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Nailtiques Formula 2 Protein, .5 Ounce

This formula treats nails that are naturally soft, peeling, split or just won’t grow. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling. It also assists in strengthening the nail to grow long, strong and healthy.

Key features

  • Helps strengthen nails to prevent peeling
  • Promotes long, healthy nail growth
  • Treats nails, cuticles, and fingers

Honest reviews


First time started with Nailtique Plus 2 formula – DON’T

I have always had long natural nails and recently 3 nails split and were catching of everything driving me crazy. Saw this product and didn’t realize there were stages as in #1, #2 and #2 Plus, #3 etc. so on and so forth. I order #2 formula PLUS. Just staring using it and within 3 days my got worse, the were peeling right straight across and leaving ungodly lumps. I then read the directions and realize I purchased the incorrect product Plus 2 should have been used for first time users. I should have ordered Forumla 2 period and forget the PLUS business. I had to go back to that thick stuff Sally Hansen SELLS call ‘hard as wraps’.Please read the direction for Nailtique before you purchase this product and don’t make the stupid mistake I did.People just see the reviews and jumps to buy nailtique, the descrptions should stipulate more boldly which is the starter bottle – when you first see this product, they all look alike. Hope this helps new people.

Sherry Darling, MS

Gived true results!

I have soft, fragile nails that tend to break easily at the bed and become painful. No other self-proclaimed nail stenghener/hardener has ever worked for me. My beautician recommended nailtiques and Amazon sells it less expensively than salons. Can’t live without this stuff unless I want sore nails. When you first begin using, apply every day and make sure to brush it UNDER the nailtip, too! In a few months, my nails became so long and healthy that I actually need to file them. At this point, you only need to apply a few times per week to maintain your nails. Once I stop using this, my nails become fragile again. It works if you maintain using it.

Jillian Blaine, TN

what’s the secret??

I have been using Nailtiques faithfully for over a month…..WHY does it peel??? Everyday I have to remove & start all over again. I have purchased all the proper products to enhance it’s performance. Yes, my nails grow but are peeling a lot! There has to be a secret to why this is happening. I do wash & dry my nail & go by the book for application.Anybody have any answers??? I am not pleased at all w/this product.I have now switched to “PINK GEL COAT.” Not peeling, is a thicker product. It is “gel” so it does allow nails to be protected. I shall now try & compare.

Sara Alger, MI

Bought the smallest, will reorder the biggest!

Wonderful nail product for both base and top coat. Made my nails brighter and stronger, and kept my polish chip-free for 2 whole weeks (and I wash my hands dozens of times a day)!Threw away the lousy “No Chip” by Sally Hansen which made my polish chip about an hour after I put it on.

Phoebe West Bridgewater, MA

Lives up to expectations!

Regular use really made my nails stronger and protected against chipping. The only downside is that this is not to be used with colored polish, and my nails get weaker as soon as I stop using this and expose them to regular nail polish, remover, etc.

Vicki Elwood, IA

If you have soft brittle nails this is the one

I had damaged nails from years of wraps. Soft, splitting, brittle. Using this has resulted in strong hard nails. They grow so well have to keep cutting them (something never had to do before because they usually broke).No longer any need for wraps or any artificial nails. What you save in never needing wraps and/or fill ins more than pays for it.

Veronica Anatone, WA

Great Product

This stuff is simply the best, provided you follow the application instructions. Works great as a base and top coat… my manicure lasts WAY longer with this polish. Would highly recommend!

Isabella Jackson, PA

Formula 2 protein!!

I bought the starter kit and honestly haven’t used everything, but the Formula 2 protein polish is TERRIFIC!! The bottles are really small, so it’s an investment for sure, but it really works. My nails are lovely and strong. I am ordering another bottle of just the protein formula, it’s better than anything else I’ve ever tried or had on my nails. I would recommend the starter kit too, just because it’s about taking better care of your nails in every sense, not just one aspect and think it’s going to fix everything!

Cristina Sherman, WV

It works

I was a bit taken back at first at how small the bottle is for $10 and yes it IS a small bottle, a lot smaller then the picture actually shows, but I had heard such good things about this product that I just bought it. My nails are terrible, they bend, peel, break and are razor thin. I did not want to cave and get acrylics.So I get home, scrub my nails clean and put this on my nails, day one, nothing so the next day I take it off (and it comes off very easily) as recommended and re-apply, day 2 my nails already feel a little stronger.By the end of week 1 my nails have a nice healthy looking shine then never had before, they’re not breaking or quite as bendy as they were.It’s now been 3 weeks and my nails are nice, shiny and long, they’re by no means perfect, but they’re definitely harder, stronger, they don’t peel, break and they’re flexible.MAJOR improvement from day one, I’m definitely pleased with this as I have tried many many nail strengtheners/hardeners before and NONE have worked.

Daisy Patterson, AR

it works, : – )

this product was recommended to me years ago by a co- worker. i use to get acrylic nails because my own nails were too thin & weak, so they easily broke off, tore, & split. They have always been very pliable so after adding fake nails my situation got worse. i could not find nailtiques in my area so i never purchased it until now. i been using this daily on my nails for bout a month now and i already have stronger, longer nails. my fingernails dont split from the side or tip anymore. i completely remove the product about every four days or when ever i notice the polish starts to wear off. i havent applied any color polish yet on top of the clear yet because i didnt want anything to effect the results. i have noticed its more beneficial to try and apply a thin coat verse thick layer each day cause it last longer. i had thought a thicker layer would make my nails thicker but there is no need because each layer added bonds to the last layer. i’m not sure how/why, but when i remove my nail polish (to reapply fresh coat) my nails remainl hard.This is the most money i ever spent on nail polish & i didnt want to buy it, especially because its such a small amount. I read a lot of the reviews and with a recommendation i figured its worth a shot. this product exceeds my expectations because i didn’t think it would work. one more thing, my nails were so thin the worst part of me visiting the nail salon was the nail drill, just painful.( they used low & slow settings for me still never stopped my nail bed from hurting) No more drills or fake nails for me.

Ursula Timewell, IL

Great Product!!!

I ordered this product based on a recommendation received by a friend to assist in making my nails more healthy and less brittle! Within one week, I could notice a difference! For a week, I was unable to use the product due to traveling (I forgot to pack it) so I was afraid my nails would revert back…not at all!!! Great buy!

Aurelia Streamwood, IL

A Superb product

I’ve used Nailtiques for years and I believe that it keeps my nails strong, helps prevent splitting, and lengthens the time my manicures last. I do use three coats with each manicure: two as a base coat, two coats of polish, and then a third coat of nailtiques. Then a third coat of polish, then a topcoat of Seche Vita. My manicures last 1 – 2 weeks, with only occasional minor repairs. Usually the reason I do another manicure is because my nails have grown out. This is a great product.

Carly Adamsville, AL

Had the most horrible nails

I’m a nurses aid, so I am constantly using my hands and washing them, washing dishes… My nails would peel, split, bend, tear just like paper. It was horrible. After using nail polish my nails would get so horrible but I’d keep using it to cover my splits and peels. Finally I stumbled upon this stuff and began using it.Trust me, this wont cure your nails in a week or two. I’ve been using it for about 2 months and the bottle is half gone (although I spilled it once) and i’ve had to trim and cut and file my nails religiously without using polish. I use this every day. My nails now are a lot more durable and don’t split and bend as much as they used to. The coats you put on eventually build up and want to peel off… I simply peel it off (it goes effortlessly) and reapply. My tips are white and look very nice. The gloss smells like nail polish and adds shine to your nails.I would recommend trying this product for real. I’ll be buying another bottle once mine is gone.

Brittney Calumet, PA

Still trying it

I just got this product. Based on the reviews posted earlier by other users, this seems to work pretty good. My nails are still breaking, but I still have to give it more time.

Iva East Marion, NY


Helps my nails when I have been doing too many manis making my nails weak. I typically apply it once a day for three days, then remove it the fourth day before reapplying. If I go seven days like the instructions, it tends to pop off.

Melody Emory, TX

Great Item

I did not purchase this from amazon but I will soon, great item I purchase this brand every month. results in a week or two, Follow directions.

Lena North Olmsted, OH

Different Look, Same Great Results!

I don’t really like it when manufacturers change the look of their products – it tends to confuse me. Of course I understand that, like everyone else, product packagers (is that even a real thing?) have to “keep up with the times”. In any case, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the product itself isn’t changed and in this case, I didn’t notice a discernible difference. It may be a bit thicker (or I may be crazy), but it’s working just fine. To be honest, trying to maintain my nails without my Nailtiques Formula 2 was disastrous where as, WITH it, my nails are growing longer and looking pretty – even polish-worthy again! I will say that if I put too much on, it kind of hurts my nails, but there is a warning in the literature about that. I experience more of an intense ache than burning/stinging, but removing it helps. I just have to be extra careful to apply very thin coats. =)

Maryann New Florence, MO

Surprisingly, it works

I first bought this product from my manicurist, just to be polite. She insisted. My nails would chip and she politely insisted that I try this product. OK, OK, I tried them all from the drugstores and was skeptical about this one too. I’d use it as clear nail polish, or so I thought. The effects of this stuff blew me away — it really, really, really, really works. Really. I noticed my nails looked a lot better — I was shocked. I usually don’t wear polish, and the looks of wearing this alone looked great — it sort of “wears off” or gets absorbed, so you never have to remove it — just reapply. I’m active, athletic, and this stuff is awesome.

Amparo Charleston, SC


There are not enough STARS to give this amazing product! I have always had weak nails that peeled. I’ve spent a fortune on nail products, but finally gave up, thinking there was just something wrong with me. Last summer I suffered a terrible illness, and as I recovered I developed a painful condition called onycholysis. My nails began separating from the nail bed due to the shock to my system. According to my MD and dermatologist, it is irreversible. And it HURTS! It feels like your nails have been torn into the quick. And then the nails fall off and you have no protection. I researched, found there is no cure, BUT I decided to give this a chance. My theory was that if my nails were stronger, then at least it would provide some protection for my bloody, painful fingers. In just a week or two the nails seemed stronger. Now, after 2 months my nails are growing! The new nail is adhering beautifully to the nail bed, allowing me to trim the old, damaged nails off. PLUS there is NO MORE peeling, just strong, healthy nails. The product says it does NOT claim to cure onycholysis. But I claim that it does! AND I still have half a bottle left of the 2 plus. I say a BIG THANK YOU to the company and I believe THIS product is a bargain at a 100 times the price!

Bernice Levant, ME



Nelly Hazen, ND

Works, but took several months

I’ve always has brittle, peeling nails. Years of acrylics made them worse. I started with Formula 1, but that made no difference at all. I’ve been using Formula 2 Plus as directed for 3 months and I am finally starting to see a difference. My nails are stronger and the worst nail has stop splitting down the middle. I am going to try to use it as a base coat and nail polish over to see how it goes. If you’re are willing to hang in there for several months, it does work.

Heidi Thomson, GA

Don’t know what others are seeing!

My experience with this product was very disappointing. It does not last–chipping off the next day! And it made no noticeable difference in my nails. I would not recommend.

Leigh Stratton, NE

Formula 2 Plus by Nailtiques

As I have aged, my nails have become brittle and they peel. I put two coats of the Nailtiques Formula Plus 2 and my nails have become stronger and they don’t peel. Thanks.

Stacy Evant, TX

works wonders

Love this formula 2…I keep using it all the time. It has made my nails harder and they no longer peel. You do have to use it the correct way (every day reapply a coat) or it will not work properly…but you can reduce how often you apply it once your nails are how you desire. I do not know if you need to use this forever but I do use it as my top and bottom coat every time I paint my nails because I do not want them to be all pealing and soft again.

Dana Sigurd, UT

Best product ever

This formula heals and seals my nails. I use as base coat. Then as top coat. My polish stays on better and doesn’t chip. My nails have stopped breaking too.

Caryn Sagamore, MA

Working So Far

I ordered the sample kit with all the various products in it and have already reviewed that but thought I would put in my two cents here as well. I’ve been using the products for about a week and half at this point but I’m already seeing improvement in the condition of my nails.I made the mistake of over buffing dry patches off my nails back in January and ever since then, I’ve had one nail that splits very badly with the slightest free edge, even if I have layers of polish on it. This is why I decided to try this since other products failed to keep that nail together. The split had already started when I began using this product but so far, I still have the nail and there’s about an eighth of an inch of free edge on it right now. The split is barely visible with the protein on. My other nails have peeling, dry patches and ridges – some pretty deep – but they seem to be benefiting by using the product as well. I think the other products that came in the sample kit also help. I especially love the nail moisturizer and the oil therapy. They seem to work together to relieve dry, peeling patches. I used them when I removed the polish Saturday night and left the cream and oil on overnight before repolishing the next day.The product I have dries shiny like clear polish and the instructions that came with it say to apply daily and remove weekly. After reading some of the reviews here, I’m thinking they may have changed the direction at some point in the past because I would think using nail polish remover daily would negate all the benefit you get from using the protein.I’m looking forward to seeing what results I’ll have with continued use.

Norma Ogden, IL


I came off a Shellac removal where the manicurist buffed my nails down nearly to the bed. Seriously, the tops of my nails were mis-shapened and paper-thin when she was done.Nailtiques saved the day. It hardened my nails while they grew out but didn’t make them brittle. Now I use it as a base coat. Expensive, but worth it!

Ronda Walkerton, IN

Nails, finally!

Forever I have not been able to have decent nails and I did not want the fake ones…finally I am starting to get longer pretty *real* nails! I even received a compliment about how nice they look from a customer. Go a head, try this product…less expensive and time consuming than getting those ugly fake ones!

Leola Thornburg, IA


I’ve been using this product for several years and it really works! I usually get the larger size, .5 fl oz, but I suppose I had a senior moment. In any case, this really assists in keeping my nails strong and healthy. It helped me a lot after I removed my artificial nails. It’s not a overnight fix but in the long run, it really helped me through process of getting my nails looking decent again. I’ve found the pricing is better here on Amazon, as I used to purchase it at beauty supply stores. I recommend Nailtiques!

Angelina West Roxbury, MA


this product seems to be helping my brittle nails – it was recommended by my beautician – hope it continues to work!

Renee Grassy Creek, NC