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Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Growth Formula Treatments, 0.25 Ounce

Nailtiques formula 2 treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails. Nailtiques nail protein was created to treat different nail conditions. The salon tested formulations offer special combinations of ingredients, including hydrolyzed keratin and protein in combination with gelatin and calcium to build a healthy nail foundation. The protein formulas bond the nail layers together building a strong nail foundation resistant to peeling, chipping and splitting.

Key features

  • Treatment for soft, peeling, bitten, weak or thin nails
  • Formula 2 may be worn alone or with color polish
  • Building a strong nail foundation

Honest reviews



Formula 2 is what was suggested to me by a manicurist – hopefully to give some strength to my easy to break, thin nails. That it did. I carefully followed the instructions to first use it every night than reduce to every other night, then remove, and start again if necessary.So, I’m happy with the results but not with the use. First this product has a tendency to peel, which caused me to “touch up” even though the directions advised not use more than once a day. It is also very difficult to remove. The best success for me was to thoroughly dampen a cotton ball and then hold it on a nail for at least 45 seconds to soften the protein.Also, while the bottle is attractive the lid is a good one inch in diameter, which may be the reason why it detached itself from the brush portion after the second use. Ever try applying a nail polish or treatment by holding just the top part of the brush?So, i give this product an A- for results but a C- for attendant difficulties.

Elsa Rolla, MO


I’ve been using ‘nailtiques’ since before Xmas of 2010. I have always had long, strong, well manicured fingernails – I give myself a manicure at least one a week on an average but within the past two years I’ve noticed the my middle fingernail, left hand has this slightly noticable crack and all 10 nails without polish look cracked and definitely not smooth like they use to be. I always use oils before I go to bed but nothing has helped until I discovered nailtiques completely by accident. I purchased Formula 2 PLUS first, then Formula 2 large size – it works girls.I cut my nails short and started my first application of Formula 2 Plus, using it only 9/10 days and saw a great improvement. I stopped using nail polish for about 2 month, using only the Formula 2 for the next 5 months – my nails are back to the way they use to be. I still use the Formula 2 PLUS about once a month – I wouldn’t be without this stuff. It has a nice sheen so it looks good on the nails without polish. I takes approximately 3 months for my nails to be long again and believe me I do a lot of typing which is deadly for the nail tips. Don’t hesitate to purchase this great ‘bring back my nails’ – product.

Lilian Paradise, CA

Try it!! Be Patient, It will work just give it time 🙂

I started using this product 2.5 months ago after removing artificial nails. My nails were always thin, bendy, and peeling before acryclic (this is why I’ve used artificial nails on and off for special occasions) I was determined to have pretty nails for my wedding that is coming up in 3 days and was sick of the thick artificial look… for the first time EVER my nails are long and strong, and no more peeling. My biggest problem prior to trying nailtiques was my nails peeling off from the sides, right when they would grow a little bit I would get a split in the side and it would just peel the whole nail end right off. You have to be VERY diligent about applying every day, this was hard for me because I was still experiencing peeling at the ridges from the artifical nails so it might seem like it’s not working but you have to be patient. As soon as the damaged nail grew out is when I could really tell the difference and I have had to even file them down.A .25 oz bottle has lasted me about 6 weeks (I’m still only on my second bottle after 2.5 months), although it would probably have lasted longer but once I got to the last bit in the bottle it got pretty thick and I got a new bottle. I believe they also sell a nailtique protein thinner (nail polish thinner won’t work!) When the protien gets thick it peels off easier, normally I could go over a week without having to remove and start again, when it was thicker it would start peeling off after 3 or 4 days.

Isabella Germantown, KY

Actually Works!

First know that these products come in pretty small bottles. Also, I’m a diehard OPI Nail Envy fan and have been for years. When I was out of my Nail Envy a little while ago my mother actually gifted me a bottle of her Nailtiques. So, I was actually able to try this product for myself. For me, it worked about as well as Nail Envy. It’s not a large bottle so I didn’t use if for very long. But I didn’t notice it to work any better for me in that time than Nail Envy.I started using Nail Envy after my second pregnancy, and it was the only thing that worked for me. My nails grow just fine on their own, but began to break very easily after my youngest was born. Nailtiques is the *only* other product I’ve tried that’s comparable to Nail Envy.However, if you ask my mother she’ll say that this product is actually better than OPI. I’m not convinced that she really used the Nail Envy as directed, and religiously for at least 2 weeks straight lol. She says she did, but in any event it didn’t help her. All of my life, my mother’s nails have been short. She blames me for “stealing her protein” as she was never able to grow her nails long again after having me. Fast forward to now, and she has CLAWS.Her nails are just entirely too long now, but she won’t file them down as she’s having fun. It’s the first time she’s had long nails in 3 decades and she’s loving it. So, if you didn’t like OPI’s Nail Envy, definitely try this product. While Nailiques is lower in price in the stores, it’s also smaller in size. While the directions call for only one coat, I still feel the need to apply two, as it paints on rather thinly. By comparison, Nail Envy is thick enough with only one coat, but calls for two for the initial application. Even then I still feel the OPI bottles last longer.Please note that while the directions in both brands now state that you can apply over nail color after initial application, I would strongly recommend that you stay away from nail color for two weeks when you’re first starting out. Just stick to the nail strengthener and reapplications till you notice some improvement.Also, be sure to file/cut/buff any cracks or splits that are already in your nails. This product will not mend damage that has already occurred.

Jesse Citra, FL

So far I haven’t seen any results..

Hmm I ordered this and received it within three to four days i don’t remember.. But anyways, I have been using this product for a week now and haven’t seen no changes.. my nails are a little stronger but no different then they were before.. I use to bite my nails like crazy when I was in middle school, but now I’m 20 I don’t bite them as often they’re just short.. I hope I see progress soon or I’m going to be upset.. that this product was all hype smh..*Update on March 20,2013*I’m going to change my ratings on this to 4 stars because I’ve been using this product for over a month now, and people have been saying my nails look like they are french tipped! My nails are very strong and if they break it’s just a little bit. But I do notice, as soon as remove the nail polish after a day one of my nails break or get real soft. So we’ll see what happens…

Irene Brooklyn, WI

Nothing gets my nails to grow as long & strong as this stuff!!

I have tried just about EVERY product imaginable to get my nails to grow, from nail “strengthening” polishes to nail growth “supplements”… and nothing has worked like Nailtiques! I used to have problems biting my nails and also problems with weak, brittle, peeling nails, and thus they would never grow long at all, or I could get them to grow to a certain length only to have them start peeling and become weak and break. Now I have been using Nailtiques consistently for a few months and I get SOOOO many compliments on my beautiful NATURAL nails, people are always asking if they are real! They are incredibly long, strong, and healthy, sometimes it’s hard to believe they are really my nails!! And because they are so beautiful I no longer have the urge to bite them (they are so thick & STRONG I can’t really bite them anyway!)Here are two tips to help you get the most out of Nailtiques and to help your nails really grow:1.) USE IT EVERYDAY (or at least every other day)! Luckilly this formula dries super quick and doesn’t stay all gummy and sticky like other polishes do, so make sure you follow the directions: paint one coat on the first day, and continue to paint on one layer each day thereafter.At the end of the week I will remove all the layers with acetone nail polish remover, and then start applying layers of Nailtiques all over again.2.) Keep your nails nicely filed, so if you do chip a nail avoid further damage from snags by filing down the chipped areas. And try to get a lot of protein in your diet this helps also to build strong nails! 🙂

Kelley Sedona, AZ

I love this stuff

I did a lot of research before I decided to try this product. I used it for about a month and my nails are so amazingly healthy and long. I went to the nailtiques website and purchased more formula 2, formula 1, avocado foot cream, and polish remover. They sent me a little gift package with my purchase. I will use naitiques for as long as they continue to provide a quality product that does exactly what it claims. Worth any price.

Viola Norborne, MO

It really does work

I first bought this product from my manicurist, just to be polite. She insisted. My nails would chip and she politely insisted that I try this product. OK, OK, I tried them all from the drugstores and was skeptical about this one too. I’d use it as clear nail polish, or so I thought. The effects of this stuff blew me away — it really, really, really, really works. Really. I noticed my nails looked a lot better — I was shocked. I usually don’t wear polish, and the looks of wearing this alone looked great — it sort of “wears off” or gets absorbed, so you never have to remove it — just reapply. I’m active, athletic, and this stuff is awesome.

Pam Elon College, NC


After reading all the positive reviews I was so hopeful. My nails have always peeled, been weak/thin and brake/chip easily. Used this product for several weeks, as directed and it did not make one bit of difference. No change what so ever. 🙁

Veronica Rison, AR

THIS WORKS! Years of Horribly Peeling Fingernails Healed

THIS WORKS! Years of Horrible Peeling Fingernails Healed. I had tried just about everything over the years, but this actually worked. Followed the directions with clean nails (swab with alcohol to clean well), added one coat per day for 4-5 days, removed and repeated. After about six weeks nails had grown out most of the weak or damaged nails; then used two coats once a week with color polish. I have a vertical split on my right thumb that is slowly improving, but all the other nails are in good shape. Must moisturize 2-3 times a day to keep nails & cuticles healthy. I just use almond oil with lavender oil added.

Carmela Shinhopple, NY

Did not work for me

I did not notice any results from this product. In fact, it seems to wear off and chip rather easily.

Darlene Battle Creek, NE

Best Formula

I’ve used MANY nail treatments and these far outweigh all the others. These make my nails much stronger, no exceptions. Sometimes I’ll use olive oil with garlic and lavender first and let that dry before putting it on which adds extra strength BUT I am often lazy and do not and the product still works very well on its own and even better that way. Either way, my favorite product and I haven’t found one better.

Camilla Rensselaer, IN