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Nail Stripes Striping Tapes By Cheeky- Wonderful Nail Decoration Set Kit of 30 Nail Strips Nail Striping Tape in 30 Different Colors. Looks Amazing with Nail Rhinestones and Nail Fimo Decoration.

Fabulous Nail Art Striping TapesIf you would like to see more high quality VAGA products, click on our brand name under the title of this listing. These VAGA tapes are used to create amazing straight lines and patterns in nail art designs. Your designs can be as amazing as your imagination will allow.This really is a perfect set for stunning nail art designs. In order to achieve the finest results please follow these steps: 1. Clean your nails using VAGA’s special nail art cotton rounds and nail polish remover. 2. Choose the strip most suitable for the design you would like to create and gently place it on your nail. 3. Start expressing your creativity and create wonderful nail designs. 4. In order to enhance the effect, we highly recommend using VAGA’s rhinestones and fimo nail decorations. The results will be outstanding!!!

Key features

  • To view the full range of nail art products please click on the brand name “VAGA” under the title of this listing.
  • Amazing value set with colorful striping tapes for beautiful, long lasting nail art creations.
  • These tapes will help you to create perfectly straight lines and are ideal as a gift for any nail art fan.
  • Our nail art tools and decorations are all of best quality that guarantees easy application and long lasting designs making them ideal for private and professional use.
  • For clean and easy application we recommend using our special nail art tweezers, which can be found in our shop.

Honest reviews



the colors and selection of these nail tape stripes were excellent! i was pleasantly surprised on the variety and will order these again in the future. the price was amazing for the quality of the items. i made a large order with cheeky and everything was packaged fantastically and it was delivery before expected! i love cheeky and have referred clients and all my friends on facebook and instagram to cheeky.

Carmela Luther, OK


I’ve had my nails done at a salon for 17 years, by the same girl. I have always been "Old School" – usually going with a French Manicure, occasionally getting color. I saw someones nails and they had tape a rhinestones, and it looked so pretty! I asked my tech how much it would cost and she was going to charge me $25 to do tape only. I already paid her $37.50 every 2 weeks so decided to find tape and do it myself. I ordered these 30 rolls of tape on a Tuesday evening and they got to my home on Friday morning. I’m impressed with ow fast this seller shipped. Each roll of tape is in its own plastic wrap with 15 rolls per bag.I’ve only played wth one roll so far. Pretty easy to use. You just un roll a little bit, place it on your nail and make sure you have sharp sizzors and cut off any extra. Also make sure you apply a top coat so the tape stays where you put it and stays on for a while. I put a piece of tape on a place I didn’t want it and it came right off – but it left a little strip of sticky stuff but it came off no problem – I just used my finger and rolled it off.Out of the 30 rolls I got there were a few doubles but they’re all pretty so I don’t mind doubles at all. For the price – it’s definitely worth it and I would purchase from this seller again! Highly recommend if you’re looking to design your own nail art!

Miriam Charleston, MS


Wanted to try these out so I bought them. They were a lot easier to use than I thought!!! I love them so much!!!

Barbra Trappe, MD


love love love , great quality , nice ranges of colors . they work great and looks very classy and fashionable with matte colors

Pat Seahurst, WA

As Advertised!

Of course when it comes to striping tape there is the problem with duplicates! Dont be surprised. These can be used to separate colors if doing geometric nails. Or you can use these to uncover a bottom layer of polish you want to show through! Recommended for people who love nail art, and who are willing to try something new!

Myrtle Guion, AR



Lula Pell City, AL

Very Thin

Item is very thin so its hard to handle without tweezers. Do not apply to bare nails as it will not stick even if you apply a top coat or polish over it.

Pearlie Clifford, VA

nail tape

being it came from over seas itcame within the dates that they said it would show up at my door. its a little tricky to use the tape but im just a beginner. thanks

Earlene Littlefield, TX


Works well sticks. No issues, just takes a lot of time but over all very pretty after your done with your nails.

Alisa Boyes Hot Springs, CA

Great Variety!

I received this, along with another Cheeky order, 11 days after my shipment email. I received 30 striping stapes in what appears to be 30 different colors. Some may look the same but I think that is because some have a holographic effect on them giving it a rainbow tinge. Can’t wait to try this and see what designs I can come up with.

Marla Rock View, WV