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Nailtiques Formula 2 Plus, .25 Ounce

This formula treats nails that are naturally soft, peeling, split or just won’t grow. The protein immediately acts to help bond nails that are splitting or peeling. It also assists in strengthening the nail to grow long, strong and healthy.

Key features

  • Helps strengthen nails to prevent peeling
  • Promotes long, healthy nail growth
  • Treats nails, cuticles, and fingers

Honest reviews


Saw Some Improvement with Regular Use; Also Added Sheen to Bare Nails

Nailtiques Protein Formul #2Plus. Long, strong nails do not just happen, warn the makers of this historically popular product: even naturally hard nails need constant care, and the makers of Nailtique products believe that their formulas will provide it. They state that nails that are inclined to peel, break or split particularly need their help; that their blend of ingredients will help bond the nails together, as well as preventing them from becoming dry and rigid, and thereby promote natural nail growth.The makers suggest careful treatment on a regular basis, and believe that after a few weeks, nails, cuticles and hands will show improvement. They direct the user to turn the bottle upside down, roll between the palms of your hands to blend ingredients: this should prevent air bubbles that might cause nail protein not to adhere properly. (You’ve surely seen manicurists shake the bottle this way in nail salons.) Then the makers recommend that you apply one thin coat of nail protein. For best results, of course, you should first wash nails with soap and water to assure the nail is free from any substances (oil, cream, etc.) which might prevent your nail protein from adhering properly. Then, they suggest you allow your hands to lay flat for 30 seconds to allow the protein to set. (Once again, any woman who has ever been to a nail salon is familiar with the stiff way in which women just manicured hold their fingers out to dry.)Nailtiques Protein Formulas, the makers state, were created for different nail conditions. They believe their salon tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin, and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium that will bond the nail layers together to build a strong nail foundation. I however, look at the list of ingredients, and see a lot of items historically much-used in nail products that have been identified as possibly dangerous to bodily health. So I would prefer to no longer see these ingredients in any product I use. And perhaps they are absent in newer formulations. However, I do believe this product keeps its promises: I did notice improvement in the state of my -pathetic–nails with regular use. And I was pleased with the product’s added bonus: when used on bare nails, the product did seem to offer some protection to the nails; furthermore, it left nails with a nice sheen, as if I were wearing a colorless topcoat. A cautious recommendation.

Becky East Granby, CT


So I ordered two of these Formula 2 PLUS, .25 oz bottles. I chose SleekHair as my choice to get the product. I think Amazon wasn’t selling it Prime or something, I forget why. Anyway, here’s my experience…Took a little over a week to get. I got the Formula 2 bottles instead, not the Formula 2 PLUS, and the wrong amount – 1/8 fl oz instead of 1/4 fl oz. Contacted the seller, they said they were sending out 2 new bottles.Another week or so goes by. I get the new box. Open it. Same FORMULA with a UPS label to send back the 1/4 ounce bottles of the same crap. So they sent me the 1/4 ounce bottles of the wrong formula anyway so I’m in the same boat. Still didn’t get the product I ordered. And yes, there is a difference. It says so RIGHT ON THE BOX. So I contact them again.Their answer? They are very sorry but they don’t sell the Formula 2 PLUS bottles but feel free to send them all back. What?I specifically waited three days before writing this review. They are still listed as one of the sellers of this product even though they don’t have this product to sell.BUY FROM SOMEONE OTHER THAN SLEEK HAIR, they don’t sell this product and will give you the same run around.

Myrna Sunol, CA

Part of a system of care!

I’ve been intrigued by this product line for a while now. I have very thin, brittle short peeling nails thar don’t grow quickly at all. What I wanted for my nail care was an overall system that would help resolve the issue of the peeling, encourage growth and strength. Nailtiques has a multi steps system with products to correspond to each step in the system to resolve all those issues.Unfortunately I bought the wrong product. At the wrong step in the system. It was an expensive mistake.The protein formula 2 plus is rather like the last ditch effort if the initail products don’t work to resolve any peeling, breaking and strength issues. I don’t realize this, and I have used the product (even if it is out of order, it was too expensive not to try) with some success. My nails did get stronger, but the peeling persisted and I can’t be sure if its because I lacked a step in the system or if this formula really only resolves the lack of strength issue.Over all I probably will not buy this, or any other Nailtique products again — though the oil is nice. But really, why spend so much when a little effort, patience and Sally Hanson’s does the trick?

Karin Flintstone, GA

Nailtiques 2 plus 2

I have tried many, many nail products over the years with little success, so thought I’d give this a try. My nails seem healthier since using the Nailtiques, but I have only had the product for about 3 weeks. I plan to continue with it and I’m faithful to use it each day. Just a side comment: I purchased the Nailtiques polish from another source. I have NEVER had a polish that stayed on so well. I apply one coat Nailtiques as the base followed by 2 coats polish and then one application Nailtiques each day after. I can go almost a week between polishes.

Eddie Lowpoint, IL

Long and strong

I have never had such long nails. This might get me into the Guinness book of world records….or at least on Intervention: Can’t stop growing out my nails.Seriously, this stuff has made my nails so strong after a series of Shellac treatments. I’m addicted to it now.

Darcy Tigerville, SC

Saved my nails

I have tried numerous products to make my brittle nails stronger. This is the only one which did the job especially preventing my nails from splitting. I will keep buying it!

Kimberlee Manderson, SD

So far i can tell a huge difference

Only been using this for 5 days and I can already tell a huge difference! My nails are always peeling and bend like paper right now my nails are real hard and have actually grown a tiny bit. I know that may sound funny to someone who doesn’t have problem nails. If your like me any growth is noticeable!! I hope this keeps working the way it has.

Rachael Red Bud, IL

Great for natural nails!~

Great for natural nails!~ Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Plus…had artificial nails then went back to natural and this real helps then nails get thicker….Much cheaper on Amazon as opposed to a salon!~

Ramona Atomic City, ID

excellent product and service

its the best nail treatement i have tried so far, i have seen the difference on my nails within 3 days, now they are strong and grow !!

Mavis Grants, NM

Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula 2

I use this as a base coat and WOW what a difference. My Mom has been using this stuff for years and her nails are long, strong and beautiful. I just started using this about 3 months ago and I can tell the difference. I usually order directly from Nailtiques and it takes a few days. I found this item cheaper on Amazon so I decided to give a chance. My estimated arrival was for 5/30, the nail protein arrived 5/31. I suppose that’s not too bad but I would have preferred the estimated arrival day. Being that I tracked the package and it didn’t move until the week of. Nonetheless, it was worth the wait.

Michael Essex, MO

Just began using this but I do believe it’s working!

I have very stubborn fingernails. They commit every sin you can think of. They split. They peel. They crack. All I want is for these nails to just grow out fom the end of my finger, just once, without coming apart. I’m working on it with this miracle stuff. It’s expensive and the bottle is tiny, but someone said you could use it every other day and it’s just as effective, so that’s what I’m doing. I am seeing a teeny, tiny bit of fingernail coming out right now.

Effie Point, TX

Great strengthener

I have been using Nailtiques for about 15 years. I love the product! I have people asking me all the time how I get the tips of my nails so white & I tell them I don’t do anything other than use this product! It is fabulous! You will NOT be disappointed if you buy Nailtiques!!

Alba Ashton, ID

my nails are getting better

si han mejorado mis uñas, pero aun se siguen escamando. No lo aplico diario y no sé si ese sea el problema, lo aplico como base antes de pintar mis uñas de nails have getting better, but still pealing. I don’t apply it everyday, so I don’t know if that is the problem, I apply it as a base before the color nail polish.UPDATE:this is the second time I order this product and I would say that my nails are so long for first time in my whole life. I really recomend it, just be constant with the use, give your nails a time to react, remember the first growth won be probably healthy enough because it is the nail that already growth and cover your nail before the treatment, use a good polish remover that doesn’t dry too much your nails, protect your nails, don’t use them like a tool, they are not tools, for anything; use gloves to do dishes and for the cleanning and if you want as I do , use another color polish on top of the Formula 2 Plus so it help to protect even more the already growth nail.

Katelyn Broughton, IL

Great For Nails

This is my new favorite nail product! I have short, thin nails that tend to rip and peel. I have been using this for a few weeks and it has made a big difference. My nails no longer peel and they may chip now and then, but the whole nail no longer rips off. I can simply file down a chip and maintain what nail is left. My nails are growing better and are healthier and stronger. I will keep using this.

Jaclyn Fowlstown, GA

Went to Nail Tek II Instead

UPDATE: Since discovering Nail Tek II, I switched over to it instead. Nailtiques gets gummy in the bottle too fast. Nail Tek II can be found at Sally Beauty, Sephora, etc. I like it very much and it’s very effective. Doesn’t peel off either!I’ve used this for years. My hands are in water a lot, and I have just awful nail problems if I don’t use this. They are naturally thin and peel without protection. If it weren’t for this product, I wouldn’t have nails at all.Tried other products over the years, and many work initially, but then overall dry out the nails so badly, I end up with a bigger problem. I thought Nail Magic would be the answer (bought it at Sally Beauty). The nails initially grew, but over time became brittle due to whatever was in that product. I then started breaking nails often and realized it had to be that product.***switched to Nail Tek II now. No peeling or breakage and no gummy product in the bottle. ***

Paulette Ty Ty, GA

Great for all nails!

Love the nailtiques protein line. I recommend the line to all my friends no matter what state their nails are in. The #2 protein helped my nails become stronger and I could see less cracks and strains in my nails within a matter of weeks. You can feel the difference in your nails within a week though. Great investment!

Kimberley Depauw, IN

Naitiques Nail Protein Formula 2 Plus

I have tried EVERYTHING and nothing seemed to help my splitting nails. I read the reviews and figured I had nothing to loose. I use it every night, while I’m watching t.v. and now my nails look great. For me, this has worked when nothing else did.

Kelly Wewoka, OK

Works Great!

Formula 2 plus has totally changed my nails, I had very thin flimsy nails that always peeled. They would crack on the side right when they got longer than my nail bed and then the whole tip would just peel right off. I have been using Formula 2 Plus for over a year now and for the first time in my life I have to trim my nails becuase they get too long, no cracking, no peeling. I tried formula 2 and didn’t see any improvement so I switched to 2 Plus, the directions tell you that once your nails get better to go down to just Formula 2, when I did this my nails went right back to peeling and thin nails. So I am sticking with 2 Plus but now I only have to use it every other day or so. You really have to be committed to using it EVERY day in the beginning. It took about 6 weeks to see the real results, I had to wait until all of my old nails had grown out- so be patient! I go through a bottle every 6-8 weeks, but for 10 dollars that’s much cheaper than acrylic nails 🙂

Luisa Strawn, IL

Truly works wonders for damaged nails

I have always seemed to have flaky, peeling, very weak nails which i do believe is part nutrition and part genetics. I found this on pinterest and gave it a shot. I love it, my nails seem to grow faster but are stronger too. I can tell they curve more which is a sign of strong nails and they are not rock hard but there is a significant difference since i started using this product.The bottle was much smaller than i had thought but it really went a long way, i used the whole bottle and must have gotten at least 30 applications using it on a daily basis. The best part is that it dries extremely quickly. The directions say use it once a day and i could get up to 4 coats on before it would start to chip and even with that many coats it never really built up on my nails, it was as if it soaked into them instead.The directions also say to stop using it when your nails begin to become healthier so i stopped after one bottle but bought another because i want to use it in the future to keep my nails strong.

Sylvia Canaan, NH

I have Thank you nails

I ran across this product from looking at YouTube. My nails were crying from slitting terribly (my fingernails as well as my toenails) I mean they were spitting way past the amount that I could trim. They became tender and started hurting and catching onto everthing which made things worse. I was at my witts end because nothing was correcting the problem. I’d take vitamins including a multi and Biotin and nothing was helping until I broke down and ordered this product and I am so glad I did. It arrived pretty quickly and I put it on asap. I noticed the difference within 2 days of application and I was amazed. No more sensitivity or pain and within of 5 days my nails grew very nicely and there where no new signs of the splitting and the old splits were trimmed down to a normal health healthy new nails. May I also add this stuff grows out your nails quicker than anything I’ve ever seen…AMAZING!!!

Jillian Calvert, TX

I finally have nails

Nothing has helped my weak thin nails grow like this stuff. I finally have semi-long nails and they’re strong. if I stop using it they start to break again. Love this stuff.

Shelia Clayton Lake, ME


I’ve been using nailtique for almost a month now and I don’t know what I would do without it. I’ve been struggling with thin, peeling nails for the past two years after a bad fake nail experience. I have tried a ton of the drugstore “nail hardeners” and nothing worked. Absolutely nothing.After using this product my nails have grown longer and stronger. I can’t even remember the last time they have been this long!! For the past two years I’ve always had to have my nails painted because they looked so unhealthy bare. Now I can wear just one coat of nailtique and they look flawless. Even when I remove the product my nails feel tough and no longer bend. And they haven’t peeled once since I started using it. I swear by this product, and I will never be without it!

Megan Lamona, WA

Yay, a Product that Makes a Difference!

I’ve had awesome nails my whole life, but they’ve become brittle over the last couple years and have been cracking and splitting like crazy. Changing my diet didn’t help, so I’ve purchased a few different nail products hoping to find a solution. This is the first product I’ve used that’s made any difference at all. My nails aren’t perfect yet but in just 10 days of using this product, there’s already a huge difference. So excited to have found something that works!

Ruth Huntington Woods, MI

Keeps my nails healthy

This was absolutely a good (minimal) investment for my nails. My nails are stronger, less brittle and I also noticed how quickly they are growing. The other great thing about this item is that it stays on my nails for at least 5 dys without peeling or stripping so I do not have to worry about constant re-application. Great value for the money.

Felecia Semmes, AL


I’m in my mid-thirties and have NEVER had strong, long nails. They have always split and peeled so they could never grow longer then my finger tips. I used gel polish for a couple years as that was the only polish that would last a week and would make my nails feel a bit stronger so they could grow. But every time I removed the gel polish, my own nails were just getting weaker and weaker until at least three of them split half way down my actual nail bed. I decided to try this after reading all the great reviews and was diligent. The first three weeks I didn’t see any improvement and was going to give up, but by the 4th week 8 of 10 nails are long and strong! When I take this off weekly my nails aren’t peeling or weak, it’s amazing. They are so strong. I have NEVER had nails like this. I follow the instructions exactly; on clean nails apply two coats, followed by a coat each day for the next 5 to 6 days. Then remove and start over. I go through a bottle a month, way cheaper then shellac every week and I’m hoping to be able to use color soon!

Deana Alviso, CA