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Nail Art 3d 40 Pieces Mix Kitty Head Flower & Bow for Nails, Cellphones 1.2cm

***Nail Art 3d 40 Pieces Mix HKH Head Flower & Bow for Nails, Cellphones 1.2cm ***Material : Resin ***Quantity : 40 Pieces

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  • Nail Art 3d 40 Pieces Mix Kitty Head Flower & Bow for Nails, Cellphones 1.2cm

Honest reviews


i love em

these really look like hello kitty and clear glittery ones are great.10 each of- pink kitty with pink bow-white kitty with pink bow- clear white glittery kitty with blue bow-clear white glittery kitty with pink bowthey have flat backs and i received a gift of sticker nail strips/ guards like for french manicures

Annmarie Francisco, IN

Great buy!!

These are really cute!! And inexpensive too!! Keep in mind they are a little big, so people WILL notice them on your nails, and they will snag on your scarf, your hair, your jeans when you’re trying to pull them up, whatever. I love crazy fun nails, so I can put up with the snagging. Some did come with some aesthetic defects such as random black spots, a crooked nose, etc. But most were in good condition. Other than that, they’re really cute!

Stacy Gilcrest, CO


Perfect for decorating phones. Arrived sooner than expected. Cute pastel colors. Might be a lil too big for nail art but you can manage to make it work.

Saundra Hot Sulphur Springs, CO

So much fun

These 3D art pieces are so much fun. My nail person puts them on my nails with the gel and they are very fun and durable. Love them.

Heidi Gomer, OH


I got this yesterday….love so cute and exct of what the site prescribe it…love and i can wait to do my dsegn

Georgina New Richmond, IN

Very cute

There very cute but they are kinda big and when I got them they smelled weird but after a while the smell went away

Janie Center Line, MI

Hello Kitty

These are so cute and very detailed. I love them I have used them on nails and cell phone covers.

Allison Litchfield Park, AZ

love the 3d

I love these hello kitty head i was able to make a body for the bottom out of Rhine stones they look good as a junk nail.

Chrystal Leon, NY