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Nail Soaking Tray **Acetone Proof**

Beauticom Nail Soaking Tray (5 Finger Hole) **Acetone Proof**

Key features

  • Beauticom Nail Soaking Tray (5 Finger Hole) **Acetone Proof**
  • Comes Packed in 3 Different Colors: Shining Black, Shining White, & Shining Pink

Honest reviews


Pretty good

I liked the idea of these when I saw them versus wrapping my nails in tin foil. I love gel nail polish but hate that the foil is the option. These worked pretty good but I noticed the bottom on the one I used was leaking some of the acetone. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough for me to notice it. So an FYI if you do use this product, you might want to place a paper plate underneath it.

Lorna Vincentown, NJ

An easier, faster, more efficient way to remove gel nails.

I bought everything to do my own gel nails at home. I was so excited about them, until the time came to take them off. I had to wrap my nails in foil, one hand at a time. This was cumbersome and annoying. I found this product shortly after. What a great idea! I now can soak both hands at once and get my nails off in about 12 minutes now. Here’s a quick breakdown of what I’ve noticed after using these.The good:+Price: For about $4 it’s a good product.+Easy: You can do both hands at once easily. I just soak them while watching TV. When I did the foil method I could only do one hand at a time, with this product I can do both at once easily.The bad:-Wasteful: It uses quite a bit of nail polish remover. I tried to pour it back in a cup and then back into the bottle, but there was a lot of spilling going on. It would’ve been nice if they would’ve designed the product to pour easily somehow.-Messy: It’s hard to pour from the bottle into the little cups. I need to use something with a spout or else it ends up going everywhere.All in all, it’s a good product that saves time over the foil method. I did like how when I used the foil with cotton balls, when I pulled them off most of the polish came off too. I’m on the fence as to which method I will do from now on. Time vs waste vs hassle. We’ll see which one wins.

Patrica Clarksville, IA

Works great

Most products are become flimsy with acetone. This product has held up very well. I have used them to soak off gelish nails and they are still in great condition.

Tania Harveysburg, OH

great product

This is really loved as all the colors look so real. it is a hard plastic and it have long durability

Brandi Glasco, KS

Best product evere

I absolutely love these they are so convient and my clients have love them. Doesn`t waste acetone and does not melt.

Christine Tonganoxie, KS

Great invention.

Great idea…much better than putting soaked cotton and foil around it and trying to hold them on while trying to do the other hand.

Leah Tokio, ND

biger than i expected

Good for soaking offer nail art jewels and polish acetone proof great stability and holds enough acetone to remove all polish lawyer.

Mercedes Elberton, GA

Soaking Tray

These are definitely acetone proof.They are larger than I expected, and therefore take more acetone to fill the holes, but thats ok. I would suggest washing them first, then using them.

Brittney Ferney, SD

very nice for the price

Will be perfect for soaking my nails to get the gel off them. I highly recommend them for the price

Georgina Paxtonville, PA

great for shellac polished nails

perfect for soaking nails with shellac polish;sturdy, does tip over. Beware, delivery may take a while; mine took a month.

Dawn Twin City, GA

Waste of money

This product was a waste of my money. It’s messy and my fingers can’t stay in at the same time to remove my gel polish. It’s easier believe it or not to use foil and wrap your own nails. Ulta sells a box of pre made foil specifically to remove gel polish. It comes with a small container of acetone remover and perfectly cut foil with cotton already on the foil so it’s easy to use and better than using Reynolds Tin Foil and cotton balls!

Gretchen Normandy, TN

Good trays

These do take a long time to ship from China, but the price is great if you’re not in a hurry. They are sturdy plastic and work for my purpose.

Pauline Ranson, WV

Great idea!

All three trays are the same size. I ordered two sets because I wanted thought they were different sizes and wanted a matching set.These are also great for painters or crafts.

Lacy Wadesville, IN

Works great

I just received these and already had a chance to use to remove my gel polish. These work great and so much easier than foil and cotton balls. I used more acetone than I needed. It will take a couple of times to get the right amount.

Olga Odenville, AL


Nice nail soaking trays. I really like these so I bought 2 sets. They look exactly as pictured.Really Great Buy!

Traci Durand, MI

Like, But.

I like these, they are a good idea, but you need to prop up your arm with something or your wrist and hand get tired. Takes time to soak off nails. Have good depth to them and do not tip easily.

Earline Linwood, NC

These things are perfect

Bought these things to prevent me from having to wrap my fingers in foil and all of that when I needed to remove shellac from my nails. Now I can just soak thiem individually without all the mess. Love them!

Janet Loyall, KY

hard to get your polish back in your polish bottle.

great product love it for glitter nail polish. I just dislike that you have to basically have something like a big cup or bowl to get your nail polish back in the bottle.

Jasmin Naylor, GA

Cute, handy

These are cute, a little awkwardly shaped, but they worked well for soaking my nails once I figured out a comfy position for my hands. Acetone won’t hurt them! Yay!

Barbra Hartsville, TN


These are good for do it yourself, easier than trying to navigate putting pads and tin foil over your fingers. You can’t beat the price.

Rachel North Palm Beach, FL

love them

these are so much better than foil and cotton balls. looks like 3 different sizes in the photo but they are all the same not know why they give you 3 instead of 4 but nevertheless they are great to use

Araceli Hornitos, CA


better than soaking in a bowl. sometimes only several of my nails need soaking so i can soak only the ones I need.

Beverley Rochester, WA


They are ok but I could have lived without them… Didn’t pay much but I think I will use the tin foil method…

Judi Rogers City, MI

Not as effective as wraps

I am really disappointed in this product. It is exactly as it says. I had no issue with leaking or product quality, but soaking in acetone like this isn’t as effective in removing gel polish as wrapping in foil. I really like the OPI wraps. When I have the time I do one hand at a time and reuse the wraps to save money. They seem much more effective in the same amount of time as soaking in these trays. Also, I tried to pour the unused acetone back in the bottle, but because of the curve of this product it went everywhere but back in the bottle. A real mess. This method uses more acetone. I think the less acetone on your skin the better, so I’m going back to wraps.

Felecia Stayton, OR

Great for removing acrylics, gel nails, or glitter polish

These trays are easy to use and are very helpful for removing acrylics, gel nails, or glitter polish. Simply soak for 5-10 minutes and use a saturated cotton ball to wipe away anything that remains. Easy peasy!

Becky Ridgeway, NC

Works well- good design

This product works well for removing gel nail polish. Convenient design and easy to clean up after. Now I just need to get more of the nail polish remover!

Madeline Oil City, PA

not made perfect

these are great for the money, the only thing i have a complaint about is that some of them had left over plastic from the molding of the holes and they hurt your finger when you put it in there

Eunice Ackworth, IA


These are a great price and work so well especially to take off glitter polish you really have to soak your nails like this.

Elsa La Honda, CA


I got these and used them once, i won’t use them just seems wasteful. I’ll stick to using acetone soaked cotton balls…who wants to sit with their fingers cramped up in there anyway :/

Diane Flensburg, MN

This rocks!

Okay so I read how everyone says you can’t get the remover to pour back into the bottle if you fill all the reservoirs, so I filled only one at the end and used that one to remove my nail polish. I soaked my nail for about 1 min. and 90% of the polish comes off I dip it again and rubbed the rest off. So much quicker than the old dab and rub method. I would suggest these to anyone. If you are concerned with the reviews about holes my suggestion would be fill the try over a sink first. But mine had no holes. I can’t wait to see how this will help to remove the Fimo decals, they removed the gems with no problem.

Alisha Bynum, NC