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Nag Champa – Triloka Perfume Oil – 1/8 Ounce Bottle


Key features

  • Triloka perfume oils are a blend of plant and flower essences in a vegetable oil base.
  • Produced without animal testing, and no alcohol, dyes or harmful chemicals are used.
  • Natural essential oils are used whenever possible, however some fragrances use natural identicals.
  • 1 Dram bottle, which is about 1/8 ounce.

Honest reviews


High quality, inexpensive Nag Champa ~ my favorite fragrance

The Bohemian that continues to live in my old hippie soul still revels in the scent of nag champa. Triloka’s Nag Champa perfume oil is the best I have used in a long time and nag champa and I go way back, as far as the 60s! I am very happy that Triloka Nag Champa is available here at Amazon.Triloka’s is a high quality nag champa, alcohol free, with a scent that lasts longer than other fragrances. It is intense and the tiniest amount goes a very long way. With that in mind this 1 dram bottle is an exceptional value with the beautiful pricing here at Amazon. Also nice to know: no animal testing and no animal products.For those who aren’t familiar with nag champa, ask any baby boomer and they will most likely identify this exotic fragrance with Grateful Dead concerts, hippies and flower children, head shops, yoga studios, ashrams, and anything New Age.Nag champa is an exotic fragrance from the Indian sub-continent, a blend of Sandalwood, Halmaddi resin and Champa flowers (also more commonly known in the West as Plumeria or Frangipani). It is a genderless scent so therefore masculine application is as appropriate as feminine.Nag champa has wonderful aroma-therapeutic qualities. Because of its calming effect on the mind it is useful to wear a small amount during yoga practice or meditation.Remember, Triloka Nag Champa is intense and a little goes a very long way. Apply sparingly…then dance the hippie twirl in delight or go deeply into your favorite yoga pose. Peace and Namaste.

Ina Phoenix, MD

love nag champa

I really like this, I use it very often, but just a dab, a little goes a long way! it does smell like nag champa, but not exactly like the incense, however, I do really like the smell! and I will buy this again, I have ordered some more similar products to this as well, just to try out, I would like one that smells just like the incense, but I don’t know if any will, however like I said, I do really like this smell, and a little goes a very long way, and it is not to strong, it is light (I get headaches easy from strong smells, and this does not give me a headache!!!) but it does last all day, so even though it is a smaller bottle, it will last a long time! well worth it!

Cassie Chrisney, IN

Nag Champa

Want to take a mental trip back to the late 60’s, early 70’s? This stuff will do it for ya. Very potent ~ reminds me of acid rock, folk songs and black light posters (they have other scents too)

Meagan Billerica, MA

Nice And Strong

This Oil is so strong the reviews wereright it last all day it does have a head shop smell but its nice very strong

Shana Chicken, AK

Not Quite Nag Champa

This just doesn’t smell like Nag Champa on me, it has some odd soapy note that just spoils the lovely smokey scent. On my husband’s oilier skin, it works beautifully but on me it just smells off.

Cristina Bellarthur, NC


There is no way my review can do this product justice. It is the best quality oil I have ever tried. A little dab will do you. It smells perfectly like Nag Champa. It lasts all day. And again, when I say a tiny amount is perfect, I really mean it. It is so potent otherwise but just the loveliest scent when the right amount is applied. I really can’t say enough about how amazed and satisfied I am with this purchase. I get a ton of compliments… I’m happy, others around me are happy….It’s a tiny dram, but it work it’s weight in gold… or is copper worth more now? Brass? Doesn’t matter. I think you get my point. You will not regret this purchase.

Lorraine Spring House, PA

My favorite oil so far!

Love love LOVE this oil! I wear it daily! It’s a great nag and not too strong or too weak. Very warm calming scent! Highly recommend!

Joanne Spicer, MN

Long Lasting Smell

I love this perfume oil. It only takes a small amount to do a big job. It lasts all day and smells incredible. It absorbs quickly and completely. No oily residue. It has it’s own unique scent. I get compliments on how good I smell. I love it!

Araceli Dexter, MO