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Nail Harmony GEL Cleanser Refill – 16oz E 480ml

GELISH Cleanser is designed special formulated to work with Gelish’s Top Coat – GELISH TOP IT OFF. Gelish Cleanser will assure a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without drying to the skin. Size: 480mL. – 16oz HOW IT WORKS: Hand & Nail Harmony CLEANSER contains specific moisturizing additives to deter the skin from drying during application. These moisturizers are blended as specialized solvents to not allow them to form a film that could leave an unwanted residue on the nail plate prior to artificial nail application. CLEANSER is efficient and works for multiple applications. NON DRYING: CLEANSER is designed with conditioning agents and solvents that help prevent drying of the skin surrounding the nail. MULTIPLE USES: CLEANSER is designed as a cleanser for the nail plate as well as removing the tacky surface from gel nail applications. EFFICIENT REMOVAL: CLEANSER has a unique chemical composition of Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone and Ethyl Acetate to enable it to work on various types of gel and soak off gel products and create the ultimate shine. FACTS FOR USE: * Cleanser reacts fast to break down the tacky layer on Soak Off Gel or Traditional Gel applications. * Hand & Nail Harmony Cleanser is not drying to the skin. * Hand & Nail Harmony Cleanser does not damage the natural nail with continuous use. HOW TO USE: CLEANSER is used on the nail to wipe the nail clean prior to preparation of the nail for product application. CLEANSER is also used after complete curing of Top It Off to remove the tacky layer of the gel and ensure the ultimate shine. CLEANSER is used to cleanse REVEAL Gels but can be used on any traditional gel to remove the tacky layer of gel prior to filing.

Key features

  • GELISH Cleanser is designed special formulated to work with GELISH TOP IT OFF. Gelish Cleanser will assure a high shine finish without any tacky residue or without drying to the skin.

Honest reviews



The product Rocks – the only thing is that when shipping it may leak a bit. The seller was wonderful and sent me a refill for what had leaked. Great product just the mfg of the bottle should have designed it better (with a seal of some kind – at least when brand new). 🙂

Krista Bremen, ND

Good stuff

I purchased this but instead received 4 smaller bottles which is actually better for storage. I’ve tried using alcohol (90%+) and this product works MUCH better…worth the cost!

Georgia Norfolk, VA

Five Stars

Packaged very well and received very fast.

Krystal Roebuck, SC

Two 8oz.

I was under the impression I was going to be receiving one bottle, but when I opened the package there were two 8oz. bottles. Not bad, but a surprise non the less. 😛 I’m pleased with it. No spills. No leaks. Happy Camper!

Margot Franklin, AL

Five Stars

Great product for great price.

Melissa True, WV

The Best

You MUST have this for gel cured polish. This stuff is the best on the market as far as I am concerned.

Judith Palos Hills, IL

Works great

I like to do my own gel nails and I use this a lot. You can use other stuff, but I find this one smells the least offensive.

Vivian Boring, OR

Cleans off the sticky residue after your gel nail application

I have read that regular alcohol works – some say 99% alcohol and others say even regular drugstore rubbing alcohol, but I didn’t want to take any chances, and this stuff works, so I’m sticking with it.

Fanny Gladstone, IL


Does what’s its suppose to but next time I think I’ll just use Alcohol does the same and much cheaper..I bought cause ppl keep telling me it keeps the gel shiner to end with this step. I seen no difference if using this or Alcohol.

Charlotte Hensonville, NY

Nice product.

Nice product to use with Gelish nails–but you can use alcohol in its place. This is slightly less drying than using alcohol alone.

Kelsey Tiger, GA

Fabulous price for this item!

Great price and large quantity that you can’t find in local stores. I love the gel nail polish and this cleanser is essential to working with them.

Lacey Genoa, AR

Better deal this way, but the cap leaks some

I suppose it you store it upright it is fine, but I like to store it in the bin with all my colors and I had to put a piece of saran wrap under the cap. That did work though, so just a little leak.

Linda Oxford, ME

Good deal

This is an item that you use a lot when doing gel nails. I recommend purchasing this size because you can always refill the smaller bottle and you get more bang for your buck.

Kerry Marshall, TX

great as always!

I order my Gelish cleanser from amazon because it is cleaper and always in new condition! Works great to cleanse the nail before the gel application as well as cleansing the tacky layer after the top coat.

Joy Corning, OH

Better Price than in Stores

Much better price than you’ll pay at Sally’s or other stores. This is a huge bottle and should last a long time. It was packaged really well too!

Kimberley Sparland, IL