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Nail Art Stamping Image Plate KD19

*** Nail Art Stamping Image Plate KD19 ***Material : Stainless Steel ***Quantity: 1 ***Size: 6.4 cm ***Film: Blue film on the surface ( remove before use) ***Usage: * Apply base coat to nails (regular nail polish available) * Apply Special or thick nail polish to desired image * With scraper scrape off excessive polish from plate quickly * Press down softly with plastic stamp on image plate and lift up immediately * Stamp the image on your nail * For lasting wear,apply top coat

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crap times 2

This is real difficult to use. Bought mash plates and worked great so it is not the technique I used. Carving not deep enough. Wish there was a zero star.

Ann Bondurant, WY


Cute designs and very clear. Having a little bit of a problem using my stamper but I am getting it. Great product.

Adela Altaville, CA

Daughter loves it!!!

Had to shave edges to avoid my daughter getting cut. She’s so excited to use it. How I wish there was a binder with slots or something to keep store them for easy access & display.

Georgette Montier, MO

cutest lil plates ever!

Love these Hello Kitty plates! They make the perfect design on my nail. I got lots of complements. Some of the pictures dont work. the carving is not deep enough. But the bigger designs work fine.

Rosalyn Northwood, ND

Love my purchase!

It came before it was supposed to and the images are crisp and clear. Can’t wait to use it and do my daughters Mani/Pedi’s!!Love hello kitty and this was a great price and I would highly recommend to my family and friends. I will purchase from this seller!!!

Rose Alexander, IA

New but scratched

I absolutely adore this hello kitty plate but when it got here, soon as I opend my package, it was already marked and scratch! I didn’t even use it yet and it’s already scratch. Since it’s “brand new” it shouldn’t be like this.

Sylvia Helton, KY