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Nail Polish Table Rack Display

Beauticom Nail Polish Table Rack Display (Hold Up To 60 Bottles), Made from Heavy Duty Clear Acrylic, Please beware of other fake imitation rack from other seller!!

Key features

  • **Brand New** Acrylic Counter Display
  • Made from Heavy Duty Clear Acrylic
  • Holds Up To 60 bottles including OPI, ESSIE, CHINA GLAZE
  • Dimension: 14″ Length x 9.25″ Width x 8″ Height (After Assemble)
  • Contains 6 Rows, Easy to assemble

Honest reviews


Love this organizer!

My collection of nail polish has grown in the last few months, and I just don’t like storing them in a drawer. I like to be able to see what I have, sorted by brand. This rack works beautifully! I have already ordered two, and plan to order more as my polish collection expands. Highly recommend for the nail polish junkie!

Isabelle Woodsboro, TX

So very happy!!

I am so glad I ordered this. It is so super cute on my dresser. It fits all my polishes. Now I’ve ordered more to fill my new polish holder. I love it. It came just as pictured and took no time to put together. It wasn’t cracked as some other viewers have stated but it was so nice and neat looking. I absolutely adore it.

Jenna Alpine, TX

Finally organized 🙂

I have 59 bottles of nail polishes which were getting out of control in my little organizer so I looked for rack display that fits at least what I have now. There weren’t many options on Amazon especially because I didn’t want to spend tons of money for an, after all, organizer. When the item came, it was truly easy to assemble. The material is hard and solid plastic as described.Later on, I added 4 more china glaze and 2 smaller bottles, they all fit!Whether I’d buy it again or not, I don’t know, it’s pretty big, the wall-side width is 14 inches and front width is 9 1/2, and of course, that’s not the only thing I want to be able to fit on my dresser, so just be aware of its size before purchase. Other than that, a great product, solid and secure.

Heidi Soldiers Grove, WI

So glad I have this

I am very happy with this stand. I used it for my nail polish but ended up ordering more for my other cosmetics.

Autumn Ancona, IL


I love this! I have 2 and they both have held up wonderfully! They seem like they could easily break but as long as you’re careful it should be ok

Deidre Easton, TX

Really? This needs a title?

As a private individual and not a nail tech, my personal polish collection has grown to close to 120. I have one rack already that hold 60 polishes and so it became clear I was either going to have to edit my collection (which wasn’t going to happen) or add a rack. I opted for the latter and am enjoying seeing all the polishes at the same time.

John Blue Ridge, VA

Totally super!

This rack was so perfect for all my nail polish I was so pleased. Rack will hold all different shapes of polish bottles and are clearly visible making it very easy to choose the polish you want to use. I couldn’t have asked for a better visual ability for all my polishes which by the way, I have filled the rack already. I would also recommend this rack as one you could display various collections…if you collect items like small figurines or thimbles perhaps.

Nicole Plainfield, CT

Great storage and display rack!

After throwing my growing polish collection in shoe boxes I decided to splurge on a nail rack. I really am happy I ordered this one! The acrylic rack was super easy to assemble, only 4 screws and nuts. This rack is tall enough to show off most of the bottles without making them easy to fall over. The rack holds all my brands. The only one that was hard to get in was the Nicole by OPI, they have to go sideways. Otherwise I have a great fit with China Glaze, OPI, Zoya, Butter, Revlon, Sally Hansen, and others. The Maybelline bottles are smaller, and they shift and slide, but are completely steady in the rack.

Rhonda Troy, WV