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Nailuv Home Professional Gel Nail System, 12 Count

12 piece set contains everything needed for simple at home gel nail polish manicure. Over 100 gel color applications.

Key features

  • Long lasting 2 week wear
  • Save time and money
  • 2 watt LED imap provides quick and easy drying in 45 seconds
  • 12 piece

Honest reviews


Great for the lamp, but the polish isn’t so hot.

I got this kit, like many others, for a bit less at Costco.After 3 applications, all of which ended in major polish shrinkage immediately and lifting and peeling within a few days, I thought I just sucked at applying gel polish. I was really disappointed because I loved the colors.I decided on a whim, however, to order the Gelish Basix kit and a bottle of Gelish polish, to see if maybe the product was at fault. The Gelish products (used with this lamp) cured beautifully, and lasted until I removed it.Removal of the Nailuv products was DIFFICULT, and despite my care not to pull or scrape, left my nails a bit worse for wear. Removal of the Gelish products was a breeze, by comparison. It required no scraping at all.So, if you get this deal for the Costco price (courghthirtybuckscough), then it’s worth it for the lamp alone. Don’t expect much from the included product, though. One of these days I’m going to try the Nailuv colors with the Gelish base and top coats. Maybe the problem is the foundation, not the color itself.

Doris Dilltown, PA

Not bad…

So there are some pros and cons to this set and I would say for the amazon price…I wouldn’t jump, but as others have mentioned, Costco has it for thirty.At that price…I am likely to keep it. But for more…Meh.Pros:-Cute lamp that works-Battery powered and small. Thus portable.-Kit has Full sized base/top coat. Full sized bonder. 5 mini colors.—First Crush: Pale pink….kind of too translucent imo. Would be good for a french manicure, but it definitely takes some layering before it becomes opaque—Dynamic Duo: described as a dark mauve, but actually I think it makes me think of a more dark pink. Mauve makes me think there’s some purple in it…there’s not.—Mermaid: not precisely a Tiffany blue. I think it’s darker than say China Glaze’s Audrey by quite a bit. More of a darkdark Tiffany blue–Diamonds: Takes some buildup to get opaque. It’s a silver glitter. It’s decent.–The last one is actually the only one I haven’t tested/swatched yet…but it looks red orange in the bottle.-Gel feels good, cures very bright and shiny. Feels nice and solid.CONSNo matter how hard I tried and how many layers, the polish actually shrinks as it cures, revealing the tips of my nails. It’s very strange. I did 3 coats and you can still see the “white” of my fingernails. I even tried painting practically over and UNDER the tips but it still shrunk away revealing my whites.Can’t fit the whole hand, but I’ve actually found that I can do the fingers + the thumb of my opposite hand at the same time…so those who don’t want to have to cure a total of 4 times per round…that’s my suggestion over trying to shove your whole hand in (I have a small hand too).Still…I wish it didn’t shrink back and that the opacity was better on the First Crush and the MermaidIf Hautelook has another sale, I might contemplate buying some more colors….Anything more than thirty…I wouldn’t keep. But for a starter gel kit? It’s not bad at all and I’m a sucker for the heartshaped LED lamp and I love that the base/top coat is a 2 in 1.If you have never gone gel…the costco price isn’t bad to start you out.Yes, there are stronger lamps out there…and some that have plugs instead of batteries…..and some even have timers (this does not, you gotta use a separate one, like your phone)..still…the heart shape…so cuteUPDATE: 11/15/2013 – just a small one :)Have tried sandwiching regular nail polish in between the gel base/top…..don’t do it. LOL It gets wrinkly.Tried a different gel color brand (sally hansen) and I am getting barely any white tips! So that’s a huge plus for me. Only downside is, like all gel bottles, it too, is quite tiny…the “mini” description I gave earlier is incorrect in that it implies that the gel color comes in bigger bottles…it does not, which seems to be true for all gel brands. I tried Sally’s Commander in Chic…it ends up curing pretty dark taupe…not sure if I love it…especially at $12? Meh. Trying to sandwich in RCM colors next (soon as my shipment arrives!) but so far…Sally brand is better for color than it’s own NailUV colors!Still. I am happy with my purchase as the lamp works, the base and top coat work and other gel colors work just fine 🙂 So I am not confined to NailUV at all.

Georgette Mason City, IL

Great Gel Kit for the Price

I saw this at Costco for $29.99. I bought it since the price seemed to good to pass up. I have tried it once and I am happy with the results. My nails don’t look quite as good as when they salon does them, but I think that is because the gel is a little harder than regular polish to apply, so it takes some practice. The light is cute, small and easy to take anywhere because it runs on batteries. I love it because I can do my nails anywhere. My nails came out really shiny too, even more so than when the salon does them. I have not had any issues with peeling, so overall it was a great deal.Oh, I had a little overhang of gel too on one side of my nail, I also used the nail clippers to cut it off and that worked fine.

Allie Mammoth Spring, AR

It’s ok

I didn’t really care for the nail polish because they are so light so I had to put on 3 coats. I love the light tho, wish it was UV as well.

Abby Hutchinson, MN

Love the lamp with IBD or Gelish

I love this kit. I also purchased this at Costco for $30; I’ve had this kit for approx 8 months or more. I used the colors that came with the set a few times, but also purchased the IBD color brands here on Amazon, i have about 12 shades and they work great too and they are the least expensive and just as good of quality. I also purchased the Gelish base and top coat once my top/base coat of the Nailuv ran out and it works even better.My sister in-law also bought this same set because she loved using mine so much that she wanted one of her own. for the low price it is definately worth it, as most lamps themselves are much more expensive. This is a UV lamp so you have to use with UV polish to harden. My nails last about 7-9 days, but i do have a habit of picking at them, if i didnt i’m sure they would last longer.The instructions do say that to remove you must soak your nails in acetone (nail polish remover), so to those who say their nails are worse that is because you are "peeling" them off and thus peeling off the top layer of your nail; how else do you think they adhere to your nail for so long..duh. lol. If you follow the instructions you will have no issues.The lamp only fits my 4 fingers. I do my left hand, then my 2 thumbs, then my right hand. It does take some time as you have to let the base coat cure, each color coat cure, then the top coat. I don’t mind, i do mine while watching TV or a movie…If you have oily nailbeds make sure to use the "bonder" included, it is alcohol and will dry/dehydrate your nail so the coats can adhere to your nail.If you have questions about the process just YouTube DIY videos and they will walk you through step by step a visual process of doing gel nails at home. Make sure to "cap" the tips of your nails or they may lift sooner.Enjoy saving money by doing your own nails!!

Lois Dover, NH