improvements in the appearance of tighter pores, acne scars, blackheads, wrinkles, fine lines, laugh lines, dry skin, and uneven oily skin.
  • UNBEATABLE PREMIUM QUALITY STANDARDS: Our moisturizing antiaging face masks are handmade according to strict manufacturing standards. Our mud mask is 100% NATURAL. Non irritating. No chemical additives. No fillers. Everything you’ve come to expect from our Jayda Elizabeth skin care treatment.
  • WHAT CUSTOMERS ARE SAYING: “This mask is wonderful. The mask is smooth like butter.” “This mask is a luxurious addition to a relaxing spa day.” “My skin feels so soft after using this mud mask!” “The perfect way to pamper your skin without heading to a spa…” “When my face needs a pick me up, this product delivers.” See why customers are raving about the hydrating Jayda Elizabeth natural clay masks!

Honest reviews



This Jayda Elizabeth clay facial mask is wonderful. The mask is smooth like butter. The clay is fine with no grit. Opening the jar I liked the lavender and other botanicals smell. When I used the mask, that smell was not as strong as first opening the jar. The clay rinsed off easily without leaving dirt behind. It left my skin feeling smooth. The feeling wasn’t slippery as with moisturizers, just soft and smooth.This is a fine product that was easy to use, smelled great, and left my skin feeling good. It absorbed the excess oil I had on my face. It didn’t feel like an exfoliator, there wasn’t enough grit to really do that job. Instead, it just left everything feeling refreshed and soft. I liked this a lot.I was provided a review sample.

Jeanine Eastland, TX

The perfect way to pamper your skin without heading to a spa …

I’ve never tried a facial mask, but decided to give it a go for a change. The Jayda Elizabeth, which had a lovely light lavender scent, was a really nice facial pick-me-up for a change of pace. Of course many people use these all the time and swear by them.The application is perfect after showering or washing your face with warm water. You simply put on a thing layer and let the Jayda Elizabeth do it’s magic for five or ten minutes before washing it off. The feeling is actually quite luxurious and wonderful.After removing the Jayda Elizabeth Revitalizing Facial Mask, my face not only looked cleaner, but felt cleaner. There’s nothing like enjoying a bit of creature comfort that doesn’t offer up a lot of calories or costs a minor fortune. Although the price seems a tad steep, there is enough to last for quite some time.FEATURES:► Draws out impurities► Nourishs and refreshes your skin► Tightens and tones your skin► Revitalizes your skin► Helps heal blemishes► Improves circulationYou don’t have to have any particular skin type to benefit from it. In fact one of the nicest things about it is that it is hypoallergenic. Additional there are “no artificial fragrances, perfumes or colors,” a real plus for many people. Another consideration is the fact that there is no animal testing.According to Jayda Elizabeth, “ Those with oily or acne-prone skin may want to apply a mud mask three times per week, while those with dry or combination skin may only apply it once. People with sensitive skin should test any facial clay mud mask in a small area first, to be absolutely certain that it will not cause any sort of allergic reaction.”I’m very pleased with the pampering I received from the Jayda Elizabeth Revitalizing Facial Mask. No, it’s not the fountain of youth nor has any magical qualities that will remove those deep wrinkles, but is perfect for pampering oneself and revitalizing facial skin.INGREDIENTS:Purified Water, Kaolin, Bentonite and B.C. Colloidal Marine Clays, MSM (Patented Plant Sulfur), Sunflower Oil, Glycerol Monostearate, Nutra OPA (Organic Plant Acid).

Latanya Mount Olivet, KY


When my face needs a pick me up, this product delivers. I didn’t believe that a mask that you only need to leave on for about 10 minutes would produce this good of results. But it has. Also, my pores have gotten smaller (nothing I have used in the past has done that). They’re still visible; but noticeably smaller. Also, my face has gotten smoother (not really an issue there. But can an extra smooth face be a bad thing :))?It has a scent, but it comes with the territory. It has clay properties ;). It’s nothing that’s overbearing and the results are worth it. Give it a try!

Erna Henrietta, MO

Lovely, Great Feeling and Soft Skin

The first thing I noticed when I opened this is the lovely lavender scent. I am a big fan of lavender and this smells fresh and natural, not a manufactured scent.Putting the mask on is easy and it spreads like a light mud with no grit. I leave mine on for about 10 minutes during which time the scent is wonderful and I have no issues with it being on my skin.It washes off easily and leaves my skin feeling super soft and clean. It has a greater effect if you use it multiple times (within a week and on) instead of just once every few months.There are easily 30 uses for a facial in this jar but it depends on how thick you put it on. A real high quality product.I was provided a sample to test and review.

Angela Emmett, KS

Luxurious mask with natural ingredients

This facial mask from Jayda Elizabeth has a natural lavender scent with a hint of cedar and a beautiful pale gray color. It is primarily a blend of natural, silicate mineral clays, with other plant-derived ingredients, so it feels very moist and smooth on the skin, and then dries to a fine pale powder that is easily rinsed away.A thin layer applied to the face after a warm shower will help cleanse, moisturize, and firm the skin, leaving it feeling soft and fresh and temporarily reducing the appearance of fine wrinkles.This clay mask is a luxurious addition to a relaxing spa day. I have enjoyed using it and recommend it to others.A sample was provided for testing and evaluation.

Tonya Hibbing, MN