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Naked Bee Sandalwood Lotion in 8 oz Bottle with Pump

All the good stuff ?Aloe Vera, helps restore, heal and promote healthy skin. ?Sunflower Oil, rich in antioxidants, nourishes and protects the skin. ?Honey is antibacterial, moisturizing and nutritive for all skin types. ?Hyaluronic acid, a powerful hydrator that smoothes and softens skin. ?Spirulina, concentrated nutrients for skin conditioning and detoxification. None of the bad stuff ?Paraben-free. No propylene glycol. No dyes or pigments. No EDTA. Phthalate-free fragrance. No animal testing.

Key features

  • This Sandalwood scented lotion smells great and will leave your skin feeling smooth but not greasy.
  • 70% Certified Organic aloe vera moisturizing lotion blend fortified with White Tea Extract.

Honest reviews


I like the fact that it is 70% organic and Made in the USA. I do not like the type of “Sandalwood” fragrance used…. it is not

I like the fact that it is 70% organic and Made in the USA. I do not like the type of “Sandalwood” fragrance used…. it is not what I recall as “Sandalwood Scent”. The scent is overwhelming and too much. After one or two uses…. I am placing in a yard sale tomorrow. Probably great ingredients except for the scent.

Bonita East Winthrop, ME

Oh yuck

Was mixed after reading reviews here and took a chance and ordered it anyway. Ingredients look great and it sounded like it smelled ok after reading all the reviews. It’s one of those smells that I think you either love it or hate it! I put on a pea size drop of lotion rubbed into both forearms and got seriously nauseous from the smell, and I like sandalwood. This smells like sandalwood plus something, I have no idea what it was pretty good not work for me at all. The worst part was after her shower and a lot of scrubbing with soap I still smelled faintly like the lotion!

Paige Hensel, ND

Love this lotion!

I love this lotion. I keep bottle of Naked Bee (all different scents) all around my house and at work. This has really been good for my skin while other lotions with who knows what in them have done damage to my skin.

Haley Satanta, KS

Love Naked Bee Products

I work with my hands and my hands get rough and dry and cracked – but this lotion is just the ticket! And great on your whole body – legs,back, etc! Totally wonderful product from a fabulous company!

Opal Wadley, GA

I gave as a present.

I initially bought for me. However, it was a little too masculine for me. Some women I repeat some,might enjoy this ,however many may find it a little on the strong side. It’s a woody fragrance and to my mind, smells like an old school men’s aftershave or soap.If you buy this just know you’ll probably have to WASH this off , this fragrance lasts, it will probably not WEAR off fast enough to your liking. This is very aromatic so ladies, keep this in mind for a gift for a man ,he’ll like it, it MOISTURIZES well, it’s a good lotion but lets let the guy’s claim this one o.k.

Jewell Franklin Springs, NY

It’s OK

I love Sandalwood, and this smells like a very pure form of it – it’s almost a bit too sharp. It is my everyday lotion. The lotion itself is nice – not too heavy or oily.The order came fast and well-packaged.

Edwina Duxbury, MA

Don’t discontinue sandalwood

The fragrance is the best. As a moisturizer, it is light and fast absorbing, so great for summer. I would get it again and again.

Dessie Alpaugh, CA