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Nail Tek QUICKEN Fast Dry Top coat Nail Polish 0.5oz

Professional ultra-fast drying top coat especially formulated for natural nails. Sets polish faster without sacrificing wearability. Accelerates drying time keeping polish from chipping while still protecting the natural nail.

Key features

  • nail tek
  • quicken
  • top coat

Honest reviews


Save Your Money!

I paid $9.00 for this & it is the worst top coat I have ever tried. I heard the great reviews…thought I would give it a try. Does just the opposite. it takes your nail polish off. I have never found a top coat yet that keeps nail polish from chipping.

Brandie North Bend, OH

Dries Pretty Fast

I hate waiting for my nails to dry so I thought I’d give it a try. I was impressed with how well the nails dried in a short amount of time.

Leta Kodiak, AK

Nail Tek products have made my hands pretty.

I love all of the Nail Tek Products. I have fought with different brands of nail polish and products over the years only to have my nails in worse shape than before. This time I had been getting acrylic nails for over a year and my nails were paper thin and damaged. A very kind nail technician encouraged me to let my nail grow out and she introduduced me to Nail Tek Intensive Therapy and in 2 weeks my nails started to look healtheir. It has been almost 3 months now and my nails are looking very good. I have always had a problem with nails that are soft, peeling and split but no more. I now use almost the whole line of Nail Tek products and I love them all. I will step up to colors soon but for now I just want to enjoy pretty nails. I am very grateful to the salon technician who encouraged me to at least try to let my nails grow out. They are pretty and very strong, thanks to Nail Tek.Very Satisfied with my results.Leigh Martin

Heidi Kirkville, NY

One of the best fast dry top coats I have tried!

I absolutely love nail polish and I seriously paint my nail every day. Sometimes I dont have the time to sit and wait while the polish dries and countless times I have had my freshly painted nails end up looking like they havent been done in weeks, because the lightest bump or anything can smudge or wipe off the polish and looks horrible and have to be redone.I always wear a fast dry top coat, I recently ran out of the Revlon product I normally use and it does work pretty good- but when I ordered this instead, I was very pleased. It leaves my nails extra shiny and dried my nail polish almost instantly!I am very happy with this product and I think this one is my new favorite!

Pamala Omaha, NE


esy to use. Love to paint my nails at home and the top coat is grat for a professional paint job and makes the paint last and lok glossy.

Ernestine Louviers, CO