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Nail Art 250 Pieces Gold & Silver 4mm TRIANGLE Metal Studs for Nails, Cellphones

*** Nail Art 250 pieces Mix Gold & Silver 4mm TRIANGLE Metal Studs for Nails, Cellphones *** ***Quantity : 250 Pieces( 125 Gold + 125 Silver)

Key features

  • Package include: 250 Pieces( 125 Gold + 125 Silver)
  • In order to guarantee the quality of the product & 100% same as description, please choose sold by Ladies Beauty Box
  • Fashion 3D Nail Art, Eazy to Apply
  • Special Design makes your nail looks Charming and Unique
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Honest reviews


I like them

I only got one or two small bags. I haven’t used them yet but I think I will like them. They arrived on time which is a plus.

Francine Seward, NE

Awesome nail art

This is a great product to buy, it is extremely affordable, and it is really easy to work with. Awesome!

Lorrie Jodie, WV


Came in really early and so so inexpensive worth every sent ( literally) but a wonderful product I’ve used them already and they make my nails look fantastic !!!

Lidia Chapmansboro, TN

Exactly what I was looking for.

These were just what I had pictured them to be. Easy to work with…all you need is nail glue or clear polish to stick it onto your nails and you are good to go.

Penny Hudson, KY

Sooo cute. On your nails

They loook super cute when you put them on but they come off really quik they will last half a day 🙁 well I put them on on my regular nail but first I put on sone nail polish then I glued them on and it looks really nice but they come offf

Della Marlborough, MA

Maybe I have too high expectations

I received the items and they are great. Great product, arrived on time (maybe even before time as I didn’t keep track). My only little issue is they arrive in a little plastic baggie. Not great for storage. I don’t know how I thought they would arrive. It looked like there weren’t enough there, but I counted them and there is 250 pieces. I guess the package presentation bugged me, but all in all I am satisfied.

Dora Baxter, IA

Its a Keeper

So this is my third review on a similar product from this seller. I am excited to leave feedback on each one. Along with these I bought the star and square shapes. I love them all! They are not too big and not too small. Just make sure you use a tweezer to put them on easily without messing up your polish.

Alice Pedro Bay, AK

good buy

Just as pictured! Had to separate good from silver but I didn’t mind it only took a few minutes. The quality is good and I would re Purchase from this buyer again. There definitely was at least 250 pieces.

Sally Columbus, OH


I used these on my nails for the first time recently & am quite pleased with the quality. I recommend these for cute geometric nail design.

Catalina Wayne, NJ

A tad bit on the big side.

I like these. But there kinda big. I have small short nails. & i can only fit about 3 on my nails.

Wilma Lambert, MS


I got these a few months ago and I’ve only used them a couple of times but I do like them.-I didn’t count them but it does look like a fair amount.-They’re durable material. They hold up. I tried bending with no luck. However, I will say that on nails that don’t have a lot of flat space (ie natural nails with a natural curve) these won’t bend to shape. If you put it on the center of the nail, for example, it isn’t going to lay flat and the sides will actually stick off the nail. Not noticeable really, but they do get caught in my hair, etc.-They’re tricky to use at first if you’re inexperienced. I use tweezers to pick up a stud by the edge and drop a tad of nail glue into the underside. I then stick it on my nail. This is a bit difficult because sometimes they stick to the tweezers or I don’t get them to drop/lay how I’d like. However, with the right tools/glue, patience, and practice this could be no problem for you. You will need those three things.-I also bought stars and they work just as nice.-I only use these for a day or two at a time because 1) I think even if I got stronger glue it’d be near impossible to get it in just the right spots and 2) they don’t lay flat and get snagged and pulled off.-They took a bit to get here but they did travel pretty far on standard shipping. Maybe a month? It’s to be expected.-Great price! I’d definitely buy again given how cheap they are. I can stand for them to fall off after a couple days cause it’s not like I’m selling an arm.All in all:They’re tricky but doable. Definitely worth buying if you like nail art and have the time. Fantastic price!

Kristi Bloomfield, IN

gold/silver triangle nail studs

Just receiced these on Wednesday, I simply love them, they’re the perfect size. I got all the pieces and liked that the gold and silver were in separate packages.

Faye Barium Springs, NC

Nail art rocks!

Super product 2nd purchase, love these and my nails look great!No need to have a plan Jane nail use these to jazz up your look.

Melisa East Orange, NJ

Very nice. Good quality.

I didn’t have the right glue, so they didn’t stick, but they’re great. They came when they were supposed to, and I use the gold ones to make a triforce symbol on my nails. So they definitely serve their purpose. They’re very nice.

Billie Corolla, NC

Exactly what I wanted

I love to do my nails and I’ve been dying to get studs to use when I do manicures, I was never able to find any anywhere. I love that these come in gold and silver, and they are the perfect size! Not too big, not too small.

Adrienne Evinston, FL