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Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2, 0.5-Ounce Bottles

Treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. Nailtiques Protein Formulas were created for different nail conditions. The salon tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium. The protein formula bonds the nail layers together, building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting. Select your Nailtiques protein depending on your nail condition. Dermatologist tested.

Key features

  • Case of two 0.5-ounce bottles of nail protein treatment (total of 1 ounces)
  • For soft, peeling, bitten, weak, or thin nails
  • Bonds the nail layers together, building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping, and splitting
  • Dermatologist tested
  • Easy to use

Honest reviews


Best stuff for real nails….

Best stuff for real nails….Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2, 0.5-Ounce Bottles (Pack of 2)….Great if you have weak nails and need to strengthen them….

Leona Baileys Harbor, WI

Best nail product on the market

I’ve used Nailtique for many years and it is the only nail strengthener, when used frequently, that improves my weak splitting nails.

Mari Bradford, NH

This product is AMAZING!!!!

I have been using Nailtiques for about 10-12 years and I LOVE it!! I have always had nails that are thin & break or tear easily and they have always grown unevenly. Once I started using this product, my nails have looked GREAT. I have had SO many people ask me where I get my nails done. When I tell them they are MY REAL nails, they do not believe me. The tips are a beautiful white & it looks like a french manicure, just with a clear coat of protein. You will not be disappointed if you try this product. It is FANTASTIC!!!

Alisa Snydertown, PA

A magic wand for your damaged nails

There are three different formulas in this collection for three different nail types. I personally have very thin brittle nails. When I started using this product seven years ago I never turned back! DO NOT waste your money on other products this is a hundred percent guaranteed effective Salon quality product!

Ramona Mc Alister, NM

I LOVE this stuff!

I was a nail biter for 27+ years and after I stopped, my mom ordered some OPI Nail Envy for Weak, Thin Nails for me(since my nails were pathetic). But the seller was out of stock and sent this and an apology instead. WOW! Suddenly, I had NAILS – nice, long, pretty nails! Nails worthy of polish! Sadly, I ran out and have tried several other, less expensive products since with poor results, so I’m going to FINALLY purchase some more and try to re-revive my poor, battered nails…

Fran Alton Bay, NH

Strengthens nails

It has been an unusually harsh winter, and my nails don’t even look or feel like my nails. I am pleased with this product. It does strengthen the nails and looks fresh and clean if used alone. I have tried numerous Sally Hansen nail products. I have never had a good experience with those products. So I was a bit skeptical about purchasing the Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula. I highly recommend this product.

Tracy Lake Lillian, MN