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NARS Lip Lacquer, Chelsea Girls

Chelsea Girls: Nude beige High shine formula with sheer pigments of color for luscious lips day or night. This super-shiny formula can be worn alone or over other lip products. Unique texture prevents color from bleeding Transparent pigments with sexy shine Use alone or over other lip color

Key features

  • Ultra-shiny and highly pigmented
  • Convenient wand application
  • Ideal alone or over lip color
  • Nude beige

Honest reviews


Nice everyday color

Chelsea Girls is a great color for everyday wear. It adds just a little polish to my on the go mom look.

Claudette Dallas Center, IA

My Favorite Gloss 🙂

Just bought this in Eros and it’s my new favorite gloss/lip lacquer. The color on my lips is a ‘my lips, only but better’ look. Sheer in color with a nice glossy but not overtly shiny look. It is ‘thick’ feeling with a bit of tack – but not goopy or sticky feeling, your hair will definitely stick to your lips though if it touches. I like the texture, it gives this gloss some staying power even when drinking/eating – about several hours. You need to use a lip brush, not included, otherwise it’ll make a mess on your finger. I use a small portable cargo lip brush with a cap so I can tote it around in my purse.One thing I’ve noticed is that the formula amongst the different colors does seem to vary widely. I tried the ‘Chelsea Girls’ color in my local Sephora store and that one has the unusual scent that some people have mentioned while ‘Eros’ does not. The texture between these glosses also appears to differ greatly. Chelsea Girls is the thickest of the three that I tried and shows up as an opaque/heavily pigmented nude shade (shows up even on my pigmented lips – but just not a good look for my skin tone). Hot Wired is in between Chelsea Girls and Eros as far as texture goes and shows up with one layer as a semi-sheer fuschia that can easily be built up to a rich bold color (unfortunately, I do own this color as well and can’t get it to look anything but garish on me) while Eros is the thinnest formulation of the three and always shows up as more of a sheer rosy colored gloss. I only took one star away because I wish the Eros color was build-able or more pigmented since I find it so lovely, but applying more doesn’t really do anything but waste product. That aside, this is still my favorite gloss that I currently own for both it’s texture, staying power and color. It’s neutral enough that I can wear it in the office to look perfectly polished or wear it in the evening to finish off my look.

Elma Forest Hills, KY

Best gloss/color ever

I LOVE the gloss!! It has a gorgeous color and is very good for my lips. I gave it a 5 but I would really love it if they put it in a tube. Kind of messy on the fingers!

Alisha Conrad, IA

wasnt worth the price

i saw some one review it on a you tube channel and purchasaeed it, i will not repurchase this as it wasnt anything special and some what drying

Tamika Tidewater, OR

Gunky and smelly

Disappointed with this gloopy gloss. Although I have little sense of smell, I can certainly smell this and it’s not pleasant. I wear it over Sally Hansen Lip Inflation but not sure how flattering it is on me. I suspect the colour is a little draining. Agree with the reviewer who lamented the fact that these potted glosses are rather a nuisance- you always need the full mirror and lip brush routine- life’s just too short…

Briana Canton Center, CT

worth the expensive

This tiny pot will last forever. You really don’t need to apply that much. It does work for pale girls, too!!

Rene Ridge, MD

Staying power

Once I applied this lacquer, never needed to touch it again.Absolutely stays on till you want it off. No bad smell. High shine, beautiful color .Lips look plumped and full of moisture.

Lina Burnsville, WV