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Nail Magic Nail Hardener & Conditioner .5oz

This unique formula has been successfully treating problem nails for more than five decades. Developed by a nail care professional in 1960, Nail Magic was one of the original nail strengtheners on the market and is still the greatest. The Nail Magic hardener and conditioner is made with an enamel base which can be used as a base coat, as a clear enamel or as a top coat. All of these uses are functions normally involved in personal nail care which is important since its use requires no additional products, saving time, money and is convenient to use. It includes ingredients that work to penetrate and adhere to the nail more effectively. But most importantly, the product works.

Key features

  • Toluene and DBP free
  • Weak nails
  • Thin nails
  • Damaged nails
  • Splitting nails

Honest reviews


This stuff works very well. I have used this …

This stuff works very well. I have used this product off and on for the last 15 years and it really helps the nails grow & helps make them strong. I had really prominent ridges in my nails and after using nail magic the disappeared.

Ilene Brookhaven, NY

Great nail strengthener!

This product is certainly making my nails stronger even though I have only been using it for a couple of weeks. You just put a coat of Magic Nail Treatment on your nails 2 or 3 days in a row and then remove and begin the process again.Now for the negative which I knew when I purchased the product. You must not get this on your cuticle or skin. It can damage the nail bed. I used Nail Magic many years ago and never had a problem, but I am very careful when applying it. I would not allow teenagers to use this as kids are not always as careful as they must be to use this.To sum up great product, does what it says, but use with caution!

Earline Auxier, KY

Patience = Long nails

This is the only nail treatment that ever worked for me. Of course, you can’t use your nails as screwdrivers or scrapers but, if you don’t do industrial dishwashing and other damaging things, your nails will grow out reliably if you follow the directions on the package. The trick is keeping it on your nails at all times and not letting them dry out. This works well for me.

Marian Carbondale, OH

A poor imitation!!

When I saw this on Amazon, I thought it was the same Nail Magic that I have tried that is sold by Dr Leonard’s catalogs, but I was mistaken. This one is a poor imitation of the REAL nail magic product. It does not stay on your nails and it does not protect your polish from chipping. My hands are busy and I wash them throughout the day so it’s important that my nails be protected from breaking easily and I hate chipped nail polish. This one sold on Amazon fails to do the job. Don’t buy it. You will NOT get the desired results. I love shopping through Amazon so I will always check to see if the product I want is offered on Amazon because sometimes it will be cheaper and I get free shipping. But sometimes I have to buy directly from the merchant and this is one of those instances.If you want the REAL thing – a nail strengthener that protects your polish also – then get the one sold by Dr Leonard. It’s a small bottle and the cost is $5 but it is worth it because it actually works. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it worked and how long it lasted before I had to refresh the coat. It makes my nails shiny and it worked wonderfully. I hope this helps.

Beatrice Palms, MI

Love it!

I used nail magic once and it made my nails longer and stronger. I was happy when I found it here. The price was reasonable and I will be making future purchases.

Patty Atlantic Beach, NC