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Nail Art Designs French, Chevron & Teardrop Nail Tip Guides Stickers

Nail tip guides help you paint your fingernails with perfect lines. Recreate your favorite designs as seen on Pinterest!! No more trying to cut tape – just peel off and stick on your nails.How to use: .1. Peel one guide off the sheet (tweezers work best) .2. Place directly onto nail bed or on FULLY DRY layer of polish .3. Paint your design over guide .4. Allow to dry completely .5. Remove guide and discard

Key features

  • New and high quality
  • Create designs as seen on Pinterest
  • Lines are perfect and crisp every time
  • Easy to apply

Honest reviews


Would buy again

Certainly helpful and better off using together with your favorite white colored french nail manicure polish. Haven’t used them up as of yet but I am definitely a fan.

Jasmine Lentner, MO

Exactly what is shown in the picture.

I got what you see in the picture, exactly what I wanted. There’s about 17 little stickers in each row and I haven’t used them yet so sorry, I cant write about quality. The only thing I can say is they look good.

Virgie Fulton, NY


This is sticky but is very easy to use and make itless sticky if before to put in your nail stamp in your hand2 or 3 times that makes the glue is less and very soft foruse in nails , nice designs and perfect size

Alyssa Panama, IL

Very sticky

I don’t have a complaint what so ever about these except that they are very sticky. Even when lightly pressed on they removed my already dry nail-polish.

Mona Rotonda West, FL

Works well!

I tried using tape to make my own guides and it just took to long. These are so simple and affordable too. Just make sure that your bottom coat is completely dry or you’ll pull up more than you wanted.

Cassie Clay Center, OH

It is what it is

Used as a guide to make designs on the nails. Nothing fancy. Ive used the regular french tip ones and they work fine. They actually adhere to the nails nicely and I havent had a problem with polish running leaking under it.

Jacqueline Earlville, IA

good quality and gets the job

came some days early, good quality and gets the job done

Carmen Carrollton, AL


This item took about 2 weeks to arrive I’m pleased with this product everything was as described, the main reason I wanted this product was to do my french tips. I want my tips perfect and this is the product to get it done. Another great thing about this item you don’t have to do just tips you can try other designs as well overall I’m happy.

Alma Great River, NY


These work very well as long as you have some patience. The first time I used them I did not have patience and tried to pull them off before the polish was ready, but if you wait they are great.

Clara Cohagen, MT


These are perfect for someone who wants to paint nails themselves. I bought them for my daughter so she could start learning and she loves them. They are a great idea!

Lola Park Falls, WI

nail art tip guides

cheveron,teardrop and french tip guides,I have never been able to manually make those perfect smile line for a french manicure but I love the design wna when I came across these,they where my solution, they work great, stick on good and peel off with no problem,just make sure the polish is set before peeling off or sticking on. No need to say I will buy them again since I have already purchased them twice.

Elise Browntown, WI

Five Stars

My daughter was so happy to see so many designs and the multiple sheets in each one.

Lina Rison, AR

didnt get all shapes

I only got the french tip shapes. I did NOT get all the shapes (chevron and teardrop) in my bundle. Took too long to arrive as well…but then again, it did come from China.

Martha Cranfills Gap, TX