NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, Deauville

A glowing, satin-finish foundation with sheer and buildable coverage. Replete with skincare benefits and the NARS Complexion Brightening Formula, skin is hydrated, more luminous, softer and smoother. Used daily, Sheer Glow Foundation improves skin brightness, radiance and texture. For normal to dry skin types.

Key features

  • Minimizes visible discoloration
  • Brightens and clarifies overall skin tone
  • Improves skin luminosity and radiance
  • Hydrates for softer and smoother skin
  • Dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic. Fragrance free.

Honest reviews


My new HG foundation

HG=holy grail ;)I love this foundation, this is my second time around with it, the first time wasn’t so pleasant simply because I was never properly matched. It was close but the undertones were wrong. Now I wear Tahoe instead of Cadiz which matches my yellow/olive undertones much better where as Cadiz was more red/pink. It can go on very sheerly or build up to a medium finish, it isn’t a full coverage foundation. It will last you quite some time, you only need just a tiny bit to cover the face, unless you use a sponge because that tends to soak up more foundation than a brush or your fingers 🙂 The one thing I would change is adding a pump (that i don’t have to pay for) its much more sanitary. You can purchase the pump separately for $6 from […]. Other than that, I recommend getting matched, grabbing a sample, trying this foundation out. It looks very natural and feels amazing on the skin.

Jill Steeles Tavern, VA

For me, useless!

I am a cosmetics junkie, and a slightly used bottle of this product was passed on to me by a friend. Thank goodness I didn’t have to pay the outrageous price for this, because it would have been money down the drain. Firstly, the coverage is not just light, but nonexistant. Secondly, it clung unattractively to any dry areas on my face. Thirdly, it left a way-too-shiny look on my t-zone. So, if I was looking for something to magnify what I wanted to hide, this would be the perfect thing. At any price, NARS Sheer Glow Foundation delivers just the opposite of what I am looking for in a cosmetic. Blech.

Michell Taopi, MN

Great foundation

I’ve used this foundation a few times now & it has true staying power. It lasts for hours & looks flawless. It has great coverage, which is very important for me, someone with acne scars. A very little bit goes a long way, so it will last longer than the drug store brands. I use it with the loose powder from NARS & it looks fab. It goes on very light but like I said, it gives great coverage. You’ll forget you’re wearing makeup while looking hot. 😉 Also I found that choosing a color, even online, was very easy & it matches my skin color like none before.

Mable North Truro, MA

Holy Grail for Color as well as Texture

Decades, ladies, that’s how long I’ve spent trying to find a foundation. 80% of the time, the colors were off. I have very pale skin with a yellow base, but lots of redness on the apples of my cheeks. Most years I just gave up the search and went without, and looked like I’d overdone the blush. But lately I got into the search again. After trying a lot of compact foundations (which ended up being too drying), I tried the various Nars colors. Surprisingly, the colors Mont Blanc and Deauville, which I thought would be closest for me, were not – because they have a lot of peach in them. Gobi is actually my perfect shade. I bought the Sheer Glow foundation and have worn it since Thanksgiving 2010, for everyday, for parties, whatever. It doesn’t melt, it doesn’t look spackly. Just makes me look like I have nice, smooth, even skin. Because of this, I’ve transitioned to Nars for almost every makeup product I use (except Guerlain for eye shadows because I like more than just 2 colors in a palette, and Diorshow mascara). Very happy. The only thing that I noticed to make this a little “off” is that it is not really a ‘glow’ foundation per se. I am here on Amazon to buy the Multiple in Copacabana to add a little shine to my face.

Johanna Wiggins, MS

5 Stars For NARS!!!

I love this foundation! I am so happy I decided to try NARS. NARS IS A GODSEND FOR MY SKIN!!!!! I had recently gone back and forth to MAC spending hundreds of dollars on their foundations and they broke me out severely…. Like large cystic acne, which is something that’s pretty uncommon for my skin. I kept going back thinking well maybe if I try this type of foundation it won’t break me out.. Boy, was I wrong… I am not sure what those people put in their foundations but.. My skin could not take it at all.. So… MAC is what brought me to NARS… And.. As soon as I stopped MAC and started using NARS on my skin the acne stopped. I’ve been using it about three days now and my skin it back to itself… I purchased NARS in Tahoe and I think it’s safe to say it is equivalent to shade NC44 in MAC. NARS sheer glow is great for my dry skin. It keeps me hydrated and my skin feels so smooth and silky. It looks very natural and it isn’t that thick in texture. It isn’t heavy.. It feels very light yet gives medium coverage. Ummm.. The name of this foundation implies a “Sheer Glow” but honestly I don’t find it to be sheer at all.. I was expecting it to be something like a tinted moisturizer but it isn’t. I wouldn’t call it sheer at all.. I mean, it feels sheer when you put it on but the coverage is definitely more than sheer, to me, that’s a good thing. This foundation gives you a dewy finish and leaves my face moisturized.. It feels so natural! I love it! I will definitely purchase this product again.

Nita Himrod, NY

This foundation was worth the money

I kind of came upon it by accident I always hated foundations but my skin is uneven now and I find .this really looks polished. It is neither sheer nor glow on me it is a little matte with good coverage but reasonably natural looking

Benita Sharon, MS

wow its really amazing

u cant even feel u have foundation n its cover u fully i spend lots of money on many branded foundation but this is best i go for this ceylan colour coz its perfect for my yellowish white skin tone …i love it ….

Doretha Center, MO

Love it

Great foundation. It match my skin tone very well and i dont need too much of it to cover ll my face.

Janet Dennehotso, AZ

love it!

amazing foundation, dosent get cakey and stays on my face all day. The color is perfect and blends amazingly well. I also like that it has skincare in it to actually improve your skin over time! I dont need a concealer when i use this foundation either!

Nell Eagleville, MO

This stuff is amazing!

I am curious to now how the Sheer matte one looks because this one has a matte finish. But it is more of a satin sueade finish if that makes sense. But either way, this looks gorgeous. I like to apply it with a buffing brushing or a flat top brush.

Celia Morristown, OH