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Nail Shaper Kit With Travel Pouch

length :16 cm Use the power: use the second quarter no.5 batteries Note: the battery is not included . package: 1 salonShaper+1 portable bag The product consists of five burnish accessories, a portable small bags and a fingernail treasure host in 7 items composition. ABS high quality raw materials manufacturing. 1, this product USES two no.5 batteries, high-quality motor running noiseless, 2, USES the design of principle of human body engineering, and fashion modeling, feel is good, 3, four kinds of grinding head interchangeable, easy to use, safe not hurting hands. use introduction: 1 metallic burnish grinding head — nails edge horn, thick dead skin, hand cocoonsInstructions: 2 grinding head – pointed state sanding, aiming at the nails edge horn 3. cylindrical grinding head, aiming at sanding nails with department 4 grinding head – disklike sanding, let your nails snip in more brilliance is flat and level 5 polishing nails surface grinding head – brush

Key features

  • Includes 5 shaper tips: Diamond Tip – Remove Dead Skin & Calluses
  • Grinding Tip -Smooth Thick Nails & Rippled Surfaces
  • Small Grinding Tip- Shape Cuticles & Nail Edges
  • Felt Tip- For Polish Emery Tip Shape, Scult &Trim

Honest reviews


Don’t waste your money!

This is really a waste of money! It has no power and is pretty useless. I’ll be looking for a higher quality item elsewhere.

Clara Sierra Blanca, TX

Great Beginning Nail Kit

I bought this because I wanted to start doing my nails more professionally. And since I’ve never used a mechanical file system, I figured a cheap one would do me good. Obviously, this one isn’t the best around, but it’s better to start off slowly and learn how to use equipment in small steps. Doesn’t seem like it, but this thing CAN injure you, no matter how low power it may seem. I made the mistake of filing the cuticle underneath my nail too much, and now it hurts a little, plus it makes my thumbnail weaker. It does, however, file off excess cuticle and calluses quite easily, so just watch how much you do.So DO be careful. It still has the ability to do damage no matter how cheap it is. Overall, I like this buy. Glad I found it. I expect to use it for a good few months before buying a more expensive nail kit. I did my nails earlier and they look great. Only issue I have is the buffer spins off this powder dust the first use. Don’t know what that’s about, but it doesn’t spin off dust anymore. I suggest this to anyone who wants to start off slow and cheap, or just looking for something that doesn’t take as much work and effort as manual files and buffers.Additional comment: I bought this a while ago, I’d say almost two years or so ago… When it was like 10 bucks. It’s NOT worth the 20 dollars they bumped it up to. If you’re going to spend 20 bucks on a nail dremel, get a better model and brand. Don’t get me wrong, it’s lasted me this long, does a good job, and I still use it, but the quality in the tool itself is just not there. I don’t know why they bumped it up.

Pauline Highwood, MT

You get what you pay for

OK, I do not care if the machine is actually a piece of plastic imported from China. So what, its only 12 dollars. The only thing that Im not happy about is the POWER. It could use more power. It doesnt necessarily remove cuticles, it just helps you get to them easier.

Theresa Paxton, FL

I don’t like this product at all

I only "tried" to use it maybe 3 times and it won’t even come on anymore. The top part won’t stay connected to the bottom after putting the batteries inside. The bits don’t even file nails very well. I hate that I wasted money on this

Monique Peoples, KY

great for manis

this is a great kit… i love how it’s easy to handle and maneuver.. it helps me shape my nails well

Francisca Walkerton, VA

Waste of Money

It doesn’t do crap. I found it didn’t work. So if you need something to work for your nails, and you’re trying to do it yourself, don’t waste your money on this product. It doesn’t buff well, shape well, or really anything well. Maybe if you weren’t working with acrylic nails. I haven’t tried it on normal nails. It just didn’t work for what I needed it for.

Cindy Tappan, NY