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NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer, Vanilla

Long wearing and crease-proof. Paraben-free, Alcohol free, Synthetic fragrance free, Non commedogenic. Tiny cast of pink for the fair complexion.

Key features

  • Long wearing and crease-proof
  • Paraben-free, alcohol free, synthetic fragrance free, non commedogenic
  • Tiny cast of pink for the fair complexion

Honest reviews


nothing special

I bought this due to all the raves. It really does not go into fine lines, but the coverage is medium. Shiseido’s concealer (the comes in a tube) has better coverage.The color too yellow for me, although I chose one with pink undertones. Maybe I should try it UNDER foundation, and then I wouldn’t mind…

Nona Union, MI

Best under-eye concealer

I’ve tried many high end and drug store brands to mask my pretty bad dark under-eye circles. Nars Radiant is the best so far. I apply a dab or two under each eye and blend it just above the hollow only using a soft smokey eyeshadow brush. It does not settle into fine lines like ALL other concealers I have tried (unless you use too much of course), and it leaves a radiant finish that looks like real skin because it is dewy and not matte which also helps reflect light away from this area. I do not set it with a powder so that it doesn’t lose it’s radiant finish, I sometimes use a setting spray over it, but it lasts a good 6-8 hours without touch-up without the spray anyway. It is medium coverage, and while I would prefer full coverage, this is better than having cake-y dry fine lines from a full coverage concealer.

Leola Woodward, IA

Good product

A little goes along way with this product so start off using a small amount and build the coverage up to your liking, dont build too much though because like all concealers it will end up cakey. the texture is smooth and creamy, really blendable, blends in well with my skin tone. overall I liked it and will consider repurchasing

Leila Carpio, ND

Only concealer I can stand to use!

First off, I’m a twenty one year old female with blonde hair and fair skin. I have never been a fan of concealer as it never goes on smoothly and always creases under my eyes. I have tried many high quality brands and always been disappointed, until now! This is a new staple in my beauty routine. I love the applicator, it rubs out smoothly, never creases, and covers insomnia. I will buy again. Also, if it helps, my mother (age 48) is the one who turned me on to this product. She too has never been satisfied with concealer until now.

Grace Mojave, CA

Nars Creamy Concealer

Just bought the new Nars Creamy Concealer and it is very smooth and covers very well. It doesn’t crease in fine lines and is yellow based for different skin tones.

Lacey Yreka, CA

Not effective on DARK circles

I bought this product at the recommendation of a YouTube Beauty Guru (can’t remember which one)and I would say it is about average at covering dark circles under the eyes. It seems to be okay for light to medium dark circles, but it’s not effective on really dark circles. Being a NARS product, it was a little pricey ~ I have found drug store products that work just as good or better.

Dorothea Amf Ohare, IL

Great product solid coverage under eyes, creamy, no creasing or running, nice stay put color, nice to use for other blemishes on

Solid under eye concealer, creamy, does not results in creases, long lasting, nice to use on other blemishes as well.Nice product thank you.

Genevieve Gober, TX

This is the best concealer… Period

I have tried a lot of different concealers from cheap to expensive and I have to say for my skin tone/ texture this is the best concealer. It is creamy and thick and blends right in to your skin without being shiny or runny. I love it. I used to use Nars’ concealer stick but then the people at Sephora recommended this one and wow! BIG upgrade!!!! Thanks NARS

Jeannine Middle River, MD


This is the best concealer I could get ever for my age. I’m in my 50s n think that this is the best so far regardless of the price

Jeannine Strasburg, OH


Excellent coverage, I got this in Custard and it matches my skin great. I found the lighter color concealers make you look ashy but I’m glad this matched up. Looks very natural, real, and doesnt seep into my fine lines or cake up

Naomi Pinckneyville, IL

Great coverage

This is my 2nd favorite concealer next to Cle De Peau in Ochre. I switch between both depending on how heavy coverage I need – Nars is the heaviest coverage.

Dianna Powellton, WV

Radiant and Creamy indeed!

Bought this concealer and I was so impressed. Blended right into my skin and stayed put throughout the day. Loved it. I became an instant fan and rest assured I will be using it for the rest of my life! Yay

Gayla Grady, NM