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Nail Art 3d 40 Piece White BOW TIE /RHINESTONE for Nails, Cellphones 1.1cm

*** Nail Art 3d 40 Piece White BOW TIE /RHINESTONE for Nails, Cellphones 1cm ***Material : Resin ***Quantity : 40 Pieces

Key features

  • Nail Art 3d BOW TIE
  • White BOW TIE /RHINESTONE for Nails
  • BOW TIE /RHINESTONE for Cellphones
  • Material : Resin

Honest reviews



I love this new addition to my nail art collection. I could not find anything like this in my area anywhere. I would recommend these to anyone looking to "bling" up their nail art at an affordable price. I received my items very quickly and am very happy with them. They are beautiful and I can’t wait to find something new and different to add to my wish list. I am so happy….

Nettie Pauma Valley, CA

So good

These are so beautifulGood price and so cute with my toeI love it!!!!!!And enough to keep it thoseGood

Ora Summitville, OH


Cute and all 40 was there but you have to wear them on acrylic or long nails in order to look right

Catherine Tula, MS


These bows are so cute I love how well they stay on and don’t snag because they lie flat on the nail bed

Rosalyn Holland Patent, NY

Too large for your nail

This is a pretty bow but way to large to put it on the nail will have to see what else this can be used for !

Delia Homer City, PA

Nice Accent!

Beautiful Accent to add to your nail art. I usually only accent my ring finger. These have flat bottoms and of course our nails are not like that! make sure to add nail glue or top coat to keep the bow on your nail. (don’t touch anything for while till it dries!)

Melisa New Plymouth, ID

Not my kind of bows

These are hard bows that do not lay on your nail bed easily. They stick up so far that they catch on everything. They are just a little too much for me.

Amber Argyle, WI

Cute little Bows for Nail Decorating. EXCELLENT Price !

Purchased for DIL. She LOVED them. Actually a lot nicer than expected for the low price. Will order from the Seller Again when we need nail decorations!

Kaitlyn Carlsbad, TX

Bows with Rhinestones

Just received them I can’t wait till I get to try them on my costumers and see them on the nail. They are a good size to work with and was shipped before the deadline. I love the way they were packaged and I will order again when needed. Thank you for doing a great job on getting them here. I can’t wait to see my next ones. I will order from you again. And I love the fact you have free shipping. Thank you so much

Cleo Falmouth, IN

These are cool.

These have so many different functions and they are so cute. Kind of endless on the potential scale. I enjoy using them/.

Rosie Dodge, NE

Love this so much

i put original crazy glue to make it stay and it stays so good. I do hair and it doesnt even come off

Deidra Troy, PA

These are awesome

These arrived and they are adorable. Only down side is when you do put them on they catch everything in your hair, anything your hands may handle on a daily basis only because they are not flat, to a certain extent otherwise they are beautiful.

Vanessa Palos Heights, IL

Five Stars

I like

Julia Stafford, KS

supppper cute

Omg these bows are so cute,I originally got them to match it with the nail color from the Tiffany boxSo my acrylic nails look like a gift,these are perfect totally cute and I will be purchasing. More soon,they came in very quick and had no issues

Cherie Freedom, OK


These bows are so cute on your nails. The are a little big, so they really should be used on long nails but either way they are cute!

Laurie Stoneville, MS

A little to big

They are a little big for my nail but i actually love them i sont care about the size i just know ima be using them alot.

Pamala Logan, WV

Super Big

These are really cute but they are huge, too big for natural nails and they are not flexible in the least. I am going to try them on my feet but I still don’t think they will work. They are also fairly thick, I wouldn’t purchase them again. Maybe if you have acrylic nails it would work better but I still think they are too big to stay on for long.

Lottie Danville, IN


I’m new to the world of ‘nail art’ and with tremors, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to do it. However, it’s easy and fun, especially, with products like yours! Thank you!

Annie Westfield, IA


They are so cute and perfect for nails. They came on time and it was great. There were two made wrong. They were stuck together side by side. And some of the rhinestones werent put on straight, but they are awesome and stay on with a tad bit of nail glue. I love them a lot! I defifinitely suggest them. They came in a little baggie and they are the perfect size.

Jeannette Jayess, MS



Rae Lochmere, NH

Arrived Very Early

I like these little bows, too cute! Can’t wait to use these when I do my nails, using my image plates and nail art; or all by themselves because they are just that cute. The price and shipping were more than reasonable. What made this even nicer was that the seller put in a little gift of those french tip guide stickers.

Jasmin California Hot Springs, CA

Very Cute

You get so many of them! Being white, they can be carefully painted any color, so I will definitely re-purchase!

Bette Finly, IN

cute big good for fake nails not so much for real nails

cute big good for fake nails not so much for real nails nicely packaged and can be used for phone case art etcthree stars for this product not because its not great but because i probably wont use it, my fault not the seller or the product

Hilda Redfield, IA