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This great value set will not only provide hours of fun designing your nails, as well as bring out your creativity. You will LOVE this set, Guaranteed!!! Please, read the instructions before using the plates posted in the middle of the page. The plates come with the PROTECTIVE BLUE FILM. Please remove the BLUE FILM before use. Other brand name plates can cost as much as $5 for a single plate. With our set you will receive an unbeatable deal of 25 plates for fraction of the cost. The plates are similar to the picture shown.

Key features

  • Brand new, Very Good Quality. These plates come with POTECTIVE BLUE FILM. The BLUE FILM must be removed before use. Please read the instructions posted in the middle of the page.
  • Each plate contains about 6 to 8 designs (Full Nail, Tip of Nail, and French Tips Included)
  • Plates are made of stainless steel and have high polish finish. Each buyer will receive 25 plates with different designs.
  • Each plate dimension is approximately 2.2in(5.5cm) in diameter
  • Each plate is protected by a blue film. Please take it off before using.

Honest reviews


They are the same as Mash plates

If you missed out on the Mash plates then these are the exact same plates. Since there aren’t any pictures to see the designs on the plates, I went ahead and ordered hoping they wouldn’t turn out to be the same as my Mash one’s but they were. Now I have two sets but I will give it away as a gift. Still a good deal and highly recommend.Update: These image plates have Konad’s designs on them. The image plates are labeled the same as Konad. They are: m20, m21, m22, m25, m26, m27, m28, m44, m45, m46, m47, m48, m50, m52, m56, m57, m60, m61, m62, m63, m64, m72, m73, m78, m80. Hope that helps many of you in figuring out what you will receive.

Heather Riverside, IA

Attention! The plates are NOT as the most helpful review says!

I bought these plates because the review says it is same as Knoad plates. BUT it turns out NOT!It is Mash plates. Most of them is same as the Bubble Monster 21pc Plates which I have already gotten! I am so so so disappointed about that. I guess just the seller has just changed images this year. Or maybe you get the images randomly.Also, most french nail designs are too too too big…If I print it to my nail, it will be hard to tell which picture it is, because it is too big!After checking it, I found some of the plastic film is peel off before!! It is awful to know you get the used products without notice before.SO, I decide to apply for refund. I know the shipping fee is 5 dollar and I will pay about 4 more dollar to ship it back. I still want to return it. It makes me upset when I see them.

Ashleigh Waco, TX

Great plates, Great Value!

I love these plates! This is my third set including both bundle monster sets. I find this to be a great value and don’t see anything lacking in the quality off the images. There are only two pseudo issues I have with these plates. For one, there is no protective backing on any of the plates making them a little harder to handle as you don’t want to cut yourself on the metal. However, this can be fixed with some construction paper & double sided tape. The other issue is that a few of the “full sized” nail images are smaller than the others meaning too narrow & too short to cover an average index finger nevermind a thumb. I remedied this by reserving them for pedicures. : )All in all, great set for a great value. I recommend the purchase! This set includes:~12 independant design plates~ 5 french tip plates design plates~ 5 full nail design plates &~ 3 pedicure design platesIf you don’t already own one, you will need a Konad brand rubber stamper. It seems to work better than any other brand. I prefer the double sided one personally. Also, you will need a scraper. I don’t recommend the metal Konad scraper because it just scratches up my plates. I actually just use an old plastic gift card now & it works just as well and is easier to clean. If you’re thinking about purchasing these I say go for it!Happy Stamping!

Rae Laurier, WA

Must Have Plates

I was waiting for the MASH plates to come back in-stock but it never did. I was thinking on just buying the Konad brand but really did not want to since they are $7 each. Right when I was going to place the order for Konad I came across these plates. It only had 1 review so I just placed it in my cart and waited to see other people feedback. Once it reached 3 (5*) reviews I placed the order. It took 6 days for the item to get to me. I did my Gelish gel nails last night and tried different designs from different plates. They all worked and came out great. Most of the plates are the same designs as the Konad brand. Ones that I was about to purchase for $7 each. I am so glad I waited. I did also purchase the Konad double sided stamper. I have a knock off stamper and does not perform as well as the Konad, its a must have. Also, I used regular nail polish for the plate designs. I actually tried two different brands and both worked great.

Marian Windham, NH

A great addition to my nail plate collection!

I have to say I’m very impressed with this nail plate kit. There are varied designs, some simple, and others more complex. I’m a beginner at this, so I’ve been gravitating towards the more simplistic designs, but have really got the hold of how to do it after reading reviews on this and other products.It’s good advice to remove the blue plastic. This takes awhile, but I found that it is a good way to ooh and ahh over the designs. I haven’t removed the white bottom sticker, and it still fits into my nail plate holder just fine (I bought the Konad stamper, scraper, and holder set). The etching on the designs seems deep enough – I’ve experimented with the special Konad Polishes, salon polishes (Zoya, Julep, etc), as well as department store polishes. I’ve found that Zoya glitter polishes work awesomely, as do the Sally Hansen Hard as Nails polishes. I wish I’d known this before ordering a slew of the Konad Special polishes, but I got them cheap enough I’ll chalk it up to a lesson learned.I have been also playing around with gel nails – so I’ll do my gel nails gelly sandwich style (cured gel foundation, regular polish, cured gel topcoat), and then play around with the stamps on top of my cured nails. That way if they turn out wonky I can wipe it off with non-acetone polish remover and start again without worrying about ruining my base coat. I put a clear coat of regular polish on top once I’m done, and then I can switch it out multiple times with the wear of the gel polish.One thing I would note (as others have as well), if you buy the stamping kits, don’t bother with the included scraper. I couldn’t get a clean scrape with it, and all it did was scratch my plates up. I use an old credit card, and it’s awesome.Good luck and enjoy – this is such a fun little hobby. All of my girlfriends now are having me practice my stamps on them, and are buying their own sets as well!.

Nichole Pine Island, MN

they are ok

fast shipping and good package. the price is also good but some of the image plates don’t work no matter what just buy and try maybe u get a good set i believe i got some defective ones but for the price i think they are good compared to konad. be careful not to cut yourself.

Michael Chesterland, OH


some of these are good and some i just couldn’t get to transfer…its like it was all blotchy or something…but all in all i liked it.

Elena Indian Springs, NV

Great Price for a Great Purchase!

This purchase was worth it. All plates arrive in a good amount of time. There are many designs in each plate. I thought it was going to be difficult to use but it’s very easy to clean and continue decorating nails. I’ve heard it was difficult to clean the plates but that is not true if you use a brush with acetone to get rid of the polish stuck in between the design you are using.

Kaye Altair, TX

Nail Art Plates

I’m a beginner in stamping and after a few tries I am getting better. Love the designs and enjoy nail stamping. This is a very good deal.

Gayle Wrangell, AK

great plates great price

the amount of designs you get with this pack is unreal, and the quality is great….the price is also a deal in itself

Agnes Washington, GA

Decent enough for knockoffs.

Most of the images stamp pretty decently. Some are unrecognizable and you have to squint to try and decide what it is, but for the price and the amount of images you get it’s a bargain. Overall, I was happy with this set. Some designs are super cute.

Annette Cherokee, OK


I have super tiny nails and still the plate won’t cover my thumb nail, but you see people with different designs on different nails all the time so I can work with them. You get a whole lot of designs for your money.

Camille Coalgate, OK

MASH plates 25pc

It was nice and neatly packaged. All brand new like it said it would be. It’s mash brand, happy I got this. I got plates mash01-mash25. The images looks really nice and pretty.

Amber Saginaw, MN

Good for the price

I have had these plates for a few months now. Many of the designs do not transfer because the design itself isn’t deep enough in the plates. Some of the work but not all of them. I ordered the Bundle Monster sets and they are much better quality for nearly the same price. If you want all of your plates to work but don’t want to spend the money for konad, try the bundle monster ones instead.

Winifred Bedford, MA