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Native Soul Raw Ivory Shea Butter Unscented

Replace hundreds of dollars in body care products & cut out tons of harmful chemicals with one simple natural ingredient. Don’t buy another moisturizer until you’ve tried 100% Ivory Shea Butter from Native Soul Body Care – “Your Body’s Best Friend” – Great for hair – split ends, dry hair, dandruff or as a styling aid – Gentle enough to protect & nourish a baby’s bottom, effective enough to heal & regenerate adult skin – Purest & safest product on the market for stretch marks Native Soul Ivory Shea Nut Butter comes packaged as shown. It is IVORY in color, NOT WHITE, NOT YELLOW. Our pure nut butter is 100% unrefined with no other added ingredients. Native Soul unscented 100% Ivory Shea Butter absorbs nicely into the skin to heal dry, chapped or sun damaged skin. The durable container & screw-top lid with insert ensure it arrives in extraordinary condition. If you prefer, you can melt the 100% Ivory Shea Butter & add your own essential oils for additional healing properties. Use as a moisturizer or add to your own recipes for homemade soaps & lotions for extra enriching benefits. When pricing Shea Butter remember: – You get what you pay for – Never buy rancid Shea Butter again – Free of sand, hair, nut shells, mold & other debris We’re confident that you’ll love this product. 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Begin to nourish & protect your skin with Native Soul Body Care – “Your Body’s Best Friend”.

Key features

  • Your Search for the highest quality Unrefined Ivory Shea Butter on the market is over. Never buy rancid Shea Butter again.
  • Soothing gentle moisturizer that won’t leave you with a lingering odor. An unscented moisturizer with no added chemicals or fragrances
  • Can be used on scalp, hair, face & lips. Great for dry, cracked, sun or wind damaged skin, split ends & dandruff. Helps heal cuts & scars.
  • Great for prevention of stretch marks during pregnancy. Use on Cradle Cap & Diaper Rash for Baby
  • Imported from Africa and Hand Packaged in Ohio’s Amish Country where quality comes first.. Rich in Vitamins A, D, E & F and naturally GLUTEN-FREE

Honest reviews


not bad

I use only on my hands now. Gritty, but overall its "just" okay. Wouldn’t fully recommend, maybe its just my skin. Great hand moisturizer but leaves sticky residue.

Kristine San Manuel, AZ

Shea WOW !

Really love this shea butter. I have been using it for a few day’s now & can already feel a difference in my skin. I suffer from extremely dry skin year round and have used countless products with no results.A friend recommended shea butter. I came across this one and just love that’s it’s unscented in it’s raw form. Does not take as much when applying to my skin and absorbs quickly with no greasy feel. Great price for a 16 oz. jar.I highly recommend this shea butter from Native Soul, you won’t be disappointed.Will be buying more!!!

Tracey Westville, FL


Great, completely natural, unbleached pure shea butter. Can’t say anything else about it. Rate this 5 stars. Would recommend this.

Amelia Wabeno, WI

When they say unrefined they mean unrefined this is the real deal!

I have tried many other shea butters and they are nothing compared to this, those others that you can buy in big box stores and pharmacies are more like a tub of diluted shea butter. I always thought that was the norm with shea butter that it had a texture like a cream or thick lotion. I also thought it smelt similar to cocoa butter. The above is not true this is not strong smelling and it has a very light pleasant smell it’s not over powering. Also it is so thick and pure that I used it on my arms and legs and there was only two thumb prints worth used. Great product good for making at home beauty products. It’s a definite must have for summer time.

Edythe Steedman, MO

Better than I thought

Ive used cocoa butter before and thought that’s what I was getting. When I open it I wasn’t for sure about it. It was like crisco. Very thick did not know how I was going to get it on my skin. I started rubbing it in my hands and noticed it was melting getting smother. I’m like if it’s like that to get on then it’s going to be even harder to get off right. Well I put it on after I took a bath and I went to rinse out the tub and noticed the water was beading up on my hand. It probally wont wash off easily. I like the way it softens my skin. This is the first time I used it. I will be using it again. Next time I’m going to stick it in a window near the sun to warm it up so it will be easier. 🙂

Martina Frankfort, MI

Beautiful, creamy white shea

For an unscented shea, this one surprises me. It has almost no scent. The texture is a little grainy, but that is expected with it being summer and the shea softening. It absorbs quickly and leaves almost no trace. I take a little bit, about the size of a dime, and rub it between my hands to melt it and then work it through my damp hair. Beats commercial conditioners for shine and manageability.

Celeste Nassau, NY

Awesome shea butter!

I bought this shea butter mainly for making my DIY beauty products. However i find it works amazing just by itself on my sun parched skin and calloused feet. it has a very very light pleasant scent, goes on smooth,non greasy feel, my skin looks healthy. Awesome! I plan on saving some for my soap/lotions but I am also going to save some for when I am outdoors too long as well. I love this product! I highly recommend this shea butter from Naive Soul. This stuff is pure awesomeness!…5 stars!!!

Trina Victoria, VA

The best Shea butter

The best shea butterMy Shea butter arrived quickly. This is a whole lot of Shea butter! More than I expected. Native Soul is one of the best Shea butters I have tried. I use it on my hands which tend to be extremely dry. The butter absorbed quickly and left my hands soft the rest of the day. I will buy this again.

Kay Monterey, CA