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NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base

No smudging, creasing or caking. The NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base is the insider trick of the trade. Never looking heavy-handed, this lightweight eye primer creates a seamless canvas that keeps cream and powder color looking brilliant, fresh and just-applied, all day. A polymer and mineral powder blend creates a firm grip on color ensuring hours and hours of gorgeous wear. Fortified with special deep-sea and antioxidant rice extracts, the Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base dries on contact and keeps the delicate eyelid smooth and prepared for color application.

Key features

  • Extends the wear of eyeshadow, eyeliner and eyebrow pencil
  • Instantly transforms to a matte finish and preps skin for color application
  • Maximizes color intensity
  • Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Fragrance free
  • NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base 0.05 oz

Honest reviews


nars primer

i have always had a problem with my eyeshadows creating creases after a while wearing them. so i had seen this product used by a makeup artist i decided to give it a try. this product works. my eyeshadows last all day and night without having crease lines showing up and it looks just the way i applied it on in the morning. no smudging or anything. it is a little pricey i guess for an eyeshadow primer but its worth it. will surely buy more.

Marcia Dwarf, KY

I haven’t used this long enough to give a fair review

I have only used this product once so I probably am not qualified to give a fair reveiw. However, with that being said I used it and my eyemakeup did not bleed or budge all night/day. I even used in on my brows and the brow makeup stayed all evening and typically this fades off on me within a few hours. Great product.

Nita Good Thunder, MN

Best Primer You Can Find

I love this primer. Its smooth, holds makeup all day, comes off easily with makeup remover. I have tried many other primers out there, nothing holds like the NARS Primer. Highly recommended.

Florine Hampton Falls, NH

oily lids? no problem

I have VERY oily eyelids. You can fry bacon on these eyelids. I recently started wearing gel eyeliner and was disappointed at how it would rub off on my top lid, and kind of break apart throughout the day. I heard great things about the primer from nars and decided to take a chance on this expensive product. I left the gel liner on one eye with no primer and then primed the other lid before applying my eyeliner. I left it on around the house for about two hours. The primer worked SO WELL. It mattified my lids and kept the oiliness at bay. The liner didn’t rub off on the primed eye and the naked eyelid was almost void of eyeliner after two hours. The primer allowed my gel to stick where it was supposed to, without it the liner transfers to the top of my lid. The applicator is nice, and not messy. But I wish there was more products. The wand takes up most of the tube, tricking you into thinking there’s more product than there is. I took off a star because of the price, 25 dollars. My liner is about 7 dollars, so I hope this product lasts me at least a few months.::update:: this primer has lasted me 5 months, and will probably last me at least another month! so it reallllly is worth the money, and I changed my review to 5 stars.

Taylor Centreville, MS

not so great nars..

i expect a lot more from NARS especially at the price! i used it once and ended up having to buy UD primer. creases and doesnt do much but dry your lids out.

Goldie Cecil, GA

This is an excellent product, but….

Este es un excelente producto, pero creo que mi NARS PRO-PRIME Eyeshadow Base empaque estaba un poco seco o contiene poco producto. Puede ser posible que mi prodcuto estuviera casi vacío?This is an excellent product, but I think my NARS Eyeshadow Base PRO-PRIME package was a bit dry and contains little product. It may be possible that my prodcut was almost empty?

Ina Ordinary, VA


I have used many shadow primers over the last few years & I was recently shopping for a new one when an associate suggested this one. It is amazing! No creasing, it dries clear and your shadows & liners last until you remove them. I have oily lids & even with primers, my shadows used to slide off, not this one, yes, its a bit more pricey, but very worth it! And a little goes a long way, definitely worth the few extra $$$.

Abbie Myerstown, PA

Excelent product!

This product come to my house in perfect conditions and is an excelnte product, my shade stays all day !

Monika Tolland, CT