NARS Ita Kabuki Brush No. 21

Super black goat hair in a small, flat and angular design ideal for blending and contouring.

Key features

  • Super black goat hair in a small, flat and angular design ideal for blending and contouring.

Honest reviews


The best contour, sculpting and bronzing brush

I was using Benefit’s, Hoola bronzing powder brush. Now that I finally got this one there’s really no contest. The longer handle makes it nice and easy where as the Benefit’s brush handle is very small. Benefit’s brush bristles are set wider (more flared out) Nars is not even a finger width making it easy to chisel out that contour, turn to the side and blend it out, using this for sculpting out the face is made simple. The bristles are incredibly soft and transfer of color from brush to face is flawless! If you want a visual demonstration there’s quite a few reviews on this brush on YouTube. Btw, I’ve been waiting for this brush for months! All stores that carry this brush including Nars were on back order and wasn’t sure if it was coming back. Whew, love it! I’m probably thinking I need another just to be on safe side. Which if push comes to shove, the Benefit’s complimentary brush does just as well if you use the one side to sculpt and flat to blend.I also tried the Illemasqua’s Blush Up Brush. I read reviews how dense the brush is but thought it’d be great for contouring, but my thoughts on it is if you were using creams to sculpt (flat and very dense) this brush would be good but you’d need to have your contouring skills down in order to make it happen, just saying. Not for a heavy handed application for sure when using illemasqua’s. Hope this helps!

Elisha Huntley, IL

Amazing brush!

This brush works amazingly for contouring! The flat head gives you the perfect line to begin the contouring of your cheek. And when you’re ready to blend, you just wiggle the brush a little, and you have the perfect contour. I’m a makeup artist, and I’ve used a few different brushes for contouring. Before I got this one I always liked to use a large angled brush, it worked well, but this NARS brush is now my ‘go to’ brush. A friend of mine has the MAC brush that’s very similar to this one, and we tried them out together and got the same result. This brush is half the price of the MAC brush and works just as good! It’s also a great brush for people that are just beginning to learn how to contour their face. It’s so easy to use. FYI- if there are any beginners looking into purchasing this brush, Jaclyn Hill has a great video on YouTube using this brush for a contouring tutorial. So definitely check that out and you’ll see just how easy it is. I highly recommend this brush as well as other NARS products!

Clara Rockbridge Baths, VA

NARS Ita Long handle brush

I really like this brush, I use Only for contour on cheek hollows, forehead and neck/decollate. The hair is not as soft but has just the right amount of stiffness to it, which I actually was hoping for b/c I am not using it for any delicate areas on the face, so I didn’t want it to be too soft. Overall I am happy with it, got the one with the long handle, my only concern is that I hope it wont shed to much. Ive washed it and have used it for a couple weeks now and has shed 2 hairs…I hope it was just breaking in and it will stop now. 🙂

Dorthy Foyil, OK

great contour brush

this is the best contour brush, great hairs and as all of Nars products that I have tried it doesn’t disappoint.

Angelia Dahlgren, IL

Worth the money!

I had to buy this brush on eBay since it’s sold out everywhere. Paid a bit more than regular but worth it! Saw this on makeup guru shaaanxo YouTube video. A-mazing! I have TONS of brushes and makeup too! The best!When I first got in mail I thought I got a fake due to the cheap packaging and even the brush a little. But after dabbing on some Nars Laguna into the hollows of my cheeks I realized just how special this brush is! Works better than any brush for contouring. Perfect. Worth the money and the hassle of eBay shopping

Helene Hayesville, NC


I had been wanting this brush for a while and now that I have it I’m in love. It works great but find not putting so much bronzer on it is better because it gives a very defined finish and if you have too much powder it leaves a dark line cross your face.

Alexis Bangor, ME

Great brush

This is the best brush for contouring. I don’t mind the price, since it’s worth it! It’s easy to work with, and you get a lot of color payoff when contouring.

Renee Cecil, AR

Should of got this sooner!

This brush makes contouring so easy well worth every penny and more. Its one of my can’t nod without brushes!

Natalie Beattyville, KY