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Nail Tek Intensitive Therapy II With Free Foundation II

For Soft, Peeling Nails Intensive Therapy helps heal weak, thin soft or peeling nails. This unique protein formulation seals the layers of the nail together. With each application, Intensive Therapy reinforces and thickens nails while promoting strength and flexibility.5 fl, oz. The world’s first ridge-filling strengthener Nail Tek FOUNDATION fills unsightly ridges and nail damage while strengthening the natural nail. This unique base coat is a special blend of strengtheners, conditioners, micro-fibers, and natural fillers. Foundation smoothes uneven nail surfaces while helping to grow healthy, beautiful nails. Professional size refill.

Key features

  • Nail Tek Intensitive Therapy II With Free Foundation II (Size.5×2)

Honest reviews


Stops me from physically peeling my nails, but doesn’t stop peeling itself

I gave this a good shot, six months of faithfully applying a base coat of the Foundation II, followed by daily applications of the Intensive Therapy II. I’d remove it once a week. It doesn’t stop my nails from peeling… even when wearing these “treatments” I could see that whitish appearance that shows when the nail layers are separating at the tip of my nail. HOWEVER, this stuff does keep me from digging another nail between those layers and peeling them off. Bad, bad, bad habit of mine. For some reason, wearing this stuff makes me think twice and avoid the bad habit. My nails are longer now than they’ve been in years because the Nail Tek keeps me from picking at them.When I’m wearing these two treatments, my nails do seem stronger, but it doesn’t magically heal my nails. I’ll continue to purchase this, though, because these 2 bottles are a good price that’s about the same as one bottle of regular clear polish from the drugstore.

Winifred Arco, ID

Nail Tek

I have recommended this product to everyone I know. For the first time in my life I have real nails. Prior I had false nails for 15 years and became allergic to the chemicals. This product is a life saver. My nails were so weak and would peel. Now I have strong hard nails. You have to follow the instuctions for several weeks, and you will see for yourself. LOVE IT.

Loraine North San Juan, CA

Works Great

used this to repair my nails after the horrors of using acrylic. Builds strength and works wonders! Top quality product.

Marie Circleville, UT

Just okay

I heard great things about this product, but in my honest opinion, I have not noticed it helping my nails at all.I have really weak nails that peel very easily.I basically always have to have a polish on it or my nails will just peel back, leaving them very weak.I used this daily, and took off the polish every 4 days.Will not buy again.

Beryl Trimont, MN

Best Base Coat!

Nailtek has changed my nails, and I will be a customer forever. My nails have always grown fairly long, but once they reach a certain point they always start to crack or break. Not anymore. I am constantly getting compliments on how long and beautiful my nails are and I can say it is because of NailTek. I even us the base on my husband since it is a matte look and you cannot even tell you are wearing it. The top does not dry as fast as many of my other top coats so I do not use it that often, but the price is worth it for the base coat alone.

Mandy Prairieburg, IA

works great

i have had my gel nails removed and after wearing them for 7 months, my nails were a hot mess. Soft, weak, bends, ridges on the nail bed, I thought i was going to have to wait a year for my nails to be back to normal after wearing gel nails for so long, but i actually noticed a difference within 3 days of using the formula. It dries fast, and i apply one coat every day. It’s great. Matter of fact, I was actually considering going back to the gel or shellac cause i couldn’t stand the look of the condition of my nails but now I think i am going to keep using the product and just work on keeping them healthy and strong. i can always use other formulas for color when i want something that last a bit longer.

Dolly Upper Falls, MD

Love it

Got it for my mom and myself. We both love it. Great for nail growth and also makes colored nail polish stay on longer. As long as you use it regularly your nails will grow…

Kristi Scioto Mills, IL

So far so good !!!!

That Intensive therapy works great for my nail, I got now more strong and more healthy nail in short time (I was a nail biter, so my nail became very thin and peeling).I advice to use it without polish and only one layer of each to avoid it peeling.

Melanie Old Zionsville, PA


I put this on my nails religiously for 3-4 weeks and they became so hard and beautiful. I was completely satisfied with the results. Whenever my nails start to get brittle and break I come back to this formula.

Tania Frederick, IL

Oh my!!

I tried after this was recommended to me by another customer when at a salon getting a manicure. Boy was she right! I wish I had used this after acrylic manicures damaged my nails. My healthy nails love this product, and are stronger, longer and my manicures last so much longer.

Natalie Higganum, CT

love it!

Both of these are amazing. I wouldn’t say they make my nails perfect but they definitely make my nails stronger and less peely!

Ilene Neshkoro, WI


I’m a chronic nail biter. I’ve had acrylics on and off my whole life. I recently grew out my nails long enough to have the acrylic applied directly onto my natural nail (overlay). I ended up ripping them off during a particularly suspenseful episode of Scandal and oh my goodness, I have never seen my nails as damaged. I really thought I had ruined them forever. I was in pain for over a week and couldn’t touch anything to hard. I purchased some Sally Hansen treatments and used my old Nailtique rescue polish, but I did some research and decided to try the Nail Tek. I am so glad I did, because I could see a MAJOR difference in just two days. My nails look and feel healthy. I will purchase this product again and as they arrived promptly, I will order them from the same seller. I highly recommend the Nail Tek treatment!

Opal El Sobrante, CA

I like it

I love nail tek especially the nail foundation it looks like an over lay on your nails. I tried this stuff years ago loved it so I recently bought this set. Im taking 1 star off b/c the nail ridge foundation formula has been changed and its not as thick as the original, but I still like it. This stuff is a must have if your natural nails are long and dont want them to break & if you want that acrylic look.

Germaine Columbia, KY


This did not work at all like the Nail Tek. It seemed old and thick. I will definitely not purchase again.

Deloris Mc Lemoresville, TN

Works for me!

I’ve been using the nailtek intensive therapy for about 2 weeks now (whenever I changed my polish which is about 4x), and I do feel that it is working. Although my nails still peel a bit, they do feel stronger and thicker even without it actually being on now. I would definitely recommend it. The nailtek foundation II is great as a base or as a satin finishing top coat.

Ruthie Freeman, SD

Its not meant to be a basecoat. Its a treatment.

Ive struggled with thin, peeling nails for years, and even when I try to take care of my nails this didnt stop. I read good reviews about the Therapy II so I decided and bought this one, plus, it had a free foundation, which I noticed, was more expensive for its own. The first week I didnt notice anything until the second, my nails now grow from overnight and doesnt peel at all. The only wrong side of this is that as a basecoat it doesnt keep my nail polish for more than 4 days, so dont let the publicity fool you: its not meant to be a basecoat. Keeping that in mind, if you have issues with your nails, this product is amazing

Iva Goshen, MA

works well

I really like the Intensive Therapy II. The Foundation II is an ok product but I was really mostly interested in the other which works really well.

Kathleen Helper, UT

Best I’ve Tried

For some reason, my nails have just become ten little piles of rubbish in the last few months, and nothing I’ve tried has worked. They were peeling, cracking, splitting, breaking, etc. I read good reviews of Nail Tek, and I have to say that my nails aren’t breaking like they were. I think the peeling is getting a little better too. I was confused about which one to use, and in what order, though, so I’m still not sure if I’m doing it right. (The Intensive Therapy and Foundation came together, but there aren’t any instructions that say when to use one vs the other.) But I have noticed a difference and will continue to use.

Avis Cairnbrook, PA

Always have a firm foundation.

This is a great way to purchase your 1st product. You get the 2 products that are essential to start building your pretty nails. It is called: "FOUNDATION"….Ridge-filling nail strengthener. It worked great for me since I was working on restoring my tissue paper thin nails after 2 years of acrylic nails. My nails looked awful but over a few days of using this product before I put on any other product, my nails started to smooth out. I still have a few small rough sports to work on but I’m probably the only one who notices. These 2 products is all you need to get started so for just a few dollars and attentions to your nails you can be on your way to pretty hands. So what’s stopping you? It will be the best money you have ever spent on yourself.Leigh Martin

Catalina Oxford, CT

Great Product!

Finally a product that prevents my nails from chipping! My friend pays almost $10 for just the Nailtek foundation itself from the store… this is such a steal! Now I can grow out my nails and they’re strong as ever! Definitely recommend this product to everyone out there!

Augusta Butler, PA

Great Product

Ok, so I’ve been using BOTH the foundation & the therapy nail tek for a few weeks now. I am VERY pleased with this purchase! *FAST SHIP* My foundation is NOT thick as read in other reviews, I didn’t even want it, but love it now that I used it. The appearance of my nails is way better!I recently started growing my nails out after years of wearing acrylic nails. My nails would grow but they were PAPER thin & they would peel horribly. So I decided to give this a try. This product STOPPED the peeling of layers on my nails! Which I love.My nails are super healthy & growing great. Although I can NOT say it just this product alone. I give myself weekly manicures. Soak my nails, push the cuticles back, rub with oil & also rub with garlic & let sit for 15 mins. I then wash my hands, apply the foundation & then the therapy. I also use burts bees lemon butter cuticle cream nightly. This combo seems to be working great for me! Hope you try this product! It really does help!!!!

Dollie Paradise Inn, WA

Good product

Good for healthy strong nails.

Sydney Redfield, IA

Nail Protection

Been using this product for a few months now and I must say my nails are much stronger.They are hard and does not break easily.The top coat last for a full week and does not peel from the nails easily. Does what it says it will do.

Kathryn Driscoll, ND

Doesn’t help my nails at all.

I have not noticed any change whatsoever in my nails. I’m still using it in case it’s helping at all just to use it up, but even after several months it’s the same. I’m very disappointed because my peeling and weak nails cause me a lot of problems now I wonder if anything can help.

Tammi Kimball, MN

This is…

great stuff for nails that have ridges. It really fills in the grooves and gives added strength to help a manicure last a long time. The price is right too!

Lea Pleasant Grove, AL

Great poduct BUT you have to use it for 6 months….

You have to use it for 6 months as your soft nails completely grow out. Then you have nice strong nails. I used this religiously after I had my acrylics removed and now, for the first time ever, have longer natural nails that don’t break! Die hard fan for life. I have used for over 7 months and will keep on using, my nails are not super long but a nice short manicure that does not look like a 10 year olds boys do.

Guadalupe Oakdale, CA

I swear by this stuff

I love this stuff. Caution: It is not the same as you get in the nail shop or beauty supply, but it’s good nonetheless. I used to wear acryllics and this is what my nail tech recommended. I won’t use anything else. My nails were noticably better in less than 2 weeks.

Malinda Carey, ID

Works ok

I work in the food industry, so I am washing my hands constantly or wearing gloves, so I thought this might help with the peeling on my nails. It peels off. It may work alot better if you were not having to expose your hands to alot of water or moisture. The base coat does make your nails feel alot stronger, and smoother.

Dawn Oden, AR